Sunday, May 30, 2010

Have you heard...

Have you heard, Jewish American Heritage Month, or the latest ploy to make the Jews feel comfortable at the White House. Not all Jews, just the Jews that agree the present administration are welcome.

Everyone was all smiles as the President stated how US – Israel relations were as strong as ever. Some nice “Jewish” jokes were told and the Kedem wine flowed.

I don’t buy it - this last Jew-in is part of a continuing attempt to separate Jews from their land, their heartland. The US administration is busy alienating any Jew who believes that Judea and Samaria is part of their heritage, not their 350-year-old American heritage, but their 3000-year-old heritage.

Whether it is part of an overall strategic policy regarding the Middle East and the isolation of Iran or a cheap shot at getting back Jewish votes, the results will be a further division of the Jewish people.

I am sure everyone has heard the saying – “United we Stand, Divided we fall”, well… it seems that is the plan.

It was even heard by one of the Rabbi’s who attended that he realizes that the “Settlers” are the main obstruction to peace in Israel. I’ll bet that this Rabbi hasn’t even been around Judea and Samaria. I know he is not alone, I’m sure the majority of the honored guests haven’t been to Judea and Samaria, let alone meet some “settlers” and I am sure they all think that it is the “settlers” who are keeping peace from the Middle East, and for that matter the world, Ignorance is bliss.

I had no idea that the 300,000 Jews of Judea and Samaria wielded such power…wow!

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