Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thom Foolery

Good ol’ Doubting Thomas of the New York Times is at it again, and right on time I might say. His topic this week is a “Israeli-Palestinian peace deal more urgent than ever” and how Israel must seize this opportunity to make “Peace” with the “Palestinians”.

He feels ands “fears” that Israel will make the situation worse if the arguments set forth by senior advisors, both diplomatic and military, that a “lasting peace” cannot be made with the “Palestinians”. That it would be wrong and dangerous.

Why is it more urgent Thomas? So that we may endanger ourselves even more?

Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, what is your problem? Do you not do any research? Do you not understand what the Egyptians, Tunisians, Jordanians, Iraqis and all the other Arabs are demonstrating about? Do you not understand that they want to live in dignity rather than being oppressed by their own? They want some of the same opportunities that others have, they would like to be able to be paid a fair wage, to buy enough food for themselves and maybe even buy an X-Box for their kids. How do you connect this with trying to pressure Israel into a Peace Agreement that wouldn’t be honored anyway by any extreme Islamic government?

If you would check out the “Palestinian” street, I don’t mean the brainwashed zombies you like to hang with, but rather the thinking middle class, you would find that they know all too well just who is oppressing them, and who is paying them low salaries, and guess what, you would find out that it is their own people who they put in Government. Even more, you might find that this practice of abusing your own populous is common in the Arab world.

What are those little gremlins telling you?

Perhaps your good friends in Ramallah are lying to you?

It is a curious and sad fact that so many supposed caring individuals and groups in the world are taking advantage of a horrible situation in Egypt and the rest of the Arab world and trying to use it to push Israel and the Jews living here into a situation that all agree is even more dangerous.

It is despicable.