Friday, April 4, 2014

Marching On

As the Israel Day Parade approaches in NYC, there is a lot of neck hair standing regarding the inclusion of groups that support the Boycott of Israel, better known as BDS, Boycott, Divest and Sanction. The “ BDSer’s” are moderates in a number of instances, a major group that will be marching, the New Israel Fund supports groups that are actively involved in actions that cause harm to Jewish citizens of Israel and there are groups that straight out would like to see Israel cease to exist as a Jewish State, all of course in the name of “Humanity” and to better the world. 

I have not listed the all the groups here because the problematic issue that I see cropping up is not the inclusion, rather the reaction of the people who are against them.  Calls to pull funding from the UJA, not support the parade, not participate and so on.

I have watched throughout the years as the common reaction among our people outside of Israel is to back away, and in essence back down from the threat.  That being said, I have seen, and continue to see the few heroes who act to make a change, and stand up for our people and country.  But for the majority, it is always the same nice letters written expressing “dismay and emotional distress”… “nebuch” as they say.

Often the result of pulling out is that we leave our fellow Jews to be the victims of these nefarious groups, open to their lies and poison… also resulting in even more separation of our already tiny people.

Obviously, money talks, and usually any organization that is based on fund raising like the UJA will react to the possibility of losing needed funds.  But here is a secret, its not all about money. 

The Israel Day Parade is about Israel, and those groups that are supporting sanctions against Israel are our enemies, their very actions work to remove the only Jewish State that exists in the world, even many of their original supporters have backed away after realizing that their real mission is to destroy Israel.

Unfortunately, they have managed to disguise themselves quite well, indeed, they are the shining beacon of humanity, the great hope for a better future, they have fooled a majority of our own people into not only backing them, but are working feverishly to turn them further against the State of Israel in our continuing challenge to exist here in a sea of nasty folk.

I witnessed this personally in the last AIPAC Conference in DC as I asked various supporters of said groups if they were aware as to the actions of these people and what their funds actually go to?  Needless to say, that most, were quite upset, and had no idea regarding the true nature of these “Champions of the Jewish people”.

So, I would like to suggest a different methodology in dealing with the Israel Day Parade, how about instead of just backing away, and backing down, do the opposite… stand up to the challenge, stand up to the groups, make them feel unwelcome.  Put up signs and banners showing just who they are and what they are really doing.  Educate the people standing next to you.  Do not leave those of our people who are not aware, or ignorant, to lie there as victims to our enemies.

Even though we may not show it in the best light to the Jews living in the diaspora, we in Israel still do fight against our enemies, we still have the “stuff”, and make more of it everyday.  Sure we put out a few rotten apples, too may, but we still have the best gig in town when it comes to Jewish Strength, and will continue to do so.

Again, I would like to suggest a different course of action, make our voices louder than the enemies, force the UJA and JCRC’s to wake up, but attend, attend, attend and show the world that we are strong, and in a strange way, even united.  Remember, United we Stand, Divided we fall?, True stuff.  This year, lets show them an even stronger people devoted to our land and our people and lets show them that we are here to stay.. and if they don't like it, well, we’re ready for that too.

(I must add that this article was not written to detract from any of the other efforts being made to fight the inclusion of these Anti-Israel groups.  I applaud them and fully support them.  I solely wish that more efforts are made to stop this continued virus of these groups, and that we must use as many legal means as possible to achieve that goal.)