Monday, November 4, 2013

Ich Bin ein Palestiner! Some Questions, Some Thoughts...

What makes a “Palestinian”?  Who is a “Palestinian”? Is it based on Religion, Ethnicity, is it exclusive?

If the world considers the 1949 Armistice line the border between Israel and Palestine, so are any children born in Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus, and living over the “Green Line” Palestinians?  

Since the Arabs consider all of Israel Palestine, doesn’t that make us all Palestinians in their eyes? Or does the term “Palestinian” only apply to certain religions and ethnicity, which is of course racist? And if birth is citizenship in a particular place (such as done in the US), shouldn’t the world recognize us all as Palestinians?

Why are Jews being singled out as NOT being Palestinians?  When the Arab and anti-Israel groups put signs up speaking of ethnic cleansing, why does it not apply to Jews? Aren’t they speaking about specifically “cleansing” the Jews from land, land that has THE Jewish history? No one has been speaking about removing Muslims, or Christians...

Since the term “Palestinian” obviously excludes any Jewish rights, it is therefore racist, and organizations such as Rabbi’s for Human Rights, Adalah, Machsom Watch, and so many more, under the funding of the umbrella of the New Israel Fund are guilty of Hate Crimes.  Wouldn’t that make US and EU financial Aid a backer of a racist regime over here in the Levant...that touts ethnic cleaning and makes them also guilty of hate crimes?

What would the “situation” be like if in 1948 Ben Gurion did not change the name of the region, and continued with the name “Palestine”... What would the Muslim Arabs be calling themselves today? Would the term “Occupation” apply? Who would be “occupied”?