Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Eyes, Arms and Heart of the IDF

I had the good fortune to see a special instance of unity among the Jewish people. A Bat Mitzvah girl by the name of Juliana Gershbaum from Woodmere, New York wanted to do something special for the soldiers of Israel, not just any soldiers, but the women of the IDF. She noticed that most of the gifts to the IDF addressed the men and she wanted to connect with the women and do something special for them. With her family firmly behind her, they set out and put together over 50 packages of cosmetic items to "spoil" the girls. Each package contained a note written by a friend of Juliana and was given to individual women soldiers. Juliana's family also decided not to forget the boys and also decided to supply some of them with much needed shlukers – water hydration packs. So off we went.

The unit which was chosen for this special gift was a company of women that preside over the cameras on the border of Gaza. These girls are the “eyes” of the IDF - they are the ones who spot the terrorists before they even get close. So many lives have been saved by these special women, it was fitting that we could show them appreciation. Next came the guys - the "arms" of the IDF. These are the men who go out to meet our enemies and do whatever needs be done in the quest to protect our people.

The day was also special in that our first stop was the embattled city of Sderot in order to get a grasp as to the devastation from constant rocket attacks over the past 8 years as well as the situation today. After a stop for humus and falafel, were off to the base to connect the "heart" to the "eyes" and "arms" of our people. We were met by some of the women who were so touched by young Juliana’s dedication and motivation towards them. They each expressed to me how perfect this gift was – what young woman doesn’t want to feel pampered – even in the army. The fact that this came from a young Jewish woman living in America made it all the more meaningful to them.

Next came the men but as fate would have it, the women overseeing the cameras detected a need for which the men were needed so they could not meet us personally to receive the shlukers. Their sergeant came out and told us how much they appreciated this piece of equipment and insisted on making a special plaque for Juliana whose heart made all this possible.

Seeing the unity of our people in this special way, bringing us all together from all over the world, both physical and spiritual, is truly a sign of our strength. For me, it is one of the perks of what I do.

Marc Prowisor

Director, Security Projects

One Israel Fund

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Virtual Reality

Google has joined the melee of virtual politics with its creation of “Google Palestine”. It seems more and more of the “enlightened” every day are partaking in the virtual creation of a people and a plethora of misinformation. The bored of today in their never ending search of causes to alleviate their guilt have adopted yet another illusion of truth.

Web pages, area codes, zip codes and rubber stamps today mark the birth pangs of a new Islamic entity in the Middle East. States are no longer created with a vision, or manifest destiny, definitely not another Islamic state within Israel’s borders. Today it is a task of marketing falsehoods and deception, topping it off with the false promise of peace, served with its filling of racism and hatred towards a Jewish entity in the Land of Israel.

The truly sad part of this picture is the amount of people who actually think the virtual picture is real. It seems, they are becoming of the same ilk that believe Hollywood is reality and that the “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast was an accurate report, and other assorted, specific illusions of choice.

The danger of this reality is still very real, it is still a reality, though not a real one. This non-reality will still be used to influence people, to incite them against Israel, and in the continuation of the picture, to spark violence in the region.

Just like in most “make believe” situations, people are waking up and beginning to see the “man behind the curtain”, and many are alarmed how they fell for the farce presented to them. Of course the effects of the virtual lies and illusions will intensify with more dimensions added to enhance the façade of a new “Palestinian” state.

Even the players on the Arab side are beginning to believe it, as more café’s open in Ramallah, and the beer overflows, it is a matter of time before the Wahabi faucet demands it’s piece of flesh of Sharia law, and Hamas/Hizbullah/Al Queida representatives take there place, spiraling the virtual reality back to ground level, all this while our intelligentsia gasps with their mouths wide open in disbelief at the tyrants who ran this show with their blessings.

It will take some time for the automatons and masses to remove their VR goggles, but it will happen eventually, and the true reality will hopefully be seen by all of those who believed the deception.

Until then, we will be here, living the truth.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cry Havoc

A strange and frightening reality is upon the Jews today. The clock of history is turning backward. Hatred and action against Jews and Israel are on the rise. Not just any Jews, but the strong ones. The Jews that represent Jewish strength and dedication, the Jews that represent modern religious observance, the Jews that represent Zionism today, these people are the present targets, or should I say the first target.

It actually all starts here in Israel, this modern strong Jew threatens the former secular/socialist elite that was the vanguard of the modern State of Israel. The “Knitted Kippah” wearing elite soldier or farmer has replaced the former picture of the strong Kibbutznick. The old Zionism and Zionists died out, with no real principles to back the claims, there was nowhere else to go. As they shrugged their history and heritage, so went their claim to anything just. Those that backed their claim to this land with their history and their rich heritage stayed strong and grew and continue to grow. Now the others are afraid, they are so afraid they are willing to throw their own country away and put millions of people in dangers way. Maybe we should be proud of their self-sacrifice, of their willingness to cleave to the same enemy that prays for their destruction, such dedication.

Unfortunately this virus has spread to the outside world. Our enemies and haters act like junkyard dogs barking and threatening only because they sense weakness.

This virus affects our people to the extent they will fight for others and not their own. In Israel, our own President Peres claims that expelling African refugees streaming to Israel is cruel and inhuman; yet throwing Jews out of their homes is all right. He ignores the fact that the refugee situation is growing and creating many problems in Israel and that means nothing to him, as long as it doesn’t look Jewish, no problem.

Outside, the hypocrisy of our own has reached levels of idiocy. While they fight for equality and “democracy” and let’s not forget Human rights, they don’t apply these values to the new strong Jew, he is also a threat to them.

The Arabs call for a “settler free” Judea and Samaria, they say that Jews should not live in these areas, further more that we have no rights here. If a Jew has a legal deed to a property, it doesn’t matter to them, for a Jew is not entitled to the same legal status as an Arab. Maybe they didn’t read the prerequisite for property ownership amongst the Arab world, if you murder the owner, the property is now yours, you know like Hevron, Gush Etzion, and so many other places. The fact that Israel gets attacked and retaliates and defends itself is also a crime in their eyes.

If you are a strong person, you might stand out, and this is what they don’t want, they want to blend in, not make waves. If you want to fight for justice and equality in Israel, study up on the facts and seek truth, stop playing the court jester, because the world is laughing at you, your so called new Arab friends are laughing at you, and beware of what may after the laughter.

But enough of that, the so called “liberal minded”, left wing Jews better wake up, their ridiculous behavior is causing hatred to spread, and it will cause more danger, not just to themselves, but to all who value justice and equality.

If they need a cause, why not stop the murder in Darfur, the poverty in the US, Women’s Rights in Islamic nations; the list goes on and on. I think the same message should also get through to the Whitehouse and the Israeli Government.

Something is definitely amiss, when world leaders take interest in the municipal problems of a city in another sovereign nation; you know there is something more to the picture. Face value is that they are trying to get Jews out of various regions; they are trying to ethnically cleanse part of Israel from a Jewish presence, which is exactly what is going on, black and white, simple and factual. This is not supposed to happen in this day and age, where is their liberal thinking now, where are the seekers of rights now, it seems they wear different masks when it about their own.

Yes, the world prefers a weak Jew, they would rather that we stay out of the picture, or at least in a “Ghetto” situation where they can keep their eyes on us. The Arabs prefer a dead Jew, or a Jewish free Middle East (at this point). The self-hating Jew prefers a non Jewish Jew. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

So, I would like to end this piece by asking everyone to spread the word, spread the truth, and spread the strength. Hatred of Jews and Israel is not a new phenomenon, a strong Jewish Nation is.