Saturday, May 8, 2010

More "Two State Solutions"....

More Two State Solutions….

Having just returned from a Speaking tour in the US, I have been noticing that the Buzz Word “Two State Solution” seems to be a proper solution for many, however not for Israel.

One of the most noticeable changes I witnessed during this trip was the increased polarization occurring in the US. For example, only six months ago while visiting LA, I saw by the mere mention of a non-supportive statement of the present US administration brought about a hostile reaction. Today, it seems that in LA, many more than a “few” tote anti White House thoughts, and it seems the numbers of “Anti Obama-ites” are growing at an alarming rate. (Something that is definitely not pleasing to the Secret Service)

A quick trip to the Mid West and I was astonished at how many voice their opposition to the White House and their crew of “Henchmen” (a quote). The opinions spanned numerous issues from Immigration, Medical Reform, Taxes and the list goes on and on, I didn’t even hear anything regarding Israel till the end of the list.

It seems that this “split” is taking a deep hold in the United States, and this chasm seems to be widening every day, a solution is needed, and needed quickly.

So obviously what is needed is the “Two State Solution”, (Fifty, doesn’t seem to be working). This will make America great again, this will solve all of the problems, the “Two State Solution” is the salvation needed.

Separation is the answer, no longer are we to be tasked with working things out, you take the high road and I’ll take the low road, and we won’t meet.

This “Solution” would also apply to many US Universities where separatism and lack of objectivity run rampant.

All over the world, the sides are separating more and more every day, very clear lines are being drawn regarding a wide spectrum of issues, Two “States” (at least) exist.

Europe definitely needs it now before it disappears beneath the folds of the Hijab.

This is what you get when you try to force an unjust solution on Israel, and yes it IS ISRAEL’S FAULT for even listening to such foolishness.

I would like to suggest some humble advice, better stop it soon before the damage is irreparable, and I do not mean regarding Israel.

It is World folly and Arab hatred of Israel that continues to fuel this act of racism and ethnic cleansing. But that is not important. What is important is that the concept of a peaceful solution has changed, it has nothing to do with people getting along or working out their differences to better their existence or co-existence, it has to do with blackmail, extortion and a number of other admirable qualities, all being aimed at Israel.

Some good news is that at least there are more Jews waking up to this reality.

In Israel, all of Israel, the “One State Solution”, the One State of Israel, is the only way to a peaceful existence in this region. It is time that we ALL understand this and ALL work towards this, before it is too late.

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