Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stolen Goods and Accomplices

One of the great thefts of the century regarding the Jewish people is how their heartland was and is being stolen from many of them.  In front of our eyes, in plain view, the seat of our history, the land of our forefathers, our heritage was and is being stolen away.  It is an interesting caper, as it has many accomplices, and not just one central villain.
The genius involved in this felony is how many of the accomplices actually are not the usual anti/post-Zionist suspects, but are actually coming from within, claiming to care about Judea and Samaria.  They may claim innocence, but they too are guilty of abetting this crime.
This particular crime is being committed against Jews living in the diaspora.  Its heinous nature remains hidden from plain view, as the results and effects are not immediate, rather they will harm future generations far more than the present one.  Their children and grandchildren who will suffer most, but it is the parents who are really to blame at this point, not even the criminals.
This travesty actually began back in 1967, when after receiving our heartland as a gift of courage and from G-d, many viewed it as collateral, as a carrot to be waived in our enemies’ faces, as a prize for their aggression against us.
It was waived by those who preferred to ignore our past, our heritage, our identity, without regard to our future as a people…it was waived by those who preferred to place their trust in an enemy, rather than in family.
Today we are seeing some of the sad results of this shortsighted strategy, and how those who inherited this strategy are blindly or intentionally leading ignorant innocents into the abyss.
But that remains only one side of the heist.
The unknowing accomplices are bystanders to these perpetrators, adding to the damage without even realizing it.  Rallying around the flag to end this crime, they fail to take the necessary steps to prove that they are sincere.
I continue to witness organizations that preach a Pro-Israel, Judea and Samaria stance, yet still fear to tread on our hallowed ground.  Sure, they will step over the “line”, but to jump in fully, to take a real look at reality, still eludes them, and this inaction screams louder than words.
How many efforts do you see happening to really strengthen the Jewish connection to the land of Israel, to our history here, to the simple FACTS and recent history here, on the ground…by organizations outside of Israel?  Birthright, you say?  Great program, but…they still fear to tread where our birthright starts.  Their trips avoid the heartland. Other advocacy programs… again, most are afraid.
I watch as pro-Arab organizations bring in many misinformed Jews, and take them to Arab villages to have their minds crippled and bent, yet it seems that the “Pro-Israel” groups hesitate to take our own people throughout our land, often claiming security threats as the reason.  How interesting that they are afraid, and the Pro Arab groups are not.  I watch as Jewish organizations outside of Israel still back down voluntarily to organizations that pray for Israel to cease to exist.  The classic case is that of the LA Jewish Federation disallowing Pamela Geller to speak on their premises.  A quote from an article in the Forward.

An interfaith coalition had earlier in the week issued a statement condemning the Federation for allowing Geller to speak, branding her an Islamophobe.
The coalition included American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), Council on American-Islamic Relations - Greater Los Angeles (CAIR-LA), Islamic Circle of North America - Southern California (ICNA), Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, Jewish Voice for Peace - Los Angeles (JVP-LA), LA Jews for Peace, Muslim American Society - Greater Los Angeles (MAS-LA), Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), and Progressive Christians Uniting (PCU).”
Notice any problems with that “coalition”? Every one of them has a long record of being actively anti-Israel, even the “Jewish” ones.
These incidents occur constantly, and the misinformation is outright theft, “identity theft” from our people.  Israel’s enemies are not the only guilty parties, their accomplices’ share the same guilt.  By accomplice, I mean all who do not make the trip out to our historical land, who do not make real attempts to seek the truth, all who rely upon the hostile media for their intimate knowledge of Israel.
The Arab Spring is turning into a Summer, extreme Islamist groups are taking and will continue to take the reigns of other countries in the Middle East, while the western mindset, through arrogance and ignorance, continues to fail to see a different reality through rose colored glasses.
While we know and understand that an enemy’s motive is to defeat us, many who support Israel continue to aid them, sometimes unknowingly, and will bear the responsibility and be charged with the crime of being an accomplice for the attempted theft of our national heritage and the damage to future generations’ identity.
All of this while our enemies laugh all the way to the White House.