Wednesday, June 2, 2010


For years Israel has dealt with not just borders around the perimeter of the country, but borders within also. The “Green Line”, the “Gaza Strip” and the Golan Heights. For that matter, Israel has many other borders that they deal with daily, social borders, religious borders and economic borders, much like anywhere else, except maybe a little more pronounced.

Slowly but surely these borders have been coming down and disappearing. We are seeing that we have to be together, work together and stand together. We are seeing that none will come to defend us, but our own.

Those who are showing us this picture clearer than ever are none other than our own enemies, “our” meaning, not just Israel but the Jewish people.

Our enemies are teaching us, we who are in Israel, and we who are not, that where you live in Israel is not important, that if you live in Israel, is. We are being shown that the “world” is interested in supporting terrorist groups that wish for our destruction. We are being shown, once again, that Jews are not supposed to defend themselves, we are supposed to lie down and take whatever gets thrown at us…if you could only see the “bird” I am waving. We are being shown just how much influence the Arab world has in the world court, and how truth is no longer part of the picture, being replaced by hatred and deceit.

The buzzword is “Flotilla”, “Peace Activists”, etc. etc… and the band played on. I would laugh out loud but this game is getting more dangerous day by day, for all of us, all over the world.

There are no longer any Peace activists. How many of these so-called activists are helping all sides get along? None. How many caring, loving individuals on this “Flotilla” were against Hamas? None.

How many of these so-called champions of Peace would like to see Israel as an event of the past? All.

Much has already been written about this event, I am sure much more will be written, so forgive me if I do not add my own analysis. This incident will become the Battle Cry of the Fools, the Flag of the Spineless, and the Spear of cowards. The participants will be regarded as heroes amongst their own, and the continuing path towards war against Israel will widen.

The wise will learn from this incident, they will see through the fog of lies and they will prepare for the next onslaught. Perhaps there will be even some who believe it is time to act and not just raise their fists and voices.

One message should be clear to Jews throughout the world, it is time to stand strong in the face of our enemy’s challenge, to stand strong and be counted!

The same message should be understood by all of those that claim to be Israel’s true friends, time to stand up, next to Israel.

If there was ever a time for the Jews of the world to wake up, now is that time.

Israel is here for you, now you must be there for Israel.


  1. Mark, what Israelis feel is not as important as what they do. This is time for action. The status quo cannot continue. The territories should have been annexed way back in 1967.

    What is keeping Isaelis from pushing now for annexation? All other possible options are extremely threatening to Israel's survival. All of them.

    The only solution is to annex the land, including Gaza, and to begin a process of re-education to deprogram the hateful propaganda that has shaped the minds of generations. And at the same time to finance emigration of Arabs who do not wish to live under Israeli law.

    No more occupation, no more apartheid. It would not be easy, I grant it. But all other options are much, much worse.

    I really can't understand what has kept Israel from annexing the land.

    It appears that the demographic threat has been exaggerated, according to writers such as Ettinger.

    What do you think?

  2. Tracy,
    I agree with you. What has kept Israel from annexing the land goes back a long way. Politics is what kept it from happening, Jews trying to prove to the world how "nice" they are, and a number of other reasons. In the end we have created a situation that has backfired on us. Both the Jews and the Arabs would have been better off had we annexed the land, Gd willing we will do so in the near future.


  3. Hi Marc,

    I check Israel National News first thing every morning. I'm growing weary of reading about more and more concessions, appeasements, retreats. Israel seems to be on a slide towards complete self-destruction.

    I'm far from being an expert on Israeli history and politics - but even I realize that Israeli politicians are NOT EVEN TRYING to do what is best for the country. This is a mystery.

    And approaching it as a mystery, I have to consider all possibilities for what motivates them. One of them is the old dictum "Follow the Money".

    Marc, is there a chance that Israeli leaders' hands are tied because there is a powerful money elite in Israel that doesn't want to rock the boat?

    In other words, if the PM were to have a sudden change of heart and said We're going to set up a committee to proceed with annexation, the moneyed elite would scream, threaten and pressure the government NOT TO DO ANYTHING THAT WOULD AFFECT BUSINESS AS USUAL, such as provoking world boycotts of all Israeli goods and trade. Or bring another Intifada. After all, there are many Israeli businessmen exporting fruit and other goods to Gaza and participating in Israel-PA ventures.

    Of course there are other forces impeding annexation, but what do you think about the power of Big Money in Israel willing to sacrifice land and more in exchange for immediate profits?

    Thanks you,


    PS: I just read your column Operation No More Jewish Victims on INN and it's great.