Monday, February 27, 2012

Existential Threats…All Shapes and Sizes

Along with the buzzword of “Two State Solution” is the up and coming new contender for attention… “Existential Threat”.

Because of Iran’s almost definite and soon to be acquisition of a nuclear arsenal, Israel will be facing a clear and imminent existential threat… yeah, and?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not belittling the evil Ahmadinejad at all, indeed, I admit to taking vicarious pleasure at the idea of seeing his carcass pulled apart by his own countrymen…(many of whom apparently would enjoy this activity) saving us and the world the trouble.

But this term: “Existential Threat”, why is it unique just to the threat from Iran? What does it mean? A risk to our existence in Israel? To Israel itself, to the Jewish people? Seems to be getting a lot of hype…it is in all the headlines, you know.

I would like to look into the concept of this “existential threat”. What would be the results? No more…what... country…people?

It seems to me than if this is the designed and desired threat, that we should be aware that it's not unique to Iran.

As a people we have been faced with existential threats since skipping out on Pharaoh. Throughout history it would seem that almost every neighbor we have had, wherever we were, took on the desire to blot us out…one time or another. But let's keep it in the present.

As I said, the buzzword today is Iran…guaranteed to be The Starring Topic at the upcoming AIPAC conference. Here is a guy (Ahmadinejad) who says straight out that he wants to wipe us off the face of the earth, not us Jews, mind you, just Israel (the country/state), so all of you out there who don’t live here, no worries.

Now, you have to at least give the guy some credit, he is trying to give some body to his words. He will soon be able to produce weapons grade uranium and will be able to deliver it to our doorstep here in Israel and not in a good way.

Over here, the “brainiacs” have worked out the numbers, at least for some of the possibilities. In one attack scenario Israel stands to lose “only” 800,000 people before our retaliations make Iran a radiated box of kitty litter for a very, very, long time.

Now, there are many people in Iran who realize this, but little Hitler/Haman over there has a way with his subjects, so they are just sitting on the side for now.

But are they the only threat out there to our “existence” here in Israel?

Norman Finklestein, the “light” of the Anti-Israel BDS Movement, and his partner in crime, Noam Chomsky, were quoted and “You Tubed” admitting that the goal of the BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) Movement is the destruction of Israel. Now, I could be wrong but isn’t the destruction of Israel by any means also an existential threat? So how come no one is shouting about that or them?

BTW, the BDS movement comes also in all shapes and sizes… just go to your local college campus to get a peek at the spectrum of variety. All have the same goal in common, the disappearance of Israel as we know it…you know the existence of Israel as we know it, looky there, another threat to our existence, or in other words, another existential threat. Yet, the quiet is deafening.

The Hamas Charter, and yes, even Mr. Moderate himself, Mahmoud Abbas are working towards the vanishing and vanquishing of the Jewish State. Gal Pals, The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaida and the so many others all share the same wishes and dreams…aren’t they also existential threats?

What about the hidden threats, you know, the wolves in sheep clothing.

Movements like the Olive Tree Initiative, International Solidarity Movement, Jewish Voice for Peace, the Harvard (no less) upcoming conference on One State, among others, so many, again also working towards the same goal, even though their poker faces may say different. Their dream of an Israel free Middle East allies them with the worst of Israel’s enemies.

Yes, of course there are various levels and imminent dangers each to be addressed in their own way, but a threat is a threat, and results are results, and all of the above are achieving them.

What I find frustrating is that the Israeli government chooses only to address one seriously, in fact not only the Israeli government and politicians, but most of the “Pro Israel” political activists today seem to view Iran as the only major threat to Israel.

I demand equal rights and treatment for all enemies of Israel, none of the others should be discriminated against, as they hate us as much as anybody. The fact that they do not control a sovereign nation means that they should be considered less than the others, “sub” threats? Is there no limit to Israeli racism?

I pray that we see an end to this bias and all of our Israel’s enemies receive equal treatment.

May it be swift, strong and final…before it is too late.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Amusement Park turns serious….

The amusement park turns serious….

Just how important is Israel to all of us, to the world? Many a headline has focused on the Iranian threat to Israel, the possibility of a renewed holocaust against the Jewish State… the state, not the nation.

Many can’t even conceive of the threat, why should they?

The Internet blogosphere has become a battlefield of for and against, as have many of the speaking events involving Israel. There is no room for dialogue, as choirs gather to be preached to, gathering to show support for their team.

That is pretty much the way it goes today, those that are for, those that are against.

Possible solutions are no longer discussed: it’s either my way or the highway.

There is actually a reason why there is usually no discussion, especially from the side of those that wish Israel to recede into past history.

In pretty much all of the scenarios and solutions regarding Israel and the “Palestinian” Arabs, that “they” present, be they “liberal”, “post”, open minded or just good ole anarchists, their paths all lead to a common end, the disappearance of Israel as a Jewish State as we know it. Some of the solutions are quick, some are a drawn out suffering process, but like I said, they all share a common result, if not goal (intended or not). ***

*** (Feel free to visit me when in Israel or in your neighborhood to discuss. To long to write about here.)

Eventually the truth does rear its ugly head as witnessed by some attendees and organizers at the latest “BDS” event happenings at U of Penn in Phila. A promotional video about the conference that was pulled from the web pretty much revealed to all, that the movement is about boycotting all of Israel and that the goal is clearly the “creation of one Arab majority state that would, in essence, eliminate Israel as a Jewish state” (Jewish Exponent- BDS Reveals its Real Agenda).

Amusing in my eyes is how the local Jewish “Leadership” is responding. Programs that intend to educate and foster dialogue between students regarding Israeli society. Organized by the Jewish Federation, Hillel, others and speaking there…the savior of the day, Professor Alan Dershowitz.

Yessiree bob, they be pullin’ out the big guns!

Sorry, but this deserves a big “Oy”!

The web is flooded with educational articles, events, papers, you name it, anything and everything that shows an alternative view to those that preach against Israel. Yes many of those presenting, speaking are as closed minded as those that “preach” against Israel, but most are not. The owners of the so-called “other view”, or anti-anti Israel folk are efficiently kept out of Jewish Federation events, even out of many Hillels and other supposedly open minded Synagogues or Congregations, and if they, by chance, have the door cracked open for them, the welcome is far less than gracious.

And now to jump a little bit…

Throughout my years working as a security professional, I was taught, and also learned, that if you want to prevent terror, you sometimes have to look into the future and even be able to say “what if we…”. We have to learn to see warning signs, flaws in our systems, weak links in our chains or fences, in order to prevent possible future scenarios that would cause fatalities.

And now back….

The anti Israel movements, whether they want to call themselves “Rights” Movements, “Democratic” advocacy, or “Occupation or anti-Occupation” groups are being used as tools by our adversaries, and the Jews among them, believing that they are seeing a common denominator within these groups (be it against the Religious, “Pro-Zionist”, “Right Wing” or even Republican) are joining, leading, and supporting their efforts. So reminiscent of how Golda Meir thought the other Socialist leaders in the world were ready to come to Israel’s aid during the Yom Kippur War, (because of our own Socialist leadership, you know… honor among thieves), only to be disappointed to discover that they really didn’t care if Israel survived or not, and secretly preferred that Israel just disappear and stop being a pain in the ass. I might add, definitely not the first time in our Jewish history do we see our own looking to and assisting an enemy against ourselves.

We are raising a generation of Jews, from all colors of the spectrum, that are not being fed a healthy educational diet regarding Israel (I also wanted to say spiritual, but I know that scares many congregations and organizations out there). Yes, I know, we can all blame Israel right now for having lousy PR, lousy leadership, and we would all be right, extra right. But that does not give us the right to allow our children and even friends and neighbors to be taken, sometimes even as slaves or Zombies to movements that set them against the only Jewish country in the world.

Many of our children are denied a look into their own history, both recent and past. They are kept from walking the paths our forefathers took. They are being betrayed by their own values of freedom, democracy and human rights. Impostors like the Olive Tree Initiative, BDS, Peace Now and so many others draw them in, turning them into kamikaze pilots. I use that term simply, because they destroy themselves and their future in the process.

(Bear with me for a moment…)

Who can blame them? They are not shown “Israel”, all of Israel, despite their “Zionism” classes. Even the Religious Zionist groups, are not taught enough about our challenges and history. Israel is the “trip”, the “year”, the first year spent away from home. Want to know the good Anglo bars in Jerusalem, just ask almost any kids here on their “Shana Alef”, many if not most will know.

Birthright? Sure why not, 10 - 14 days of getting to know Israel, well not all of Israel, but at least part. Intense dude! Booze, Babes, Israeli soldiers, seeing the Holy Land, I’m there.

These are great programs!!! I mean it! Many of our young benefit beyond measure, I even say that many are inspired and go far because of these programs. I do not mean to be malicious, these programs need to be used, taken advantage of, expanded upon, but used to their fullest potential.

While this may present a negative picture of these noble works, it covers a lot of ground, just ask for an honest answer, or listen into the conversations of many participants.

There is a war being fought against Israel in the diaspora. The foot soldiers and canon fodder are none other than our own children, and all of us are responsible.

I have had the good fortune and opportunities to speak to many young people, religious/not religious, Democrat/Republican, Liberal, Conservative, High School/ College campuses, all across the board. They are not prepared for the onslaught waiting for them, some are even being conditioned for it in their own synagogues, as being a “Liberal”, or voting “Democrat” seems to have become religions. Various Jewish religious movements also have been conditioning their flocks, and with that, you must belong to the proper clubs and adopt their ways, sometimes even blindly.

Even the Israel Advocacy Groups are limping in their efforts and strategies to strengthen us.

Arab funded University Middle East programs are proving to be effective spawning grounds against Israel, along side of “Alternative” Jewish movements, Like Jewish Voice of Peace, Rabbis for Human Rights, even the “Occupy” folk to name a few along with a slew of media outlets claiming to be of a “Liberal”, Intellectually advanced nature, but simply proving themselves to be as racist and close minded as your average Imam in Mecca or Dearborn.

See some of the results at Irvine, Columbia, and now U of Penn, along with many other fine institutions of higher learning.

We have one country, one land, that’s it. We may live in many, but there is only one country that will stand up to protect Jews wherever they are, and that country is Israel. We are not perfect, lots of problems, lots of challenges, a long way to go. If we let our children be drawn to our enemies, they will be lost, and then gone.

A wise Rabbi, mentioned to his Congregation, who happen to be very Pro Israel, that it is not enough to have a heated conversation about Israel at the dinner table, not enough to send out thousands of e-mails, that we have to act.

That time has come long ago. Do not let your children, friends and neighbors be led away.

The warning signs are quite clear.