Monday, April 8, 2013

Orchestrated Ignorance

United we stand, divided we fall...not just words but an offensive strategy.  I am constantly surprised by the lack of knowledge regarding Israel in the so-called Zionist camps outside of Israel.

Though I am not surprised by the orchestrated ignorance running amok among various congregations and communities allying themselves with the likes of J-Street and the New Israel Fund, I am very disturbed by this increasingly common characteristic among those who identify themselves with the Pro Zionist movements, even more so by those who study our holy scriptures and claim identity with our land.

The term I used as the title, "orchestrated ignorance" was chosen because today many of the truths regarding the conflict in Israel, specifically in our historic heartland of Judea and Samaria, are kept strategically hidden. Indeed, many of the historic truths that are read aloud every Saturday, or studied in Hebrew or Sunday schools are not identified with what today is branded as disputed territory.

In fact, the chances of hell freezing over is almost equivalent to the possibility of an unbiased trip to Israel’s heartland made by the less religiously affiliated or Conservative and Reform Jewish groups – a trip which would show our historic and present connection to areas such as Hebron and Shilo. 

Thus, keeping as many as our people ignorant as possible, or more accurate... misinformed, serves our enemies quite well by reducing the numbers of those outside of Israel who might otherwise support the Jewish state with fervor…an understandable strategy to say the least.
Sadly this strategy has an aftertaste resulting in too many cases of assimilation and extinction of a number of Jewish families.

The consequences of orchestrated ignorance are felt every day. In this world where hatred against Israel grows daily, fueled by constant misinformation, petrol dollars and good old hatred, this great divide is one of our true adversaries.
Fighting it must remain among the top of our challenges, the battle against it must be ruthless, one that must be won.

During my many excursions overseas where I have the opportunity to meet with the children and grandchildren of the many friends I have made, it has become sadly evident that this generation (living outside of Israel) may be the last that actually supports a Jewish presence in our heartland of Judea and Samaria. 

Young adults attending trips to Israel organized by Conservative, Reform and other supposed main stream Jewish groups, will not step foot over the 1949 armistice line, more popularly known as the "Green Line", (except for the customary trip to Ein Gedi), and as a result are indoctrinated against a Jewish existence there.  "Gap year" religious students rarely make an effort to forge a connection and their host "Yeshivas" often cultivate a mistaken picture of fear by stating that it is too dangerous to travel to the "West Bank", better to frequent the bars of Jerusalem.

Thus, it appears that we may be witnessing the last Jewish stance for our continued presence in our historical homeland...unless we ALL do something about this.

The enemies of our continued existence in our heartland are quite focused.  Their funding is not going towards the building of new institutions, feeding the destitute of Israel, or any other issue that may enhance the quality of life.  It is being directed at creating a wedge in our people, a wedge not only to separate us from our land, but to also separate us as a people.

Funding is used to demonize IDF soldiers, to divest from Israel, to provoke violence, and to manipulate the truth and simple facts.
The irony is that most of this funding is under the guise of open minded thought, liberal values, and that of human rights. The camouflage used to cover the ruse would evoke the jealousy of a Navy Seal.

One recent example of this type of deception was an event that was planned to take place at the 92nd St Y in New York City. The "Y" was to host Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame.  Dearest Roger was going to look back over his career and share with us.  The fact that Roger is a champion of the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement against Israel apparently had been overlooked.  His constant activities against the Jewish state did not warrant a double take by the wonderful open minded folk at the "Y". At the time of this writing, the Y released the news that the event had been called off (cheers).

Further irony are the sources of the "Y"'s funding, many of whom are quite pro-Israel, and would surely heave if they knew that their hard earned money was going towards the spreading of more anti-Israel rhetoric in their own back yard.

Another touch of irony for dessert - enormous amount of funding from many lovers of Israel continues to fund anti-Israel organizations through “accepted” and mainstream organizations like the various Federations, UJA and so on, that pass on funds to organizations that hide under the facade of human rights, pluralism, and...(hahahaha), justice. Organizations like the New Israel Fund, B’tzelem, and many others out there lay in wait, preparing the ambush and attack on any entity siding with Israel. More information on such groups is available upon request.

These venues strike deadly blows to our people. While most of the adult world (over 40) just shrugs them off, dismissing them as impotent radical thought, the younger amongst us do not and they are the targeted audience. Your children, your grandchildren -- our future are considered the quality targets, and they are getting hit point blank and many of you are even funding it.

The most efficient way of fighting our enemies is to stay at least two steps ahead of them.  It must be dealt with and not, as mentioned before...shrugged off.
If Israel is to remain a Jewish State, if we are to be able to continue to live, visit and worship freely in our historical home and heartland, it will take a far more extensive and creative effort.

Being "involved" is a must. In the same vain, it can no longer be individual, but a family effort.  The battle for our existential freedom must be fought.  Time is not on our side, and neither is the world at this point.

Everyone must make that effort to be involved.  Attend Events, attend the dinners, sponsor projects, speak about the issues, and please, please, make sure you come out to visit our heartland and show our heritage, our history to your children and grandchildren.  But…BUT, make them understand the importance, and the importance it has to you, and the importance it has to all of us and our future.

 Lead by example.

Minds are being bent, opinions are being shaped, and ignorance and deviation are spreading like a virus. The time to choose your future and your family’s future is now. The choice....Yours.

Israel's future, as a home for our people, depends on our remaining in Judea and Samaria, which is where we started. We must make sure it is not where we end.

You can start with this…The Event