Friday, February 8, 2013


The continuous barrage of Rocks, Molotov Cocktails, varied shooting attacks the attempted infiltrations, some successful, both in the South and in Judea and Samaria the constant battle against terror the ongoing sabotage against our farmers and shepherds it continues, day after day, month after month, year after year, without any end in sight.
We know the reason. It’s very simple. In fact… too simple for most to comprehend.
The Arabs do not want us here, anywhere.  
Indeed, it is a straightforward, unadorned truth.  Yet, even those who claim to be pro Israel and, dare I say…Zionists, are blind to this basic reality.
In the meantime, the savage and relentless attacks against Israel persist.
 To be sure, the IDF does what it is told to do to in response to these attacks. But, therein lays the difference. They do what they are told, not what they are capable of doing.
Whose fault is that?  It is the fault of the government, and the members of Knesset, both right wing, and left wing, “extreme” and “moderate”.  I am pained to say that many of the politicians of Israel do not care enough about Jewish life in our land, be it in the south, north or in our heartland.
No nation in this world would put up with incessant attacks upon our people and our sovereign soil the way Israel does. NO NATION SHOULD.  So why is it that our politicians sit back, giving no more than an obligatory sound bite?
Where is the outrage?
Over the years, I have dealt on “ground level” with the consequences of our politicians’ lip service,  seeing the body count rise on all sides, due to lack of action and empty words.
During the Oslo War, I observed how our soldiers and security personnel were either limited in their response or, were prevented from carrying out measures that would have saved lives on both sides.  We see this all too often. It seems that when Jews are hurt, it serves the interests of all politicians, in our camp as well as the enemy’s.  Unfortunately, some of our left wing parties as well, rejoice when those who oppose their misguided views are attacked.
There is no excuse, no logic, and no reason sound enough, as to why Israel continues to supply the Arabs of Gaza with supplies. Evidently, however, our politicians are more concerned with world opinion than with the lives of our people. Furthermore, giving voice to our enemies from within, propping up supporters, aiders and abettors of those who wage terror against us by allowing them to remain members of Knesset, has turned the Knesset into a theater of the absurd.
In the course of my work filling the gaps of security and medical needs, I see first hand the negligence of our government (all successive governments) in the protection of our people. I have no answer to the question I hear almost daily, “Why doesn’t the government take care of this?”
The questions as to why our lack of response to such attacks boggles the mind.  And yet again, more clowns enter the field.  The largest anti Israel body on this earth…the UN has put out a report about the “settlements”, and the affect on the Arab populous of Judea and Samaria.  Topics such as “Settler” violence, land grabs and so on, will be the subject of this bogus investigation.  And what is the response of our heroes in the halls of government?  They will not take part, and will refuse to lend a helping hand.
Why not take part in this survey?
Show the world how Arab violence has affected OUR people. Tell the world the abundant amount of attacks that we endure, that we put up with…DAILY!!!!
Show the world that Arab violence is alive and well, and running rampant.
Show the world how lies and misinformation flood the media.
To remain silent? To react with nothing more than an ineffective tantrum?
Why not fight back? Why not hit back, and hit back hard? The facts are on our side. The truth is on our side. That none will listen, is a given. But at least fight back and fight back hard.
The era of the shtetle Jew is over, at least in Israel.  We owe nothing to anybody but to ourselves.  If our Arab neighbors and other enemies wish to live in violence by their own initiative, we should show them the path to hell.
Should they and their “allies” wish to carry the gauntlet of peace with us, we will share the rewards of heaven.
We cannot afford to allow ourselves to have this violence visited upon us, no matter what the cost to anyone else.  Our gloves must come off against all of those that cause harm to Israel and side with our enemies. 
When we stop holding back, peace will come to this region, it is up to us.