Friday, December 20, 2013

One of the finest moments for One Israel Fund.

I am sure that most of you are aware of our chaotic snowstorm in Israel. They say nothing like it for 100 years. Indeed in Shilo, my home town, we have been without heating, phones, internet, electricity and water since Thursday night, and we are not the only ones.  If you follow the reports you will read how many not only were stuck in their homes and communities without heat, but the many who were stuck on the roads getting home, the many who needed medical attention or to be taken to hospitals without a means to do so. In short, as we say a "Balagan".

My cellphone service returned on Sunday morning and my phone has barely had a chance to rest to the thank GD many reports of how equipment supplied by One Israel Fund has been instrumental in not only assisting the many stranded, but crucial in saving many lives not only in Judea and Samaria, but in Jerusalem also.

The various emergency and security lighting needs we supplied have been used none stop.  Many residents taking pride in seeing the One Israel sticker shining in the beam of the rescuers approaching them.  Our portable thermal cameras, the Tac Sight, being used to spot people stranded in the snowed over, cut off roads of Judea and Samaria.  One Israel Fund Advanced Life Saving Kits making the rounds where needed, again the One Israel Fund emblem reflecting proudly in the beams of light.

Yesterday, I received a call from the Megillot Search and Rescue Teams medical representative telling me proudly how due to the recent, and I mean just over a week ago, One Israel Fund sponsored Ambulance Upgrade Project, specifically refitting their ambulance for tough terrain, their ambulance was called into Jerusalem and was directly responsible for saving the lives of over ten people.  Not the medical assistance other calls they responded to, but real life saving response... Because many of the other ambulances could just not make it.

I personally feel this is one of our greatest hours or days as it turns out. Many of you often hear of our successes in thwarting terror, and protecting our people from this viral threat in our land.  This is a side many do not get to see, nor do many realize.  One Israel Fund is also about keeping people safe, enabling our brave to do their job, properly.  It is about Achdut...Unity, about how when our people work together, we accomplish miracles, that lives are not only saved, but protected.

I have been through my share of warfare, and have experienced and responded directly to more terrorism than most, and I say to all of you, this is one of the high points in my "career" of working with our people, seeing this Achdut, and knowing many of you personally are part of this wonderful team, this One Israel Fund team, making that small difference, that small difference we call life.

May GD grant us all continued success! 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Chanukah Cont'd

I recently spent a few days in New York City.  While this was actually nothing out of the ordinary for me, what I experienced, was.

My trips usually deal with speaking and discussing the various security issues occurring in Judea and Samaria.  During this most recent trip I met a number of very special Jewish college students who were very much involved in the Zionist cause as they termed it.

What made it special was that these kids were very much against not only a Jewish presence in our historical heartland, but the concept of a Jewish state also.  Even more extraordinary, more appalling, more devastating, this group was quite diverse, they came from religious homes, Israeli homes, and Mizrachi (Syrian and Egyptian to be precise) homes as well as the usual main stream Federation homes.

I listened to their arguments, their passions and their claims against Israel.  The common denominator was that they had the majority of their facts twisted and perverted beyond belief.  That and the claim that they are all ardent Zionists and lovers of Israel.

Naftali Bennet happened to be the focus that particular day, and their shouts against the Occupation their battle cry.

I decided not to argue with them, but discuss the issues with them, not as who I am or what I do, but as someone who was interested in what they had to say.  It was great and I truly enjoyed the dialogue. They had valid points, at least in their minds as to what they think has to be done to bring peace, and of course the crimes committed daily by us Jews in the hood.

After showing another side of the picture, and pointing out how much they are missing due the fact that they do not listen to the statements made in Arabic, nor read Arab media, I was able to open their eyes and supply them with many facts of which they were not aware.  Watching the realization that they have been duped and mislead regarding the situation in Israel flood their faces brought joy to me.

More important, was seeing just how many kids, who supposedly have a strong identity  and connection due to their ethnic upbringing are now being targeted by anti-Israel Jewish organizations and their questionable sources of funding.

On the other hand, when I asked the opposing Pro Zionists to defend their positions, the majority were unable to hold a match to the well-manipulated and deceived protestors.  They couldnt tell me why we the Jewish people/ Israel have rights to be in Judea and Samaria, they barely knew any history, and more disappointing were the statistic and info sheets they read from, received from some of the better known pro-Israel Israel college organizations. Names available upon request.

In short, the stench of a wide spread epidemic of ignorance among both sides.

I admit and am proud to belong to the side that supports the right of Jews to live in Judea and Samaria.  But I am continuously amazed at the ignorance of so many, especially our future Diaspora leaders who claim to side with me in my convictions and opinions.

More alarming is the fact that due to their ignorance they are prime targets to be inducted into a plethora of anti-Israel movements, that infect mainstream US Jewry, this being accomplished by deceit, misinformation and manipulation.

Even more saddening is the fact that so many of their very pro-Zionist parents do not care enough to educate them or expose them to the needed knowledge as they go forth in combat on most US college campuses.

Sure, they donate to the pro-Israel Advocate organizations that attempt to fight this disease, but that is the limit for most.  Feeble attempts at defense, rather than fighting an enemy that looks to end a Jewish future in our land, an enemy that would take their Amusement Park away, so many call Israel, from their vacation itineraries.

I have started visiting campuses, synagogues and other Jewish groups on my own time, just to listen and to learn what they do not know.  There is no doubt the numbers are growing.  It would seem that there should be an alternative quantitative result to the recent Pew poll, not only as to how many Jews are leaving the fold, but how many are being yanked out by the ever growing anti-Israel groups working the campus turf and mainstream Jewish haunts.

Not to sound too morbid, but we can note too many similarities to the Jewish communities in Europe upon hearing of Nazi intent and efforts against the Jews only to wake up too late.

One of the reasons Israel was created was to supposedly protect the Jewish people all over the world from our enemies.  I am sorry to say that the Israeli government is not standing up to the challenge, and is actually an accessory to this crime, by trying to be too P.C. and not answering the calls of so many young Jewish students who travel here, who actually yearn to learn about their history and connection to the land.  Rather than show them historical facts and making their Hebrew School teachings a reality, our government wearing the hat known as the Jewish Agency bends to the whims of cash-laden Federations who insist on limited travel and knowledge, and advocate for a new Muslim, Jew-free entity within the borders of the State of Israel.

I heard with my own ears, at the General Assembly of North American Federations, a Resource Development head in the Jewish Agency admit to how proud she was, that after two years in Israel (after Aliyah) she was proud not to have visited sites intimately connected to her past.

Sure, I could just say, the heck with it, but I have yet to meet the young Jewish participant on these Birthright and Masa trips who is not interested in seeing their own history and connection to this land, and furthermore is looking to visit the actual places they have only read about and heard about growing up in Hebrew schools and synagogues.

In the real world, Israel has learned that we cannot wait for our enemies to act against us in our existential challenge of being, we must be proactive and act first against our enemies.  In the challenge facing our young today who live far from our land, we must do the same. Our arsenal must be re-fit with better education and motivation, with better means to spread true facts.  As more and more of these anti-Israel organizations and groups are created and funded by mis-lead and hateful people it is imperative that we become more proactive and not just respond.

Here in Israel more and more of our people are learning and connecting, the same must happen to our young on the other side of the ocean. There is no choice.

Just as our enemies during the first Chanuka wished to pry us from our land, our heritage, and our identity, the same challenge exists today.

The Maccabees joined together in unity to fight this effort. We must mirror the effort, and join together as one, and fight for our kids all over the world.

It can be done.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ich Bin ein Palestiner! Some Questions, Some Thoughts...

What makes a “Palestinian”?  Who is a “Palestinian”? Is it based on Religion, Ethnicity, is it exclusive?

If the world considers the 1949 Armistice line the border between Israel and Palestine, so are any children born in Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus, and living over the “Green Line” Palestinians?  

Since the Arabs consider all of Israel Palestine, doesn’t that make us all Palestinians in their eyes? Or does the term “Palestinian” only apply to certain religions and ethnicity, which is of course racist? And if birth is citizenship in a particular place (such as done in the US), shouldn’t the world recognize us all as Palestinians?

Why are Jews being singled out as NOT being Palestinians?  When the Arab and anti-Israel groups put signs up speaking of ethnic cleansing, why does it not apply to Jews? Aren’t they speaking about specifically “cleansing” the Jews from land, land that has THE Jewish history? No one has been speaking about removing Muslims, or Christians...

Since the term “Palestinian” obviously excludes any Jewish rights, it is therefore racist, and organizations such as Rabbi’s for Human Rights, Adalah, Machsom Watch, and so many more, under the funding of the umbrella of the New Israel Fund are guilty of Hate Crimes.  Wouldn’t that make US and EU financial Aid a backer of a racist regime over here in the Levant...that touts ethnic cleaning and makes them also guilty of hate crimes?

What would the “situation” be like if in 1948 Ben Gurion did not change the name of the region, and continued with the name “Palestine”... What would the Muslim Arabs be calling themselves today? Would the term “Occupation” apply? Who would be “occupied”?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Going down the road feelin' bad...

Bibi will not be forgiven for the sin of disgracing the memories of loved ones murdered by sub humans, (I do not want to insult any animal), in his continued release of murderers, in the name of falsely promised peace.  I am not talking about supposed combatants taking lives of each other, rather about the sub specie terrorists who murdered innocents, unarmed, and among them children in horrendous fashion.

Bibi, has often attempted and succeeded in playing the tough guy... he, who claims he will fight for Israel's security, releases the murderers of our children, our brothers and sisters and strengthens those that will continue to bear arms against the Jewish people worldwide, and causes a nation to bow its head in shame and disbelief in the face of our enemies.

The headlines of all major Israeli media voices the angst and the anger against this move.  Of course this excludes Al Jezeera’s rep in Israel... HaAretz.  The people are against this.

The Arabs laugh out loud at our naiveté, our arrogant ignorance and our gullibility.  We replenish their forces in return for more terror, and they, and the world will continue to mock us by attacking us further in their quest to relieve themselves of a Jewish presence in our land.

The Bibi led government has the “Chutzpah” to say that they will build more homes, in our land as the reward for this release.

Yes, I realize that we do not know what is going on behind closed doors.  Who knows what pressures Bibi is facing, or the juggernaut of blackmail and threats that Team "O", Kerry, Indyk, and the other DC Boyz hold over our heads? Nor do we see into the hearts of those that grieve non stop into an uncertain future.

The Prime Minister and his minions claim to be saving us from the great evils of maniacal Iran, his nightmare, his obsession and his possible last claim to fame.  This, while he ignores an internal illness of orchestrated and manipulated self loathing by the weak and ignorant.  This illness itself, spawned by enemies among us, that eats away at our ability in the making of sane decisions regarding our land.

So, Bibi, you are doing this for the greater good are ya'? Everyone realizes that you or anyone will never achieve peace with any Arab who has invented himself as a "Palestinian" and feeds himself with the continued incitement and lies against the Jewish nation.  The world snickers at the cowardliness of Israel and now chases us like a junkyard dog who senses fear.

You sir, are failing, we will not.

As I have the privilege of traveling throughout our land, even in the labyrinth of "Lefty" Tel Aviv, I witness and hear the changing minds out loud.  Not a change of sides to say, but an awakening to reality, our Israeli reality. 

That reawakened reality dictates that the Arabs do not have leaders who want peace, or who are remotely interested in it.  That the Arabs are interested in one state, an Arab state, void of any Jewish presence.  One only need to follow the speeches made in Arabic or follow the curriculum taught at any of the many UN and EU sponsored schools and camps.  

Yes, even many of the “opened minded free thinkers” of TA are singing a different tune, or should I say "toon".   

But now, Bibi hurts us once again, and all of his consorts are being questioned.. How could they disgrace us so by letting these terrorists go free... In the name of what goes on behind closed doors?

People on all sides of the political spectrum simply wait for a new prince to appear to replace our current confusion.  Bibi’s dissapointing lack of direction and continued weakness is unifying more and more of our people in Israel, to see who we are and who are our enemies.

As his spine jellies, ours hardens.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Premeditated Separation

“Separation of Church and State” – well, in this instance between Synagogue and Country.  During the last few years, I have been privileged to take many Jewish people from outside of Israel around my “digs,” that being Judea and Samaria.  Not as a tour guide, but simply hitching a ride with me as I do what I do in the security field.  These travels happen to be one of the biggest perks in what I do, as I get to traverse the lands of our people, the lands (and people) written about, spoken about, and discussed in our Torah, our history, and the daily media.  Of course, hanging with the cream of the crop isn’t too shabby either.

I admit that I love it… I get excited every time I take my Jeep out, on road, off road, driving through and in history.  I love watching a land being reborn from and by the love of a people.  I also really enjoy learning and experiencing and showing and unmasking the “lies” that are being spread like a virus to our people and the world regarding our historic, and present heritage.   

Indeed, when my “hitchhikers” see the other sides, their faces glow with the realization that they have been kept and are being kept in the dark about the greatest Israel they never get to see, the Greatest Israel that is being kept and hidden from them.

Why don’t they get to see it, you ask?  Because their Rabbis and “Leaders” refuse to show them, to take them, to let them experience for themselves what they have been taught about, hear about, every week/month/year and holiday in Synagogue. 

Yes people, there is a conspiracy out there!  The majority of what is known as “mainstream” Jews is being kept ignorant and biased by their own “Pulpits”, their own appointed “leaders.”

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a tour guide or tour operator tell me how their “Jewish” groups insist on not going over the “Green Line”….  And then the Conservative and Reform Jewish movements wonder why they are losing people in droves.  They speak “Torah” on Shabbat, they tell the stories.  Imagine, Rabbis, if you would show your flocks the actual places that they are connected to?  But instead you opt to keep your congregants in the dark, feeding them media and statements that separate the Jewish people from their land. Gd forbid, they should be able to see a greater picture and decide for themselves!  You know - that nasty concept of having an informed opinion, rather than a manipulated one.

I challenge any and all of these so called “Jewish Leaders” to separate from their own political views and allow their people to see our history, to experience the land that they themselves teach/speak/ and read about…. no politics, just to come out and visit for themselves, and also to enjoy for themselves.
Missions, Synagogues, Group Trips, all come to Israel, such opportunities for our people!  And yet, this chance to see such an important part of our history, our present, and our future is being viciously hidden to keep them ignorant and in line with the party policy.

BTW, I was raised in the “movement,” USY, Camp Ramah - you know, “mainstream”.

Yes, I know, seeing and visiting Judea and Samaria, might cause people to be angry at the various Jewish Federations, to stop giving funds to organizations that support Arab causes in Israel, and maybe and most probably cause a rift or a sudden halt of employment of many “Spiritual Leaders”, but hey, sometimes the truth hurts.

May this New Year expose more of our people, to more of our land.

Shana Tova.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Flights and Facts

Part of my “Job involves traveling… in fact a lot of traveling.  The good side is that I get a chance to meet many people on the “outside” and hear their take on “the situation”.

I do have favoritism regarding the many “Israel Challenged” groups I get to meet… Birth Right stands out as my favorite “challenge”.  It seems to be pre-ordained, as my last flights seem to be inundated with these groups, both going and coming. 

Now I know that Birth Right isn’t really an Israel Advocacy trip, nor is it a real attempt to connect these kids to our home.  Lets face facts, Birth Right trips are giant singles events meant to introduce Jews 2 Jews, bringing them together in our land for a special experience that they will share for life, and hopefully they will decide to marry another Jew… that’s really it.

Sweet… no, really, I mean it!  But talk about opportunity missed! I mean big time.

It can be compared to driving a Maserati on the Autobahn in 2nd gear only…. OMG!

In the tens of groups that I have met this past year alone, I have met many who actually have a deep interest in Israel and want to know what is going on.  But alas, much is being hidden from them.  The opportunity for them to actually see their “Birth-Right” remains just in stories, and almost never turns into a reality that would surely have an everlasting affect on them.

My flights go by quite quickly as the little conversations I have with my seatmates turn into wide spread discussions with many more.  We don’t discuss politics, we just talk about the land they haven’t seen, the land that is being hidden from them. Discussion of course veers into the “situation”, and I often present them with views they have yet to hear.

Many facts are brought up, again, facts they are not told about, either in their homes, schools or during their trip to Israel.  Even most of the IDF soldiers that come along for the ride as escorts do not show them a well rounded view, as many of these soldiers do not themselves see the “situation” up close and usually are either insulated from reality or tainted with “post Zionist” views from their own surroundings.  I am not saying that the soldiers are a negative effect, but that there should be a variety, so that opinions are informed rather than manipulated.

Too often I am looked at with surprise in their eyes, when I tell them that I live in Shilo and Yes, I am a “settler”, (by the way, I say that with pride).  They usually get confused by the absence of my horns… that, and the fact that my views are not those as shown by the New York Times, the BDS Movement and Alice Walker.

And then comes… “Why don’t the other Israel Advocacy groups tell us some of the facts and anecdotes you mention”…good question.

The issue is this… we have some great kids out there, who are being given the opportunity to really connect, and to really make a difference in our world.  They are being stifled by the lack of effort, and narrow-mindedness in presenting to them just who we are.  By the way, this is not being done innocently, when other groups attempt to connect these Jewish kids to their roots through the Birth Right infrastructure, if they they are met with contempt and fund based threats.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Birth-Right trips would really be a bit about Birth Rights?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Orchestrated Ignorance

United we stand, divided we fall...not just words but an offensive strategy.  I am constantly surprised by the lack of knowledge regarding Israel in the so-called Zionist camps outside of Israel.

Though I am not surprised by the orchestrated ignorance running amok among various congregations and communities allying themselves with the likes of J-Street and the New Israel Fund, I am very disturbed by this increasingly common characteristic among those who identify themselves with the Pro Zionist movements, even more so by those who study our holy scriptures and claim identity with our land.

The term I used as the title, "orchestrated ignorance" was chosen because today many of the truths regarding the conflict in Israel, specifically in our historic heartland of Judea and Samaria, are kept strategically hidden. Indeed, many of the historic truths that are read aloud every Saturday, or studied in Hebrew or Sunday schools are not identified with what today is branded as disputed territory.

In fact, the chances of hell freezing over is almost equivalent to the possibility of an unbiased trip to Israel’s heartland made by the less religiously affiliated or Conservative and Reform Jewish groups – a trip which would show our historic and present connection to areas such as Hebron and Shilo. 

Thus, keeping as many as our people ignorant as possible, or more accurate... misinformed, serves our enemies quite well by reducing the numbers of those outside of Israel who might otherwise support the Jewish state with fervor…an understandable strategy to say the least.
Sadly this strategy has an aftertaste resulting in too many cases of assimilation and extinction of a number of Jewish families.

The consequences of orchestrated ignorance are felt every day. In this world where hatred against Israel grows daily, fueled by constant misinformation, petrol dollars and good old hatred, this great divide is one of our true adversaries.
Fighting it must remain among the top of our challenges, the battle against it must be ruthless, one that must be won.

During my many excursions overseas where I have the opportunity to meet with the children and grandchildren of the many friends I have made, it has become sadly evident that this generation (living outside of Israel) may be the last that actually supports a Jewish presence in our heartland of Judea and Samaria. 

Young adults attending trips to Israel organized by Conservative, Reform and other supposed main stream Jewish groups, will not step foot over the 1949 armistice line, more popularly known as the "Green Line", (except for the customary trip to Ein Gedi), and as a result are indoctrinated against a Jewish existence there.  "Gap year" religious students rarely make an effort to forge a connection and their host "Yeshivas" often cultivate a mistaken picture of fear by stating that it is too dangerous to travel to the "West Bank", better to frequent the bars of Jerusalem.

Thus, it appears that we may be witnessing the last Jewish stance for our continued presence in our historical homeland...unless we ALL do something about this.

The enemies of our continued existence in our heartland are quite focused.  Their funding is not going towards the building of new institutions, feeding the destitute of Israel, or any other issue that may enhance the quality of life.  It is being directed at creating a wedge in our people, a wedge not only to separate us from our land, but to also separate us as a people.

Funding is used to demonize IDF soldiers, to divest from Israel, to provoke violence, and to manipulate the truth and simple facts.
The irony is that most of this funding is under the guise of open minded thought, liberal values, and that of human rights. The camouflage used to cover the ruse would evoke the jealousy of a Navy Seal.

One recent example of this type of deception was an event that was planned to take place at the 92nd St Y in New York City. The "Y" was to host Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame.  Dearest Roger was going to look back over his career and share with us.  The fact that Roger is a champion of the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement against Israel apparently had been overlooked.  His constant activities against the Jewish state did not warrant a double take by the wonderful open minded folk at the "Y". At the time of this writing, the Y released the news that the event had been called off (cheers).

Further irony are the sources of the "Y"'s funding, many of whom are quite pro-Israel, and would surely heave if they knew that their hard earned money was going towards the spreading of more anti-Israel rhetoric in their own back yard.

Another touch of irony for dessert - enormous amount of funding from many lovers of Israel continues to fund anti-Israel organizations through “accepted” and mainstream organizations like the various Federations, UJA and so on, that pass on funds to organizations that hide under the facade of human rights, pluralism, and...(hahahaha), justice. Organizations like the New Israel Fund, B’tzelem, and many others out there lay in wait, preparing the ambush and attack on any entity siding with Israel. More information on such groups is available upon request.

These venues strike deadly blows to our people. While most of the adult world (over 40) just shrugs them off, dismissing them as impotent radical thought, the younger amongst us do not and they are the targeted audience. Your children, your grandchildren -- our future are considered the quality targets, and they are getting hit point blank and many of you are even funding it.

The most efficient way of fighting our enemies is to stay at least two steps ahead of them.  It must be dealt with and not, as mentioned before...shrugged off.
If Israel is to remain a Jewish State, if we are to be able to continue to live, visit and worship freely in our historical home and heartland, it will take a far more extensive and creative effort.

Being "involved" is a must. In the same vain, it can no longer be individual, but a family effort.  The battle for our existential freedom must be fought.  Time is not on our side, and neither is the world at this point.

Everyone must make that effort to be involved.  Attend Events, attend the dinners, sponsor projects, speak about the issues, and please, please, make sure you come out to visit our heartland and show our heritage, our history to your children and grandchildren.  But…BUT, make them understand the importance, and the importance it has to you, and the importance it has to all of us and our future.

 Lead by example.

Minds are being bent, opinions are being shaped, and ignorance and deviation are spreading like a virus. The time to choose your future and your family’s future is now. The choice....Yours.

Israel's future, as a home for our people, depends on our remaining in Judea and Samaria, which is where we started. We must make sure it is not where we end.

You can start with this…The Event