Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Doubting Thomas

Thomas Friedman’s article in the NY Times: (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/12/opinion/12friedman.html?scp=1&sq=reality%20check%20friedman&st=cse)

Oh Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, I am warmed by your strong patriotic feelings towards the economic troubles in the US. Even more so how you are sure that once the US stops it $3 billion dollar aid package to Israel, US towns will be a boomin’ all over the US of A. If only Prime Minister Netanyahu would have agreed to another three-month building moratorium, everything would have been all right.

I also appreciate your care and concern regarding Israel’s substance abuse problem, and I agree with you. We are also grateful for you in pointing out that Israel is the reason so many US cities are having budget problems. Yes the 3 billion Israel receives and spends in the US is the core of the problem. I was wondering if you might apply your patriotic feelings to other countries around the world, maybe to the UN also…but I digress.

Do you remember the Yom Kippur war of 1973? You know when Israel came close to being wiped out? Israel’s friend and ally, the US came to it’s aid and sent sorely needed ammo and equipment over and Thank Gd, this joint venture and friendship enabled a different outcome than that which the Arab and Soviet world had hoped for. Did I say Soviet? Maybe you forget, that it was in US interest that Israel existed as a US ally in the region, might I add the only true and stable US ally and friend in the region, something that was paid for in blood, lots of blood.

So when the Soviet Union started powering down in the Mid East, Uncle Sam came in and said to Israel, give ‘em the Sinai, come on we’re friends, don’t worry, I’ll watch your back, I promise. Israel said, but the lives lost defending our country, the oil, the natural resources, the military buffer zone, how could we, they have been attacking us since we declared ourselves a state? Uncle Sam said, tell ya what, I’m gonna compensate you all, it’s on me, you compromise on your defense and resources, pull your people out and we’ll back you up with Military aid and our support, don’t worry, Trust us…and that is just part of the picture.

Never mind the technology that Israel and the US share, the numerous business ventures that benefit both countries and numerous towns and cities in the US, and so much more.

Never mind that Israel is the only true friend and ally the US has in the Middle East, and the only country around there that shares its value and rights systems, and so much more.

Now Israel has been pretty good at listening to it’s friend’s advice and requests, and I would say that refraining from defending itself to its ability against Iraq in the first Iraqi War was proof of that, and so much more. Making offers as you mentioned to the “Palestinians” and having them spit back, continuing in so-called “Peace Talks” while Arab schools teach destruction of Israel…sorry, I digress again.

But as you say “we’re not their grandfather’s America anymore”. You say Israel should jump at anything the US should request, why should you care, you don’t live in Israel, nor does the safety of Jews in Israel concern you, why should it. You believe that the US has bought the right to make the decisions in Israel because of the “bribe” that the US gave to Israel starting some years back…so, you believe the US has the right to decide for others based on money and aid that it distributes…interesting, I guess you mean that the US is bribing the world then, even more interesting… and I thought you were a “liberal”, you closet conservative, you.

It seems to me you want Israel to behave as a whore and do what the US wants because of the “Aid” Israel receives…that’s not friendship.

Dear Thomas, you fail to look at the big picture, you fail to see how the Palestinian Authority spits in the face of the world and dupes you and others like you because of your arrogance and Western elitism and lack of understanding the Arab and Muslim world. While extreme Islam is spreading it spheres of influence, and demonstrations and terror against the West increase daily, you choose to endanger the one true ally and friend that the US has and has always had.

But, guess what, I agree with you…almost. I think it is time that the US backs away from the Israel-Arab problem a bit, it is up to them, both the Israelis and the Arabs living there to figure it out and come to a solution on their own, without outside influence and pressure, and the threat of annihilation.

It is time that journalists such as yourself and peers stop presenting one-sided views and show the whole scene and background so that others might develop informed opinions and not the manipulated ones that you and others wish to show, or maybe you need wikileaks to assist.

I have to disagree with you when you state that you understand the problem, you don’t, and you probably never will because you can’t see beyond your tainted views, your mind is closed, despite how many alternative lifestyles and causes you may support.

Your patriotism and caring for the downtrodden of the US is a breath of fresh air, and I am sure that when you send your children into the US Armed forces to fight for the US, to put themselves in danger, just like the majority of Israeli parents do, and have been doing, they will be proud of you.

I think and agree with you that it is time that the US stops sending so much “Aid” around the world and redirects much of it back to the US and address the problems that you mention and more! One difference, I feel that you are only targeting Israel, which you are, by the way. Of course many of these countries that might not receive any more “financial assistance” will turn on the US quicker than a detonator on a suicide bomber. You can be sure Israel won’t, you know why?

Because, Israel is a true friend.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All Shapes and Forms

For a long time it has been understood that Israel’s wars are not fought just on our borders. Indeed our “fronts” are many and diverse, as our combatants. A short while back some of those who consider themselves to be residents in the world of the Arts decided to wage war against their own country of Israel, picking the new Cultural Center in Ariel as their first target.

Alas this virus of idiocy spread, as most unfounded deceptive concepts do, back to the bastion of wrong, the good ole so called (fake) liberal anti Israel camps in the US of A (“A” does not always stand for America).

So to add another infectious ingredient to the racist Boycott of Israel and its historic heartland, the concept and truth of Art was defiled.

In Israel, these artists are being shunned more and more, there names being added to the lists of “who not to see”, only for them to find comforts in the treacherous hideaways in parts of Tel Aviv. Never the less their devious voices were heard in the annals of the International Media outside.

Not all accepted this fight, this act of terror lying down, indeed some of the greatness that we see in Israel is that we do fight back against our enemies, sometimes later than sooner. But in this case, the soldiers who answered the challenge, who rose to meet the beast, did not start in Israel, it started from New York.

Back during the Operation Cast Lead, when Israel fought for the simple right of having it’s citizens in the south live quietly without the reality of Rockets and Mortars, some true humans met and decided to fight back against the impostors of the “intellectual elitists”. A new commando unit was formed to fight for Israel’s right to exist in peace and security, it’s name…Artists 4 Israel.

Where this group organized and previously brought Artists in to paint the Bomb Shelters in Sderot, to work with Children in Tel Aviv and other areas throughout Israel, they did not forget those who left their homes in Gush Katif, and they did not forget that there are Jews living in Judea and Samaria.

For those of us living in Judea and Samaria, seeing this special group of courageous souls adding color to Route 60, (our main artery and place of hundreds of attacks), beautifying Beit El and bringing Joy, Color, and Art to Ariel (the main target of the “artistic Left”) and its residents, was more than just a gesture of good will, it was a gesture of truth and strength, and unity.

The artists themselves came from the US, Spain and Israel, a mixture of cultures and religions in this unique and wonderful campaign of “Murality”.

My words cannot express my pride and gratitude, and I am honored to work together with them. One of the “treats” of traveling around and meeting different people is that of when I meet individuals or groups, that do not just talk the talk, but truly walk the walk. I admit I have a soft spot for people of action, who will do when others don’t and who will tread where others fear.

Of course one mustn’t forget the courageous Hummus wars being fought on Americas most esteemed campuses. So few realize the danger that a well made Hummus can present, especially when used properly.

Of course this sounds funny, but it is a serious matter. When the anti Israel students at Princeton went up against Sabra Hummus. Their intent and dreams were far worse than just banning this (Israeli made) Middle Eastern cuisine from the stomachs of Lovers of Zion and the Vegan community. Their cause is far more heinous than that, their wishes are the destruction of Israel as we know it, sorry, it is that simple.

Yet once again the combatants for Israel took other shapes and forms to fight, this time pro-truth students decided to stand up to bad comedy and racism and defeated a call to ban Sabra Hummus.

These acts while not sounding as serious as a threat of war, or a conventional terror attack, are serving as a barometer as to what we will be facing in the near future. Not just us in Israel, but Jews throughout the US.

You see, in this virtual world Israel is being set up as the evil empire, no matter who you are or what you believe, Deceit and Deception are Prime Minister and President while Racism and Bigotry are Secretary of State and Defense.

These signs of the absurd must not be ignored, but dealt with…immediately and efficiently, for they will multiply.

Combatants such as I have mentioned are to be commended as they are now on the frontlines also and need to be reinforced.

While I was operational during the Arab uprising of 2000, one of the characteristics that stood out in fighting against terror most was that that the Arabs tended to target the unarmed and children the most, like today they seek out the weak and uninformed, their main targets today…your children on campus, and the Conservative and Reform Jewish communities, with a valuable prize being the Israeli immigrant children.

Other nations are being bullied into a corner due to the high immigration rate of Muslims from around the world. As many in the Muslim communities in these nations have taken the yoke of menial labor, the governments have come to the understanding and realization that they must appease this economic and labor force by coming out against Israel and support a new virtual Arab Muslim State, lest they suffer an internal uprising themselves.

I have been told many a time that much of what I write sounds the same…Strong Jews, Strong Israel, fight back, do something…that’s right, I believe in these things. I also believe in everybody’s right to an opinion an informed opinion, and to not to be brainwashed by an enemy who seeks to destroy and not to build.

As the situation in Israel continues to draw people away from the true problems that affect us as humanity, you can be sure that Hummus and Art wont be the last tools that will be used against Israel.

Techina and Video games are soon to follow.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Blind Sided

It is always important to make observations from all angles, from all views. To understand a situation we must sometimes look from the inside out and vice-versa. The point being, two dimensions are not enough, even 3D doesn’t cut it all the time.

For the past three weeks I have been in the US speaking and meeting people from all walks of life, from all religions, creeds, races, whatever you want, but a well colored spectrum. We discussed Israel, the situation, the chances of peace, loyalty oaths, you name it…we discussed it.

Over all, these were not political discussions, although obviously politics did come up, these were open dialogues between people, held in a civil manner in order to understand the situation in Israel better, to hear another side and to reach an in depth connection to a land and people we share in in our hearts, (however, not with everybody I met).

This was not a “tour” of “preachin’ to the choir” as I met with many that do not share my views at all, and there were even those that tried to keep me from speaking, even though they never met me or heard me. You see, in their eyes, I am a criminal… I live in Shilo, which is in Samaria, which in their eyes exists in the “occupied Territories” (forgive my using that term).

A common denominator that I discovered was that most, and I mean both sides politically, if you will, are very ignorant regarding what is really going on.

I was alarmed at how many caring Jews were hijacked by the “Left Wing”, J Street and so on, it was actually scary to see many people “zombied” into toting the company jargon and logo. People who consider themselves the academia, the intellectual elite, the liberal, the caring have been programed to generalize, to stereotype an entire population, to stop thinking, not to look at possibilities, and what I consider to be criminal… to grasp a racist and biased point of view without even looking at facts or faces.

I never knew I was such a threat to free thinking. I was told that there had to be other “groups” who hold opposing views while I was present. I was even turned away by some schools where I simply offered them a chance to ask a “settler” any question they would like, only because they never get to.


As much as I was alarmed and I was ecstatic at the results…those that attended became involved in great discussions, we didn’t have to agree with each other, we spoke to each other, we thought together and we worked together. This is what apparently scares the “other” side.

We brain stormed regarding the situation, the peace process and at the end the various sessions (till now), they went away with a different view about Israel, Judea and Samaria and the possibility and possible results of the forming of a new Arab State in the region.

We didn’t necessarily agree, but they felt more informed and able to form better opinions regarding the passionate topic of Israel. Many were incensed that their own leadership has managed to hide many facts from them and continues to keep them in the dark regarding Judea and Samaria and the diverse population living there. They indeed felt betrayed by the media, the misinformation, the lack of information, and the unfortunate chances that they missed when visiting Israel to see things for themselves, so they could decide on their own.

We spoke of Human Rights, not just for the Arabs, but also for the Jews. The idea of turning 300,000 Jews into refugees did not really occur to them. Where would anybody house them? Who would employ them? Would this even bring real peace? We spoke about everything, good and bad. We even reached conclusions, but that’s for another piece. These talks went on for over 2 hours, each. Obviously I can’t write all that we spoke about, but it was great!

It was exciting for me to be part of this as we worked at becoming friends and not adversaries, working towards a common goal, the good of Israel and it’s people, and the good of the Jewish Communities outside of Israel, instead of splitting our people up even more.

I learned to appreciate what I had even more. I have been blessed with living amongst very strong Jewish people. My neighbors and community embrace all that made us into a strong and special people. On the Zionist side, it is we, the communities of Judea and Samaria, the Jordan Valley, who continue the Zionist dream that brought about the State of Israel. The same idea of reclaiming our land, our history, of becoming a strong people continues on from the days of early Israel. When we are threatened, we have an army of strong Jews…we don’t have to hide who we are and how we think, how we all think. Our kids do not have to be afraid on College Campuses if they are “Pro Israel”, or if they wish to wear a Kipa. They are not forced into hiding their feelings or how they wish to worship.

Our security situation in Israel is actually dire, we all have our dangers and the diaspora communities are facing a situation that is spiraling downward. Backed by Arab Funding, Anti Israel Funding, the European Union and so many others groups who claim to be “Pro-Israel” and Human Rights, they are being ripped away from Israel, most are not even aware of it.

They are being Blind-sided, hit from behind.

I realized that deep down that we in Israel, especially we who live in Judea and Samaria must somehow help our fellow Jews in the diaspora even more. I am well aware of the “ballagan”, the mess we have in Israel, it is at times a circus that competes with Barnum & Bailey, it is the material that Mel Brooks would have a field day with, but we are there, and it is ours.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pre-Ordered Lynching

The staged video of the attempted murder and lynching of David Be’eri of Ir David, the other day in Jerusalem should serve at the least as a wake-up call to all who care about Israel.

For those of you who haven’t heard of this incident, last week while driving through the Shiloach neighborhood of Jerusalem, about 200 meters from the Old City near the Western Wall, David Be’eri was the victim of a planned ambush that was orchestrated by members of the international media. (See film here http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/139971)

This attack is not a rare occurrence; it is not a reaction by the Arabs to any particular incident; it is also not limited to Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, but is a nation-wide problem; and it is not the first time the media has staged an event that could result in the loss of life for Jews.

There are many aspects of the recent attacks that bother me to the core. Yes, I call them attacks, simply because that is what they are. A demonstration is a demonstration, but the second you pick up a rock or anything else with the intent to cause bodily harm, you cross the line.

Most children are taught that when a bully taunts them his first step is to tell the teacher - after all they are the authority and they are charged with keeping order. In the child’s mind this provides the classroom with a sense of security and stability. Many times we see the bully coming back, at times the teacher is not around, or maybe the teacher just doesn’t have the time to deal with the problem. Then, either the child learns that he must fend for himself, or his parents teach him that he has to fight back at times.

As a society we are taught that if you have a problem, call the police. That is what the civilized people do, right? The police are supposed to uphold the law, keep the peace. In Israel, as in most countries, most citizens, abide by this philosophy. In fact, Israeli Jews have been so conditioned to do this that it is coming back in our faces. In recent years, any Jew that has stood up against attempted murder, lynching -whatever name you would like to give it - has found himself at odds with the police instead of finding the security and protection that he deserves.

We have become much like the child who comes home beaten up every day by the bully. We are stronger; we could have responded, we should have responded, but we have become afraid, lest the teacher punishes us.

We watched this conditioning set in back during the Iraqi war of 91. For the first time in history, Israel was attacked and did not respond. We could have, we should have, but were told not to. Many of our people were dumbfounded, how could this be, how could we let ourselves be pounded time and time again and do little against it?

The lesson was not wasted. The lesson learned during that time was not learned by the Jews, the lesson was learned by the Arabs, that lesson being taught was: you can hurt the Jews, you can hurt Israel and they won't always fight back. They applied this lesson to our troops in Lebanon, they learned to apply this lesson to Jews in Judea and Samaria, to Jews in the Galil, in the Negev.

We like to say that we restrained ourselves, we are better than them, and we behaved… all this as tears fell on filled coffins.

The situation today in Israel is, locally, where there are problems, we find that our police do not respond quickly enough. It seems that this is happening more and more, and at times the delays seem politically motivated. Instead of teaching Israelis to be good citizens, the message seems to be, if you want to be safe, either run away or take matters into your own hands.

Not a good recipe for a strong civil society.

Being attacked is accepted as a norm. “Its just a mortar” ... “its just a Molotov cocktail” ... so you got a little injured, could have been worse... They shot at the “settlers” not at us.

The media learned that they could get great stories and great pictures all for a few dollars. Arab leadership learned that publicity was as cheap as a neighbor’s son, and we fell for it.

So here we are today, where it is all right for Jews to be attacked for their crime...Living. I know, there are those of you out there saying, “well, they shouldn’t be in those areas.” I ask you, who hold those thoughts, to tell me: where we should be? Maybe you are not aware that this is happening in all parts of Israel. Jews being attacked in the Galil, in the Negev; is that okay also?

We are being conditioned to be victims again and this is the disease that I am talking about. This is the disease that must be fought against. In the name of peace we are being told to lay low, take it, don’t defend yourselves, dare I say, turn the other cheek?

Where else in the world does this happen? Nowhere.

The phenomenon of Jewish strength came about by Jews around the world seeing Israel respond to its enemies. We witnessed terrorists and other adversaries struck down where ever they were. The names “Mossad” and “Shabak” struck terror amongst the Arabs. “Israeli” meant that you were strong and could defend yourself. As our nation developed, as we fought off enemies against all odds, and proved that miracles do happen, our pride as a strong people spread throughout the world.

We are seeing media-staged attacks occur more frequently. By not stopping them, the government of Israel, the Police and the reporters who are organizing these events are creating an atmosphere of anarchy and vigilantism. They are playing with a fire hotter than they can imagine.

This disease is viral and it will not be contained.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Succot 5771

Peace, peace, peace. Israel must give up territory… Israel must accept Arabs and their descendents that ran away in 1948 while Arab armies attempted to eradicate the Jewish existence in Israel…Israel must release terrorists who have murdered, and have been accomplices and/or have planned to kill Israelis. Israel must retreat to indefensible borders.

Russia arms Syria and Iran with advanced weaponry, the US arms Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and other Arab Nations with Sophisticated and advanced arms.

Islamic terror grows everyday as do attacks on non-Muslims and Western targets throughout the Islamic world.

The “Quartet” insists that Israel does not let any Jews build in Judea and Samaria. Salaam Fayyad and Abbas say the Judea and Samaria must be ethnically cleansed of any Jewish presence.

A close-to nuclear Iran says that Israel’s time is up. Salaam Fayad and Mahmud Abbas are on their way to the US to chum up to as many Jewish “leaders” as possible, to convince them to pressure Israel to place itself in the most “uncompromising” position as possible since the rebirth of the Jewish nation in 1948.

So lets see, pressure Israel to get into a one-sided peace agreement with the “Palestinian Authority” (who are the minority and barely represent themselves), arm the rest of Israel’s enemies to the hilt.

Again, I might have missed something…. Call on Israel to make every possible compromise and arm the nations that have been fighting against Israel since its creation even more than before.

Is it just me, or does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

As we approach the Holiday of Succot we are taught how the walls of the Succah should remind us of the “Clouds of Glory” that protected us against all odds as we traveled through Sinai. We had no other allies in the world, it was just we and Gd and a dream of being in our own land, a dream that was fulfilled... not just once.

As I build my Succah this year I am reminded we Jews (Thank Gd) brought the dream of Israel back to this earth in this time. We had to depend on ourselves as no one came to defend us as the Arab armies descended on Israel with the intent to wipe us out, time and time again. Throughout other wars, we weren’t offered arms to defend ourselves, we paid, and we paid a lot and with more than just money. There were no favors… the Middle East was the playground as the “Super” powers looked on to see just whose “toys” were better. Today it seems to be almost the same playing field, yet the rules have been changed, as has the game, now it’s whose toys and whose methods will bring down Israel first.

I look at my succah walls and I look at Israel today and despite the challenges and ever-growing adversaries that we continue to face, I am proud and feel strong. No nation on earth has come so far in such a short time. No nation on earth has given so much back to the world.

This Succot, as you look at the walls of your Succah and are reminded how our forefathers were protected by the “Clouds of Glory” in Sinai, and as you bring together the Lulav (Palm), The Etrog, Hadas (Myrtle), Aravot (Willow), the four different species to make a single entity, and keep the Mitzvah of the Holy Day, think of Israel today, how together despite our own differences, we have fared against all odds, we are in our land and we are strong, Thank Gd.

We still have quite a walk in front of us, and together we will do it as a strong and good people in our land, all of our land and in peace.

Chag Sameach

Thursday, September 16, 2010

On All Fronts

The problems of the world are all based on Israel giving up its historic heartland, everybody knows that. The peace loving Arab nations are willing to let bygones be bygones, and are willing to live in peace, side by side in harmony with their Jewish neighbor Israel…NOT. I am constantly amazed by those who believe in that scenario. Time magazine has clarified the issue for many by explaining how we Jews in Israel are not even interested in peace, you see we like sending our children to the army, we like terror attacks against us, you know you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a bus load of people blow up in front of your eyes.

This battle is on all fronts now, in all locations, so many fail to notice it, so many innocent fall victims to the treachery and lies. In true Arab custom, the weak are targeted, those that lack strength or means to truly defend themselves, no, I am not just talking about the Jews in Israel anymore, I am talking about Jews throughout the Diaspora.

College campuses have become the new killing fields, the targets – unaffiliated Jews, Jews who are ignorant about their faith and their history, children of Israeli immigrants and a slew of others who tend to be oblivious to the reality in Israel.

Various Islamic groups along with supposed “Human” rights groups and others who claim to champion justice ambush these unsuspecting souls in the name of the school of progressive and liberal thought, often turning them into violent and extreme adversaries, brainwashed to hate themselves, their history and their identity. Bastions of safe Jewish havens such as Hillel houses have become bases of operations against any hint of Zionism or support of Israel.

Most are not even aware of the dangers present and all too often fall into these traps. Funding for these anti-Jewish workshops supposedly comes from sources ranging from foreign governments to our own quasi Jewish Funds, masked efficiently to hide their true intentions of harming the Jewish State of Israel by alienating these young people from themselves and the possibility of a future strong Jewish leadership in the Diaspora.

The Arab nations have always been an enemy to the existence of the State of Israel, nothing has changed, and peace is not in their lexicon regarding Jews ruling over the Land of Israel. Growing up in Israel prepares you for this reality, it is one of the advantages of being surrounded by bullies whom only wish you harm and worse. But most Jews in the Diaspora are not prepared for this aggressive behavior that they witness on their campuses. Their reactions vary, most either hide their identities and thoughts waiting quietly for still waters, while others join this parade of hatred, fooling themselves into thinking that they are a part of a new order that will bring a just change to a region, culture and in many cases, a people they do not even know.

There are of course the few, the minority that does fight back, that attempt to stand strong. These smaller Israel Advocacy groups lack the numbers, funding and fashionable stance to compete and present a viable challenge to this on going and growing threat. Never the less they do try and at times, just like Israel, they are victorious against what is perceived as overwhelming odds.

It used to be that for many American Jews, the problems and challenges that Israel faces are far away, not their problem, not their concern, …no longer.

If you are Jewish, you have no choice but to ultimately, eventually face the same challenges, the same enemies that Israel must contend with, the same challenges, the same enemies that our people have contended with throughout history, wherever you are.

We will do this together.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Once and Future Battle

The “spin” has begun. The new illusion of hope among the feeble-minded is called the “Direct Talks”. Meanwhile all involved are already working on “exit strategies”, in essence the talks have yet to go anywhere and they are already nowhere. The PLO will pull out if there is any building, anywhere and Bibi has basically said, though not officially, that the “Freeze” will continue in all places besides the larger blocs, (which he says Israel is keeping).

Sounds like negotiations, doesn’t it… The sad and absurd is that both of these leaders, aren’t leaders at all, nor do they have the majority backing of their people.

Abbas hangs on only due to US support, both militarily and financially. The Arab dream of throwing the Jews into the sea, or worse has yet to subside. Hamas licks their chops on the sidelines and from within at this point. They simply wait and pray (prey) that the US will succeed in pressuring Israel to give up its heartland, before they pounce. Their sight and sites are set on Israel’s coast, Ben Gurion Airport and our main infrastructure facilities… it’s just a matter of time.

Bibi continues to play the poodle in hopes of US assistance against Iran, a big deal we know, but it seems to be too late at this point.

Don’t get any of your hopes up, these talks will yield “bupkas”, “gurnish”, “nada”, nothing. The majority of military experts in the world state that Israel is putting itself in self destructive suicidal danger, a new Muslim state in the Mid East will turn quickly into another Islamic Extremist presence, a de facto base for terrorism, first against Israel, than the West.

I know, I know, it has all been said before, boring I admit, but we have to keep on saying it. You see, many do not care for what is just or for what is right, even George Will thinks the Two State concept is idiotic, I know, still boring.

What about the plight of at least 100,000 Jewish refugees that would (Gd forbid) be created by this “solution”, oh, that’s right, silly me, I forgot, Jewish refugees do not merit, (where are all of you “rights” people now?). The Arabs always bring up the “plight of the Palestinian refugees”, well, what about the Jews that were thrown out of the Arab lands, they don’t count?

No, truth does not matter, only the creation of a new Islamic nation is important. The West needs a foster Muslim nation after they screwed up Iraq beyond repair, and something to distract the world from the butt kicking they will be getting in Afghanistan.

The Arabs of Israel make the perfect poster child for them, especially with Achmadinejad using the UN as a urinal. I can already see the rallies in the new Mosque at ground zero in NYC… “Come out and support the 23rd Islamic nation of the Mid East, special guest speakers The President of Iran and the Leader of Hezbollah”.

Not to mention the incredible amount of life that will be lost in and around Israel by the world attempting to force us into a suicidal corner that will only lead to regional violence.

Hey, but that’s good for business. The US will continue to arm all sides, and promote unrest in Israel, where they can, and those that the US does not arm will get their wares from Iran, Russia and wherever.

This is all in line with the continuing growing strength of Islam in the West… even CNN has a “Muslim” section now.

Israel is the price the West is willing to pay for what they think will bring Peace and Quiet… boy, that is going to be one big ole “I told you so”.

Yes, the world is laughing at us and I know many Jews in the world are detaching themselves (mind you, many are not!) from us. Let me tell you this, we may be a mess of different opinions, we may not know how to present our side properly, our government may get their cues from Barnum and Bailey’s three ring circus, but the world is forgetting one thing…we Jews of Israel (and the world) are not going down.

We may stumble, and fall down a bit, but I can promise the world one thing, we will get up and we will fight back, but this time you will have to deal with a different Jew.

A friend of mine in the IDF came home and said the other day, “every one I meet seems to be right-wing”. Guess what, it is not right wing, it is simply more and more Israelis are getting tired of being treated like a dirty rag, they are waking up to the intentions of the Arabs, and certain Western leaders… There has been enough left wing/Islamic anti-Israel rhetoric, enough criticism from the world and definitely enough of being put into a corner. Be it on College Campuses in Israel or the US, in front of Embassies and yes, even throughout Israel (even Tel Aviv) our people are getting stronger and starting to fight back, and this is only the beginning.

You may not see it so clearly outside of Israel and a better future may seem far off, but even though it is an uphill battle at this point, we will fight it, and the view from the top is beautiful, and it is ours.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

If you ignore it, it won’t go away.

For years many Jews in Israel’s North and South considered the “problem with Arabs” to be isolated to Judea and Samaria. Terrorism, theft, rape happened “over there”, not in “my neighborhood”.

Separating themselves from the heartland of Israel, many of those living “inside the line” thought that themselves different. The “Green line” became more than an ink mark on a map, it became a cause, a wall, a place not to go, not really the state.

Boy, did that back fire!

Those who harbor an elevated intellect and intelligence realize that there is no difference between the Jewish people who live on either side of the line, that all are part of Jewish history and heritage and Israel today. Mind you the same goes for the Arab residents, except for the part of Jewish History and heritage (then again, their views regarding the erasing of our presence and history here are pretty much the same).

Over the past two and a half years I have been working with various security and emergency projects in the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley as Director of Security Projects for One Israel Fund. I am proud to say that there has been much progress. Terrorists and thieves have been caught trying to infiltrate communities, standards in Emergency and Medical response rose to new and admirable heights, lives have been saved, Jews have been protected, Thank Gd, and we have been making progress and will continue to work hard to achieve even more.

Recently I have been turned to from communities from the Galil, from the Negev, the Dead Sea region, all looking for the same type of assistance and guidance we have been providing to Judea and Samaria. They all came to me with the same horrendous stories, theft of land, livestock, produce and more, farmers being beaten, infrastructure being destroyed… all while “Israel” sleeps.

It was ironic for me to hear these stories, they were of course not news to me, and having lived in Judea and Samaria for so many years, I was used to them, of course the only difference was that the Arabs in Judea and Samaria often used guns and bombs against us to achieve their heinous goals. The irony was that for years these same folk viewed the Jews living “over the Green Line” as different, not one with them, as the “settlers”, often forgetting their not to distant common past with these “settlers”.

There are many levels of terrorism, the common denominator is that it affects our daily lives and how we live them. We often classify it by the costs involved, the highest cost being in blood and lives. This is the cost we in Judea and Samaria have learned most this is the cost our children have learned. In the North and South the cost has been in land stolen, Jews run off their land by having their crops and livestock destroyed or stolen and then only to be arrested by our own police when trying to defend that which we all hold so dear to ourselves… our homes.

There is a saying in Hebrew, “Ha Kol l’Tova”, it is all for the good, so where’s the good you ask?

More and more Jews from these areas have been coming to the realization that there is no “Green Line” and that we are all in this together, one people, one land, one state. By ignoring their brothers in Judea and Samaria, the see that the problems of terror have spread to them also. It has now become more common to hear of arrests of terror cells in both the north and south. Communities living along this invisible political entity of a line are now afraid of becoming new “Sderots”, they are even looking into forming first response teams to answer various “incidents” in their regions.

When they called out looking for assistance in manpower many from the heartland responded to their calls, and the borders came down, the line disappeared and bonds were formed and these bonds are growing stronger. It is indeed heartwarming to be “welcomed” back. After years of being looked at like a creature from beyond, to be viewed once again as a brother was a pleasure.

It seems that the lessons of the expulsion from Gush Katif have been learned by a large part of the country; of course most of those that have yet to learn do not live within any proximity of a possible danger…yet, mind you, they choose to keep their heads stuck in the sand. But the facts remain, that we in Israel are waking up.

In the discussions that have been ongoing regarding the problems mentioned, it seems that those that are causing the most harm are not the Arabs, in fact it is agreed by most, the Arabs are simply doing what they have been doing for years, being our enemy and trying to drive us from our land, all of our land.

The problem seems to rest mostly within the authorities and Arab and “Peace” groups from the outside. The actions, or lack of action by the police, the land administration, the government all seems to add to the motivation of the Arab perpetrators, while their funding goes unhindered. Sure there are successes here and there, crimes and terror are stopped, but far from satisfactory levels.

This symptom of a lack of proper response has been the main culprit in the escalation of terror in Judea and Samaria, Gaza in the past. It continues to feed the rockets down south and propagates a new and possibly explosive situation in the north and south of Israel.

While pointing a finger is the easiest path to take, I will change directions in pointing and look to point that finger towards the mirror, not just at myself, but also at all of us. Not in blame, but in a “call to arms” to coin a phrase.

The challenge of holding onto Israel did not end in 1948, 56, 67, 73,82, 91, 2000, etc., etc. our homeland has still far to go. It is still going on, it is just hidden in the fog, out of sight to many and barely visible outside the country. Every ethnic group has at least one place to call home, we Jews only have Israel, we Jews only have ourselves and maybe a few real friends, we can’t forget that.

Our fight to hold on to our country is far from over.

I know that the halls of the Knesset do not always represent that, I know that in many Café’s in Tel Aviv, you won’t find it, but it is here in Israel and it is strong and growing stronger.

The change in Israel will come from within, it must, and it will then shine outwards. But “within” must be within all of us as a people. If we want to have the luxury of sibling rivalry, we must first have the luxury of safe surroundings, safe surrounding in our homeland, our country, and that we achieve by having “Achdut”, by having Unity.

Our enemy is out there trying to take our land from us, lets make them stop, and stop now. Do not stand quiet, stand strong, and stand together, and continue to build Israel, continue to fight for Israel, for all of Israel

We can then offer them an Olive branch if they want, if they are ready.

As we are in the Hebrew month of Elul, heading towards a New Year and Rosh Hashanah, I would like to mention a thought. The first letters of the word “ELUL” are often referred to in Psalm 6:3, “Ani L’Dodi V’Dodi Lee”, I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine. Usually this refers to the Jewish people's connection with Gd. Throughout the Torah our people's connection with the Land of Israel is mentioned time and time again. In the book of Devarim (the last book of the Torah, that which we are reading from now), everything is leading up to our return to Israel.

A thought... if we as Jews feel about our connection with the Land of Israel as we feel about our intimate connection above during this month of Elul, maybe we can bring about a change for the better sooner and make the world safer and a better place for all of us.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Demons Among Us

Settlers, Jewish Extremists, Messianics, religious extremists, etc… etc., words often used to describe the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria. What about the visuals? Guys with big knitted kippahs (Head Coverings), Peiyot (hair side locks), Girls with long flowing skirts, scarves on their heads, all of them yelling, screaming, cursing, kicking and punching soldiers, police, Arabs, you name it. Their houses are caravans haphazardly stuck on some hilltop in the middle of a barren landscape.

That’s the picture, that’s the visual that most Jews in the world have of the Jews living in Judea and Samaria, in fact, that’s how most people view the Jews of Judea and Samaria. Yup, all of them are of the Jews are like that, all 300,000+ of them, they are all the same, crazies, fanatics, violent people who are stealing land from the poor Arabs who are guilty of only trying to live in peace and serenity.

Well, if you believe that one, I have a bridge to sell you, good price too!

Here is a scoop for all of you that have become victims of the media, Arab propaganda and left wing spin- NOT TRUE, WRONG, MISTAKE, BAD, STEROTYPE, RACIST!

The Jewish make up of Judea and Samaria is no different than the make up of the rest of Israel, for that matter, much in common with every other Jewish community in the world. The faces vary in color and shape, the dresses go from long to short, just like the pants, the heads are covered, uncovered, Shabbat is observed and not observed, Kashruth is kept and not kept, you get the picture. A region as diverse in people as the rest of the country, and world. Yes, some areas have more religious than others, some have no religious, all of them just people, some crazy, some not, some professional, some not. Our kids serve in the IDF, all over the IDF, protecting and defending all of Israel, not just part. We have Artists, Musicians, Writers, Professors, Doctors, Trash men, Teachers, Hippies, Geeks, existentialists, and so on and so on.

Hey, just like where you live, no?

What kinds of synagogues make up your area? Do you all get along?

The only difference that sets these “folk” apart is that they believe that Judea and Samaria is part of the Jewish homeland, and do not see a “Green line” that separates them. Sort of like the decision that the world made in 1922 at the San Remo conference, you know, where the land west of the Jordan River to the Mediterranean would be the Jewish homeland.

Don’t believe me? Come out and see for yourselves.

I honestly feel sorry for most of Diaspora Judaism, at least those who have bought into the Left Wing/Arab propaganda. They have had their history and identity stolen from them, right beneath their eyes, with out even asking them.

One day we are all one country, the next “Two States for two people”, what happened? No, the answer is NOT that we woke up - it is that we fell asleep.

So if this is the way it is, why are the media, the Arabs and the left presenting us with the wrong picture? Simple, if they present and show you a wrong and deceitful picture, they can convince you to join their camp and assist and back them in their devious plans to ethnically cleanse Jews from their land and thereby damage the reality of a Jewish Land, and any chance of peace in the region.

Nasty, isn’t it.

But again, don’t take my word for it, come out and meet the people yourselves, why don’t you even ask them what they think. People are under the impression that Judea and Samaria is some sort of fanatic religious stronghold, I must remember to tell that to all of the secular Jews and communities that have been forgotten by the other streams of Judaism.

You will find that opinions vary, just like everywhere. Remember, there are all types of people, some just like you all throughout Judea and Samaria, whoever you are.

No “Green Line”, just Israel.

I am often told that I don’t supply an answer of “what to do”. There is so much and so many with varied answers and solutions. Some suggestions:

Come out and see what is going on, do not be afraid anymore. Others aren’t afraid, why are you?

Do not follow Left-Wing/Arab funded propaganda blindly - decide for yourselves.

Challenge your leaders to take you out and see for yourselves, with open eyes and hearts and not be guided by “Anti” organizations. Remember this is OUR history, our BIRTHRIGHT.

Get your neighbors to think again.

The media does not supply you with an accurate picture of Judea and Samaria, and I am sorry to say, neither does Israeli politics, but that will change soon.

Judea and Samaria are not separate from Israel, we are as much apart of Israel as the Galil, the Negev, the Golan, the Coast, and we are one state. We have problems, no one is denying that, but we are one state, and we have only one land, just like we are one people.

So the next time you hear about the “Demons” in Judea and Samaria, and visualize what the media and others wish you to see, remember that is not the full picture, not near it, there are many Jews that make up our heartland, the majority, the minority, the diversity, the unique, the people who are just like you and me, whoever we are.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Deafening Quiet

The quiet is deafening. Quite suspiciously the world is relatively quiet in its hobby of ranting against and condemnation of Israel. Even the new Caliphate of the EU remains disconcertingly still.

Of course barely anyone has what to say regarding the latest provocation by Hezbollah, sorry I meant to say, the Lebanese Army, against Israeli troops on the northern border. The UN for some strange reason actually spoke out against Lebanon, again, very suspicious.

The pressure now is supposedly on Abbas to start in with direct talks with Israel, maybe that is the cause of this entire ruckus? We wouldn’t want to disturb his thought process, as he figures out a way to continue to deceive the world and the Arabs into continuing the cash flow to his “virtual entity”, and keep his puppet government around under the threat of Hamas.

Even the Left Wing demonstrators, J Street, American Friends of Peace Now and all of the others have toned down their actions so as not to create more waves than necessary, less they, Gd forbid, shake the boat too much and cause Abbas and his henchmen to get confused and show the world that they (all of them) really are not interested in a peaceful coexistence with a Jewish State or Jews, heaven forbid.

Even a bit more worrisome is the reports that Haim Ramon and Kadima, supposedly with the backing of Prez Peres, are advising the Arabs not to negotiate with Prime Minister Netanyahu, hmmmm.

With all of these actors in this play acting in near perfect sync like a well choreographed musical, it might well lead one to think that there is someone behind the scenes, pulling the strings, or yanking the cords. I wonder who has been footing the bill for this production?

On the other side, we continue to see more and more Jews, both from Israel and the outside waking up to this façade. I marvel at the ever-growing amount of Israeli Media people warming up to Yehuda and Shomron. More Jews are beginning to ask their “leaders” from the Conservative and Reform movements why they have abandoned their homeland and their history, and have been asking to come out, once again to see where they come from.

Of course this is a major pain for the Israeli Left Wing, and they do their utmost to hide it, and act against it. Of course they have no limit to funding, as long as oil can be made into gasoline, so I am told.

Many of the local Arabs are even getting tired of the charade of their own and the world, and are indeed upset at the way they have been led down the wrong path, again and again. So many of them long for when we were at “war” with them, at least then they could travel around Israel, at least then millions of Israeli (Jewish) dollars flowed into Ramallah, Nablus, Bethlehem and the other major cities of Yehuda and Shomron every weekend, and of course they did not have to pay taxes. There were fewer acts of terror and much more cooperation between Jews and Arabs, not perfect, far from it, but still, much better than post-Oslo.

But that was war, and not peace, like we have now.

This quiet still disturbs me.

I have yet to see anyone work towards a true peace in this region that includes the basic rights of Jews to live here, only towards the ethnic cleansing of Jews from their historical homeland. The activists on the left side with their allies who dream of an Israel-free Middle East have no moral borders as they seek to wrench and displace over 300,000 (500,000 according to them) Jews from their homes and turn them into refugees. Lessons from the expulsion from Gush Katif fall on deaf ears, perhaps shedding light on ulterior motives behind that heinous crime.

Tensions are high, Hamas aches to show its muscle, Hezbollah boosts its ability to continue to kill Jews, and a mystery man fires missiles on Eilat, thank Gd not harming anyone in Israel.

Recent polls in Israel have shown that Israeli’s are waking up and realizing some of the mistakes made and working towards changing them, there is growing support for Yehuda and Shomron and realization that a possible expulsion and disengagement from Yehuda and Shomron would be a mistake, a big mistake… despite what you may read in Ha’Aretz.

The coming months may very well dictate changes in our everyday life, not just in Israel, but also all over the world.

We are waking up here, Wake up over there.

Time to get to work before it is too late.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Quiet before the Storm

Do you hear that? Listen, sshh…. Seems quiet, doesn’t it.

I have been told that the eye of a hurricane can be very deceiving, apparently also regarding a few months prior to congressional elections.

The sudden drop in pressure and calm from DC does not calm me down, indeed, I take it as a warning to the continuation of the storm, just like the passing of the eye of a hurricane, I’ve been told the storm is usually much worse in the second half.

The best advice would seem to be to take advantage of this calm and inspect the damage sustained, batten down the hatches, shore up the loosened boards, and strengthen the weak parts of the house. Because, have no doubt, the storm will be back.

The waters of the political arena in the US regarding Israel are definitely stirring, there is an undertow that could drag a buffalo down to the abyss. It seems quiet to those of us that aren’t aware of the “ins and outs”, but never less, the quiet waters are dangerous, shark infested too.

Congressmen realize that their seats may not last forever, President Obama is not a duck fan, especially not a lame duck fan, and the “Minyan” (quorum) on Pennsylvania Ave. also does not wish to leave the “Bimah” (prayer platform) in shame.

Quite suspiciously “pressure” is being put on PA Prez Abbas to start direct talks, I know he is laughing, in fact it is the big laugh at the new Gaza Strip Mall. When this White House starts showing hints of even “miniscule” support for Israel, time to watch out. The game is called, “lets fool the Jews again”, and it’s played with loaded dice.

Pretend Palestinian President Abbas claims to have found new friends in the US. We know Peace Now and J Street are his natural allies, but now Abbas claims that the leaders of AIPAC and the “Conference of Presidents” also back him in his claims and desires to set up a new Arab entity in the Middle East on Jewish land.

The scary part is I haven’t heard any denials yet…. The worse part is that I believe him.

I believe most people are sitting back in disbelief… that is those that care.

Divide and conquer aren’t just words, they are a proven strategy. It is a strategy that our enemies have adopted and are working overtime to fulfill.

The division of our land, our people, anything to weaken us has now become a “cause”, hey! Even Oliver Stone is getting involved.

Most of the Jews in the Diaspora do not understand the depth and danger of the “Two State Solution”, indeed, most of them do not even venture out (when in Israel) to their own historical sites, their own heritage. They have been infused with fear, and deceit, not just by our enemies, but also by our own.

The “Conservative and Reform Jewish” movement in the US wont even cross the “Green Line” to show it’s youth our rich history, in our land, stating its dangerous and the political over and undertones. They prefer to keep them afraid in their own land. Is it no wonder that they are loosing so many each year to assimilation? They wont even show their young their own identity and where they came from. It is not from Europe, nor the concentration camps…IT IS ISRAEL! SHOW THEM!

Imagine if a few years back if we would have acted the same way, I doubt we would have had a nation today.

I am amused how we in Judea and Samaria are often described as “Religious fanatics”, I admit to taking pleasure telling the 50% of secular Jews out here that fact. It is no surprise though, especially when the media outlets of the world focus on a few individuals to describe over 300,000, so much for objective and honest reporting.

It comes down to this, there are whole bunch ‘o bad folk out there whose main purpose and focus in life is to make life for the Jews difficult. If we stand by quietly, idly and do nothing, they will succeed and the price we pay will be in blood.

There are plenty of “Think Tanks” out there, brilliant Columnists and Bloggers, all ready and willing to give you every bit of information you may need to understand the situation better, but you must make the effort. And when the words do not suffice, and you hunger for more, then you must come and see for yourself.

We must take full advantage of this illusion of calm and act, learn, see, shout, speak, write and do, and now.

If your “movement” will not show you, we will.

If your “leader” will not guide you, we can.

If you want to know where you are from, come visit.

We are here and welcome you with open arms.

The storm is not over, get ready and be prepared.

By the way, I love duck.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Keepin' it real

The headlines are full of evasive maneuvers being used by our politicians, the Op-Eds are full of advice to be taken, and proper instructions and lessons are given on how to run the country, are rampant in Café’s, Shuls and all sorts of demonstrations.

Give up, release, don’t release, land for, no land for, solutions, one state, two state, red state, blue state.

Prime Minister Netanyahu doesn’t want to embarrass President Obama, (No) Defense Minister Barak will do anything to embarrass Netanyahu.

Double, triple, and quadruple standards are practiced to show how “nice” we are.

All so far away from ground level, so far away from the mean streets.

The other night some Arabs decided to infiltrate into a community in Judea and Samaria. They succeeded. Not only did they succeed, but also managed to steal a weapon. Thank Gd they decided to make a run for it and not go to the street where tens of teenagers were taking their Shabbat “rounds”. Whether the infiltrators were spooked or whatever motive guided them, the situation that was a hairbreadth away could have been horrendous.

This is the way it is, this is the way it was, and this is the way it will be…for now. Whether it is in Judea and Samaria, the Gazan border, the center or north of the country, this is the reality. There are many people out there that want to kill us, simply because we are Jews, and simply because we are in our land.

Give them land you say? When did that stop them before? Here we are, all yelling for, and against, attending world conferences, listening to so called “leaders”, while losing touch with reality on the ground.

In the north, the Arabs steal land away from us in front of our eyes while we discuss the situation. Hezbollah builds an arsenal. Abbas tells us that he will allow us to keep the Kotel (Western Wall), then Erakat says no. Hamas smuggles in untold amounts of weapons and rockets. Our enemies, whose soul intent is to remove our presence from this land or worse, procure more and more weapons and equipment and I ask you… what are we doing?

The world continues to gang up on us and we continue to apologize… for what? For living in our land? For not surrendering? For not dying?

I am not against the conferences. I believe in writing our opinions, expressing our thoughts, even giving and taking advice, and that all favorite pastime - arguing. But we must not lose touch with the ground level. We must always remember what our enemies truly want. And whether you believe it or not, most of them, an overwhelming majority of them, harbor the desire that Jews not be here at all - and will do whatever they can, to further that desire.

You can pretend to be in another world; you can think that it won’t happen to you, but one day it might, and all because the obvious signs were ignored; the dots were not connected.

There are terrorists and enemies out there that want to kill us, they rejoice in any harm they can cause us, wherever we are.

This is what we must never forget and this is what we must fight against.

We spend so much time and effort working to solve the “big picture”, while the little picture is lost sight of. We worry about world opinion, about other world leaders. We fight each other, we take sides against each other, all this while our enemies laugh and consolidate more to join their ranks.

We must protect ourselves first, we are the priority, and we have no other land or place to go.

I am thankful and grateful that I can tuck my children into their beds at night, this is not the case for everybody and it can all change in the flash of a moment.

Our reality over here is not exclusive to Israel… you will share it one day.

That reality depends on all of us.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To Learn, To Act

Today is the 17th of the Hebrew month of Tammuz, the start of the three week mourning period of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. This period ends on the 9th of Av, which of course is the date of the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash (the Temple) in Jerusalem.

The 17th of Tammuz commemorates five calamities that befell the Jewish people on this date, the most known is that it is the date the walls of Jerusalem were breached, which of course led to our defeat in Israel, the destruction of our Temple and our expulsion from our holy land.

The period around the 9th of Av also commemorates another mournful date for many of us, the “modern day” expulsion of Jews from the Gaza Strip, or more commonly known to many as Gush Katif.

Is there a difference today regarding what our enemies desire? Both forces behind our expulsions in the past were world leaders at the time, isn’t it strange how the current world leader, the USA, is the driving force behind this modern day effort of expelling Jews from their homeland?

Isn’t it sadder and stranger that current Israeli leadership bows to these whims today without learning from our past? We must change this.

This period, more than others should teach us to reflect on our past, to learn from it, to act upon it, and to move forward, not backward.

This façade of a “Peace Process” is falling apart day by day. Indeed it is not based on peace at all, yet racism, bigotry and deceit against the Jews of Israel. As it crumbles, the world, and yes, I mean the world regroups in its efforts to rise against us, to force upon us “solutions” that will only bring about more Jewish victims, and not just in Israel.

We saw how this week, Israel’s Defense (?) Minister, Ehud Barak chummed up to President Barak Obama that brought up many questions to staunch supporters of Israel. How could someone that is supposed to be responsible for Israel’s defense be a buddy with someone who has been getting closer with Israel’s enemies and putting Israel further in harms way.

Here is a clue, neither has Israel’s best interest in mind.

We listened in on the leak of Israel’s Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren as he spoke behind closed doors of the “tectonic rift” that “rocks” the relations of the US and Israel…this all in the shadow of the continued isolation of Israel on the International scene.

Lets not forget of course Flotillas, Shmotillas….

I, like my people throughout the world will mourn during this period, I will make an effort to try to better understand the events and actions that led us to the historic and horrible events in our past. I will also pray for a better future, but I will not stop there!

We will not, must not let this period bring us down!

This is the time to act, this is the time to double, triple and quadruple our efforts to strengthen our people against our enemies. To make sure the mistakes of the past do not visit us in the present or near future.

Despite what you may read in the media regarding Israel, or hear what many misguided politicians state, know this, we are strong, and the more the world stands against us the stronger we will become, but this is up to us and is in our hands.

We have many, many, many challenges ahead, our land, our home, our heritage is being threatened. It is time to stand up, taller and stronger than ever, all of us, together.

Our leaders both here in Israel and in the US, must know that we are here in Israel and we are here to stay. There is no other alternative and surrender is not an option.

Israel’s’ Prime Minister Netanyahu will be showing up in Washington DC next week, he must understand that we have no choice but to be strong, President Obama must understand that we have no choice but to be strong, and only we can show the world that we have no choice but to be strong.

May this period of mourning turn into a period of joy and celebration.

Lets learn from our past and act NOW for our future!

Marc Prowisor

Operation: No More Jewish Victims

Monday, June 21, 2010

Taking the fight outside.

There was a report in today’s news how a group of 500 people were demonstrating against an “Israeli” ship in hopes of preventing it from unloading its cargo. They yelled, they held signs, they protested and they delayed the ship all right. One problem, they didn’t notice that the ship they were protesting against was Chinese.

All over the world, mostly Arab anti-Israel demonstrators are trying to cause problems for Israel and Jews throughout he world. Indeed they have frightened the Jews enough as to make the majority of Diaspora Jews hide their true feelings. As an Israeli, I am ashamed we have not come to their aid…. yet.

Isn’t it odd how only in Western societies these Arabs protest and are active against Israel? I find it funny that these so called champions of the “Palestinian” cause, all live outside their native lands. Why is that? Maybe their native lands are not good places to live. Maybe living under Sharia Law is not a good thing - maybe they really like Western values and society. If I am wrong, why do they keep going to America?

Its good to be an immigrant in the US, you can demonstrate against whatever you want with out getting assassinated. You can build a Mosque wherever you want, whether you are Shi’ite, Sunni, or even Sufi, even on the site of an Islamic suicide attack. Not like where they came from, and yet here they are, trying to turn Israel into exactly what they ran away from. Aren’t they lucky they don’t live there?

These parasitic students of deceit in society work to turn the world against the only State in the Middle East that mirrors the same rights that they enjoy in the good ole US of A. Sounds a bit subversive, doesn’t it?

I’ll bet they all want to live secretly in Israel with the Jews. Why else would they be so vehemently against Israel’s existence as only a “Jewish State”? Why else would they want a “Right of return”? It’s the whole Love-Hate thing.

Does anyone out there see the danger lights going off, does anyone hear the alarms? Anyone?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Preying for Piece - Part 2

Websters Dictionary’s meaning of “Peace”

1 : a state of tranquility or quiet: as a : freedom from civil disturbance b : a state of security or order within a community provided for by law or custom
2 : freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions
3 : harmony in personal relations.

From the minute the modern State of Israel came into existence in 1948, a state of war existed between the Arab nations and the Jewish State. Israel did nothing to provoke this situation - they simply came into being. They tried to destroy Israel then, and were defeated. Today they name this occasion, “Nakba” or Catastrophe, I call it be it’s more accurate name – defeat.

Since then the Arabs have been trying to erase Israel from the map.

In 1967 Israel was victorious against the Jordanian Kingdom and returned to the land not just historically Jewish, but land allocated to it by the “League of Nations”, as part of the partition of the region after World War 1, along with Lebanon, Syria, Trans-Jordan, to name a few.

Judea and Samaria were once again in Jewish hands. Now we were being called “Occupiers”, whom were we occupying the land from?

Lets see -

Roman rule (63 BCE)

Byzantine (Eastern Roman) rule (330–640 CE)

Islamic period (630–1918 CE)

Arab Caliphate rule (638–1099 CE)

Umayyad rule (661–750 CE)

Abbasid rule (750–969 CE)

Fatimid rule (969–1099 CE)

Crusader rule (1099–1187 CE)

Mamluk rule (1270–1516 CE)

Ottoman rule (1516–1831 CE)

Egyptian rule (1831–1841)

Ottoman rule (1841–1917)

British Mandate (1920–1948)

Jordanian rule (1948-1967)

Pick a name, any name…. I do not see the name “Palestinian Rule” anywhere.

So here we are today with the world trying to bring peace to the Middle East.

The way I understand it, peace is getting along with each other, working together, living in harmony and so on and so on.

So why is the world trying to separate us all the time? You live here, they live there, and that doesn’t sound like peace to me.

In fact, the actions being taken by the world powers and “Peace” activists seem to be fueling the conflict. The Western powers have built an army and another “governing” power where there was none, and continue to arm people and “leaders” who would like to see Israel destroyed.

The “Peace” activists provoke and cause violence between Jews and Arabs where there was a peaceful existence before hand, and continue to do so daily.

The rest of the world seems bent on ignoring history and facts and insists on splitting Israel in two pieces…at least two for now.

This doesn’t seem like a peaceful venture at all to me. Two States for Two people?

In essence the “world” considered “Jews” a people and decided to create a “Jewish State” on the West Bank of the Jordan River, the whole West bank of the river, from river to ocean.

So there 23 other Arab states? Are there 23 Arab peoples? Since when are “Palestinian” Arabs a separate people?

But I digress…

Lets talk about Peace again. The talk on the Arab street is now longer a “Two State Solution”, but a “One State Solution”, and the reason is quite simple. Arab leadership is among the most corrupt in the world, it is getting them nowhere, and in fact it is taking them backwards.

The Arabs of Judea and Samaria, are reminiscing of the Pre Oslo days, the “good ole days”, the days when they could travel freely throughout all of Israel, the days when millions of Israeli tourist dollars would flow into the Arab occupied cities of Judea and Samaria, and last, but not least, no taxes to be paid.

Now given, it was not the ideal situation for them, far from it, and there were many problems that need to be addressed, but it was much better for them and us, and the world than it is now, and than it would be under any “Two State Solution”.

One catch, if you are caught saying this in public, you get executed!

Salaam Fayad, the present PA Prime Minister, indeed doctored this concept of a “One State Solution” by turning it into a threat to Israel, a demographic threat. He has to turn it into a threat - otherwise he can’t market it to the Arabs. It must appear that they are continuing to fight otherwise he and all the other fat cats in the PA and Hamas lose their 6-8 figure salaries, and their pensions, and further more, Suha won’t get her stipend anymore in Paris.

A new term is born – “Demographic Terror”, the weapon – kids, and who has more of them, the means, well you get the idea.

The Western World and the Arabs claim they want to solve the problems of our region, they claim to champion Human Rights, and they claim to want a true and lasting Peace between the Jews and Arabs.

What they really want is not peace with Israel, but a piece of Israel (for now).