Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Folly

I landed in the US on Nov 7… the “day after”.  Like many others on my flight, if not the majority, when I checked the results of the election, I was not surprised.  I watched as the faces changed from the joy of landing safely and beating out the Nor’easter, to near horror-stricken when realizing that the White House would not be changing hands.
At the same time, I felt a bit of relief.  It’s over, results known; time to assess, and to move forward.  Reports conveyed that approximately 70% of the Jewish vote went to Obama again no surprise there.  There were statements of shock regarding just how many “religious” Jews voted for a candidate who is in favor of ripping the Jewish heartland from its people.   In fact, the chasm between those of us who live in Israel, and those in the US, once again proved to be as wide as ever, with no prospect of attenuating the intensity.
That chasm which is the real problem, that had it been truly addressed, analyzed, and properly challenged would have brought about a different result in the “Jewish” vote, and perhaps even in the election results.
The tens of millions of dollars or more donated to the Romney campaign by our Jewish brethren did little to sway the Jewish vote. Nine percent change in the Jewish voting margin cannot be considered success.
While Israel is not the top swing topic of liberal Jewish voters, it is right up there, next to Women’s and Gay rights and other human rights issues.  The Israel/Palestinian peace efforts have affected many of our voters and I find it troubling that 70% of American Jewish voters do not comprehend what’s at stake. Worse yet, if they do comprehend then they presented a clear statement of apathy.
The support for Obama conveys indifference on the part of American Jewry over Israel giving up its heritage and its heartland. Their apathy paves the way for a new Arab state to rise, void of the ideals and values treasured in western culture, a state, which would undoubtedly be hostile to Israel and the United States.
Conversely, polls communicated unmistakably the over 80% of Israeli support for Romney as their choice for US president.  Israelis, for the most part, recognize that Obama cannot be trusted with regard to Israel’s security.
We are on our own, and we accept that.  
Nevertheless, why is it that US Jews see eye to eye with Obama with regard to his foreign policy vis a vis Israel? What might have been done to precipitate a change, and what can we now focus upon?
The fact is that many US Jews if not most, regardless of their various backgrounds, have a misinformed and misconstrued view of the reality in Israel, especially of Judea and Samaria.

Take a moment to ponder the following:  Barely any of them can actually connect our history to a map. They might send their children to Hebrew school or to day school, but ask them to trace Abraham’s travels on a map or to point out the locations of the names mentioned in the bible, and they can’t.  Ask them about our history in the region and their response would be sorely lacking. Ask them if they have visited these areas, and they will tell you they haven’t.  Then ask why. 
This lack of connection to our land is an orchestrated and nefarious effort that serves to maintain a wedge between our people and our land.  This trend of disconnect to our history in our country has caused a major negative impact in the mindset of the American Jew.
Imagine the effect on the election results had a portion of the millions of dollars invested in the campaign been used to dissuade the lies regarding Judea and Samaria, expose the efforts (our own included) to separate our people from Israel, and used rather to educate and connect our people to the realities of the Middle East.
Imagine the effect had some of the funds been used to aggressively fight the perversions disseminated by groups such as J Street and Americans for Peace Now, as well as Sarah Silverman receiving a lesson and taste of reality, rather than contemplating which straddle position she would use to affect candidacy funding.
This is a real issue of critical importance. We must face it and deal with it.
Our people must be reconnected with their land, their eyes opened to the lies of our enemies, from within and without, and these lies and efforts must be fought.  Complacency is not an option, when our people or our land is at stake.
That Obama was chosen to serve another term, as President of the United States, does not deter me. Such an ominous result actually shines a light on a challenge that we can and must overcome to bring about a brighter future.
How will we in Israel deal with the election results? 
We will do fine. It might get a little difficult. The road might become slippery, rocky, and sometimes seem impassable, but we will engage in the 4X4 mode, put it in low gear, and get through what we need to get through, shoving aside as many obstacles as necessary through the hilly terrain. We are stronger than any candidate, and we have what to show the world.

There is an answer….