Sunday, May 4, 2014


More and more lines are being drawn…many are also being crossed. In the last week two events occurred on opposite sides of the world regarding Israel that I find to be interesting.

I’ll start overseas…The “Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations” … the vote… admit J Street or not, that is the question.  The answer…No!  And now, all the folk that were upset by the results are in a tizzy.  The claims of the need to show the “diversity” of Jewish America seem to be their new battle cry.  Threats of “we’ll leave” if we don’t get our way, we’re going to start a new club, foot stomping, hair pulling, you know….a temper tantrum their expression.  A common denominator among most (not all) of the PO’d folk is that today they represent the spawning grounds of the biggest Jewish anti- Israel activists today.  Leaders in the BDS Movement, various “Justice for Palestine” movements, New Israel Fund offshoots, the list goes on, names and groups that the Arab League would be proud to call them their own.

Upsetting is the fact that these so-called “leaders” like to claim that they represent the entirety of the strains they call their flock.  I am so happy to see the growing numbers of Reform and Conservative Jews distance themselves from these impostors and stand by Israel even though in their own communities, their non-conformist love of Israel goes against the flow of the misinformed and manipulated and perverted views of their “Representatives”. 

Well, the J-Streeters and their cohorts have their work cut out for them in the near future.  They have to figure out how to be more anti and deceive others in the process.  Their challenge of fooling their own into thinking that they actually care more about Israel than our Arab enemies is going to take even more effort and New Israel Fund funding.  Like I said, if J Street, Americans for Peace Now, Union for Reform Judaism, the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and the others wish to form a new club, I am sure they will have all the Arab and Anti Israel backing and funding they need to make it a fun and PC place to be.  I welcome their Rebels into the Pro Israel camp… besides, it’s more fun on this side anyway.

And now to mesh it with the recent “David the Nachlawie” incident.  For those that are unaware, the “David” story is where a lone Nachal soldier, at a guard post in Hevron, after being properly taunted to the point that he felt his life was in danger did what any soldier should do, he cocked his rifle and aimed it towards what he felt was the threat…the NERVE!!!!! In the never ending saga of proving the we in Israel are ever so sorry for existing, his superiors felt that this is the last straw in what seems to be a line of his own bad behavior (though not connected), and his combat status should be revoked and that he should serve some jail time.  What was not expected was the outcry and support given to this soldier who simply followed procedure and acted as he should.  Soldiers both in reserves and enlisted, officers, both high an low, Government Ministers past and present, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, all who serve our people and country came to David’s side in support.  The common denominator in this case, that we (as listed before) are sick and tired of our soldiers being spit upon, cursed, hurt and abused by those who seek our doom and happen to be supported by many of the same groups I mentioned at the beginning of this article.  This “David” saga will not end, it is only the beginning as our soldiers will start to stand up for themselves more and more, yes, even in front of the supplied cameras and will start to show the world what will happen to you if you mess with an Israeli soldier, who is doing his job. Watch it happen, it has already gotten the attention of the government here, and they are not sure how to handle it.  By the way, no political affiliation required for this one, just having a spine.

So, both events are actually connected in that they represent the basic premeditated divide and farce of said “open-minded”, “progressive”, and pro-diverse so called neo mainstream whatever Jewish groups…  If there is what to be upset about it is continuing to watch how so many of our people just do not get it, and prefer to be separate from our land and side with our enemies, whom they refuse to see who just who they really are and what they are really after.

I can only smile as they taste defeat, and only wish them continued double helpings, which we all can take part in serving them.

On this eve of our Holy Memorial Day, and our Day of Rebirth into the State of Israel, where we mourn and remember those whose lives were lost to our enemies, and those who dared and continue to put their lives out in front in order to protect not only their comrades but also our people and our land.  As we celebrate our State that despite having a healthy dose of challenges, continues to flourish better than almost anyone around, a place for our people, even if you disagree…

We are 66 years old, and that is just the beginning, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.