Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Mixed Day

Tonight we start the celebrations of Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day), the day Jerusalem was liberated in 1967. Many people in the world do not realize the full scope of this day. Indeed hearing “the Temple Mount is in our hands” after 2000 years would be enough for almost any Jew to swoon with joy… that is, any caring Jew.

There was and is so much more. Many forget, it wasn’t just Jerusalem that was liberated, but our entire heartland, the land that is our historical connection to our past as a people in Israel. Cities such as Shechem (Nablus), Shilo, Bet El, Bet Lechem, Hebron, to name a few, not just names, but living present history. It wasn’t just our heart liberated that day, but our entire body and soul also. The nation and people felt whole again after so many years. Jews all over the world as one nation stood tall and glowed, what else could they do, we were once again a true sovereign nation reconnecting with thousands of years of our history.

Despite that we celebrate this miracle, this victory today, we must remember that the battle is not over… in fact it is just heating up.

In 1967 we fought the Arab nations surrounding us (and their sponsors), today it is much more complex, it seems most of the world has put our heartland in their sights, even many of our own. The challenge standing before us is great, it is demanding, and it must be met, now.

Tonight’s start of celebrations must be a call to all of our people and to all who support Israel to band together, to wake up and to face our enemies, to stand up to them. We must not let ourselves get distracted by dignitary’s artificially sweetened words, by deceit of supposed advocates of our nation, by the smiles of back stabbing enemies.

In 1967 a miracle was performed, we must continue to prove that we are worthy of that miracle, that gift, today, it must not be taken away from us, or worst, given away by us.

Just as our land was brought back together, we too must be brought back together, to stand as one, as much as possible. It is our unity that brings peace to the region, our strength that deters our enemies from attacking. The time has come to be who we are, to act as who we are, the Jewish people in the Jewish land.

I know that’s a lot to ask for, but it is the only solution there is, the only one that will really work for all.

People around the world pray for the “Peace of Jerusalem”, our enemies prey for a piece of Jerusalem.

Chag Sameach!

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