Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Elvis has left the building

Yet another “Artist” cancels his performance in Israel, due to “political pressure” he says. Elvis Costello does not want his name associated with Israel and the “Palestinian conflict”. Guess what…Elvis… we don’t want you or any other spineless, hypocritical, student of deceit, so called “Artist” associated with it also. We are here for the real people, you know the truth seekers, those who have self respect and values.

Amazing, this “pressure” we keep on hearing about. It has put a noose on “Hollywood”, Washington and New York, it is strangling free speech and thought, it is crippling University campuses and it is blinding justice throughout the world, it is causing our people outside of Israel to hide…to name a few.

It has many names; I will stick with one of them, pure, unadulterated hatred. Hatred, not necessarily of Jews or all Jews (depending who you ask), but of anything that has to do with real Jewish identity, strength, and lets not forget, any splinter of a Jewish land.

It’s the popular and “in” thing to be nowadays. Anti Israel is cool, it doesn’t matter whether it is right or wrong, it’s “cool”. You know, like when it was “cool” to hate Jews in Germany back a few years.

How many of you just thought… “Hey, that’s a bit extreme”? Is it?

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