Monday, June 27, 2011

Jew! He shouted

“A little boy about age 12 shouted Jew, Jew! Every shout brought tens of people…then they started throwing blocks…”

Statements like this have been heard throughout the ages, since Israel was destroyed and the Jews exiled over 2000 years ago. This report could have been made in Spain of the 1400’s, Poland, and Germany, all of Europe till World War 2, Norwich, England in the 13th century and so many other places. But it wasn’t from “way back when” this report happened a few days ago in an Arab occupied section of Jerusalem.

A continuing symptom and result of approved “Jew bashing” in the world theatre and a weak and divided Israeli government and psyche.

Nauseating, disgusting, frightening, Agreed. Isolated? Not at all. It is a peek into continued possible future scenarios, and not just in Israel, but coming to neighborhood near you soon.

What happens to and in Israel affects Jews throughout the world, even if they don’t like Israel, even if they consider themselves apart from Israel.

Think of it as the “Big Picture.”

Many Jews of the world continue to fool themselves into thinking that if Israel gives up its heartland, Judea and Samaria to the Arabs, everything will be “nice”: once the Arabs declare a new state, peace and harmony will rule. Then you have some others who say, let’s just disconnect from “them” already. Who is “them”? the Arabs? Hello? Arabs are living in Israel, so whom are you disconnecting from?

Of course let’s not forget all of our “enlightened” who continue to disconnect themselves and their children from their own history, or their commitment to Israel. This is not just limited to the “Liberal” camp, but to many who consider themselves to be “religious Jews” also.

Israel’s heart is being thrashed, it is being heralded as a soon attainable prize to be quartered among our enemies, all of our enemies. A sacrifice on an impure altar.

A call has been made, the gauntlet has been thrown down to the ground in challenge to all Jews, supporters and friends of Israel around the world…Fatah, PLO, Palestinian Authority, whatever name you choose, now claims they will demand statehood on the lands (at this stage) that make up Jewish history and heritage, they will ask the world to support them in this demand. Any being with a hint of brain cells know it will not stop there…but how far will it go, how far will the ripples reach?

As Israel gets violated in the world so do Jews all over the world. The strategy of keeping quiet and being a “good little Jew” will not hold out for long. Sure you can claim that you are a Rights activist, you support Woman’s Rights, Gay Rights, Porcupine rights, “down with Israel,” “Free Gaza,” whatever you are doing to hide and fit in, not make waves. Anything, so your professor will notice you in UC Irvine, Yale or Columbia, you need to be hip, and you need to be “in”. You can even wait behind various closed walls in “Kosher” corners and “clubs.”

This “call”, this Gauntlet, this challenge has been thrown down at YOUR feet, and inaction, ignorance and ignoring is not an option.

This particular time in history is just another part of the roller coaster ride we all take part in, whether we are belted in for the ride is the question, and if not, how many loops we can survive.

The world has become quite divided over the “Israel Question”, how such a little piece of land can influence and affect so many is truly a wonder. Many in the world think Israel is so large compared to our neighbors, it must be, and it’s in the papers every day, if not for the volatile nature of the region then for some life saving, ground breaking technology. Only a world power gets that attention, yes that we are.

Impostors from all over the world make for our shores, as lies become truths and ignorance is hailed as enlightenment.

Our little country has made more of a positive impact on this world than most countries put together, and we have done this in less than 70 years of renewed existence.

Judea and Samaria is the backbone of this country, it is the history and the future of our people and all who consider themselves friends and supporters. It is also the target of all who hate Israel, all who hate the Jewish people, all who hate, or do not appreciate their own identity.

That continues to be hidden from many of the Jewish people, on purpose.

To conclude…It has been forecast that this process of calling for a new Arab state will bring renewed violence to the region, what else is new, I know, boring. What is not boring is how it will affect the Jewish communities and the Jewish people around the world. What is also not boring is how it will affect the entire world.

All will be accomplices, all will be responsible.

Payback will be interesting and all will contribute and all will be affected, whatever they choose to do or not do.

We have a choice, a chance, choose the right direction and remain strong with Israel. The alternative is not pretty.

Now is late, but not too late.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Yawning Chasms, or the Philosophical Disenfranchisement of Israel

Recent polls (for those that believe in the tooth fairy) have shown the dark side of the relationship between American and Israeli Jews, given what is claimed to be the opinion held by the majority of US Jewry. According to these polls, 78% of American Jewry back Obama’s plan for Peace between Israel and the Arabs of Judea and Samaria, and on the contrary side 77% of Israelis not only disagree, but many if not most (not including Ha’Aretz readers) are against giving up land to the Arabs of Judea and Samaria for a supposed Peace deal.

I think this brings up a very serious issue that involves us all as a people and a nation. Many will jump to say that this division has the taste of a bent mutiny or an existential split among us, maybe… and if so, what has caused it? Has US Jewry simply thrown Israel to the lions while putting their trust in the most “anti-Israel” US President in history?

I do not think it is a question of trust, but rather of dis- and misinformation.

Before our very eyes, organizations such as J Street, New Israel Fund, Americans for Peace Now, and so many others target the ignorant Jews of the diaspora. Indeed, they take advantage of their lack of understanding and knowledge of our history and heritage, and of their naiveté regarding Israel’s complicated and simple situation.

This vast chasm of opinion should be setting off alarms everywhere within the Jewish community. The topic is not only Israel’s safety and survival, policy, and religious affiliation, but also pertains to our combined future.

The results of this division go far beyond the realm of the sane. Israel, as a country, has grown up in the shadow of threat; the fight for survival has therefore been branded into the psyche of most Israelis. It is not paranoia that guides Israel - it is a proven reality.

Everyday we see a new group lambasting Israel, boycotting, divesting. Whether these cat calls come from a boutique distillery in Scotland or from one of the boutique educational US institutions (Yale or Columbia and so on), they reflect and are a direct result of this same division that has been heralded and propagated by Israel’s enemies and our deceived own.

Many diaspora Jews are being taught and manipulated to distance themselves from Israel, they are being taught they are not part of the Israeli nation, and to spoil all, they are being enlisted by Israel’s enemies to act against the Jewish country.

With little actual knowledge of history or factual current events from both sides of the coin, they are taking up a cause that will prove deadly to their future. Unfortunately, the main accomplices in this crime are mainstream Jewish organizations and “leaders” today that only teach one side of our “conflict” and refuse to give equal billing or “touring” of Israel so as to gain an informed opinion, rather than Arab-infused propoganda aimed only at our destruction.

Perhaps the fear of Aliyah is one of the motives behind the helm, perhaps the fear of being Jewish in an increasingly hostile environment has a hand. Maybe they want to just “fit in”. Nevertheless, alarming amounts of our people are joining an enemy that does not share their values, their hopes, or their future.

One might say the joke is on them, as they are trying to join or be part of a club that really doesn’t want them, their new peers and allies are laughing at them as the noose that they have placed around their own necks grows tighter…one might say.

Hypocrisy has reached new levels, idiocy knows no limits…alas… new characteristics of diaspora Jews in the eyes of our Muslim neighbors, both in and outside of Israel.

In this “bizarro” world of so called “progressive “ and “liberal” Jewish thought, their intentions and actions are leading to their demise, and unfortunately, many innocents will be harmed also. The light they claim to see at the end of the tunnel is not social redemption or justice, it is an oncoming freight train packed with explosives.

Just a quick clarification… I have put progressive and liberal in quotes above as I feel that the words are being misused and twisted into a perverted form, hence “bizarro”.

This growing battle must be fought, and fought to win, by all of us.

As the rise of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel actions continue to reach withering heights, many will discover there is no place to hide, and no place to run (except Israel). Many will discover that the “Court Jew” will no longer be welcome, even in the sacred halls of Columbia and Yale.

Perhaps then, they will realize the true meaning of “there is no place like home”.