Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Premeditated Separation

“Separation of Church and State” – well, in this instance between Synagogue and Country.  During the last few years, I have been privileged to take many Jewish people from outside of Israel around my “digs,” that being Judea and Samaria.  Not as a tour guide, but simply hitching a ride with me as I do what I do in the security field.  These travels happen to be one of the biggest perks in what I do, as I get to traverse the lands of our people, the lands (and people) written about, spoken about, and discussed in our Torah, our history, and the daily media.  Of course, hanging with the cream of the crop isn’t too shabby either.

I admit that I love it… I get excited every time I take my Jeep out, on road, off road, driving through and in history.  I love watching a land being reborn from and by the love of a people.  I also really enjoy learning and experiencing and showing and unmasking the “lies” that are being spread like a virus to our people and the world regarding our historic, and present heritage.   

Indeed, when my “hitchhikers” see the other sides, their faces glow with the realization that they have been kept and are being kept in the dark about the greatest Israel they never get to see, the Greatest Israel that is being kept and hidden from them.

Why don’t they get to see it, you ask?  Because their Rabbis and “Leaders” refuse to show them, to take them, to let them experience for themselves what they have been taught about, hear about, every week/month/year and holiday in Synagogue. 

Yes people, there is a conspiracy out there!  The majority of what is known as “mainstream” Jews is being kept ignorant and biased by their own “Pulpits”, their own appointed “leaders.”

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a tour guide or tour operator tell me how their “Jewish” groups insist on not going over the “Green Line”….  And then the Conservative and Reform Jewish movements wonder why they are losing people in droves.  They speak “Torah” on Shabbat, they tell the stories.  Imagine, Rabbis, if you would show your flocks the actual places that they are connected to?  But instead you opt to keep your congregants in the dark, feeding them media and statements that separate the Jewish people from their land. Gd forbid, they should be able to see a greater picture and decide for themselves!  You know - that nasty concept of having an informed opinion, rather than a manipulated one.

I challenge any and all of these so called “Jewish Leaders” to separate from their own political views and allow their people to see our history, to experience the land that they themselves teach/speak/ and read about…. no politics, just to come out and visit for themselves, and also to enjoy for themselves.
Missions, Synagogues, Group Trips, all come to Israel, such opportunities for our people!  And yet, this chance to see such an important part of our history, our present, and our future is being viciously hidden to keep them ignorant and in line with the party policy.

BTW, I was raised in the “movement,” USY, Camp Ramah - you know, “mainstream”.

Yes, I know, seeing and visiting Judea and Samaria, might cause people to be angry at the various Jewish Federations, to stop giving funds to organizations that support Arab causes in Israel, and maybe and most probably cause a rift or a sudden halt of employment of many “Spiritual Leaders”, but hey, sometimes the truth hurts.

May this New Year expose more of our people, to more of our land.

Shana Tova.