Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Succot 5771

Peace, peace, peace. Israel must give up territory… Israel must accept Arabs and their descendents that ran away in 1948 while Arab armies attempted to eradicate the Jewish existence in Israel…Israel must release terrorists who have murdered, and have been accomplices and/or have planned to kill Israelis. Israel must retreat to indefensible borders.

Russia arms Syria and Iran with advanced weaponry, the US arms Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and other Arab Nations with Sophisticated and advanced arms.

Islamic terror grows everyday as do attacks on non-Muslims and Western targets throughout the Islamic world.

The “Quartet” insists that Israel does not let any Jews build in Judea and Samaria. Salaam Fayyad and Abbas say the Judea and Samaria must be ethnically cleansed of any Jewish presence.

A close-to nuclear Iran says that Israel’s time is up. Salaam Fayad and Mahmud Abbas are on their way to the US to chum up to as many Jewish “leaders” as possible, to convince them to pressure Israel to place itself in the most “uncompromising” position as possible since the rebirth of the Jewish nation in 1948.

So lets see, pressure Israel to get into a one-sided peace agreement with the “Palestinian Authority” (who are the minority and barely represent themselves), arm the rest of Israel’s enemies to the hilt.

Again, I might have missed something…. Call on Israel to make every possible compromise and arm the nations that have been fighting against Israel since its creation even more than before.

Is it just me, or does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

As we approach the Holiday of Succot we are taught how the walls of the Succah should remind us of the “Clouds of Glory” that protected us against all odds as we traveled through Sinai. We had no other allies in the world, it was just we and Gd and a dream of being in our own land, a dream that was fulfilled... not just once.

As I build my Succah this year I am reminded we Jews (Thank Gd) brought the dream of Israel back to this earth in this time. We had to depend on ourselves as no one came to defend us as the Arab armies descended on Israel with the intent to wipe us out, time and time again. Throughout other wars, we weren’t offered arms to defend ourselves, we paid, and we paid a lot and with more than just money. There were no favors… the Middle East was the playground as the “Super” powers looked on to see just whose “toys” were better. Today it seems to be almost the same playing field, yet the rules have been changed, as has the game, now it’s whose toys and whose methods will bring down Israel first.

I look at my succah walls and I look at Israel today and despite the challenges and ever-growing adversaries that we continue to face, I am proud and feel strong. No nation on earth has come so far in such a short time. No nation on earth has given so much back to the world.

This Succot, as you look at the walls of your Succah and are reminded how our forefathers were protected by the “Clouds of Glory” in Sinai, and as you bring together the Lulav (Palm), The Etrog, Hadas (Myrtle), Aravot (Willow), the four different species to make a single entity, and keep the Mitzvah of the Holy Day, think of Israel today, how together despite our own differences, we have fared against all odds, we are in our land and we are strong, Thank Gd.

We still have quite a walk in front of us, and together we will do it as a strong and good people in our land, all of our land and in peace.

Chag Sameach

Thursday, September 16, 2010

On All Fronts

The problems of the world are all based on Israel giving up its historic heartland, everybody knows that. The peace loving Arab nations are willing to let bygones be bygones, and are willing to live in peace, side by side in harmony with their Jewish neighbor Israel…NOT. I am constantly amazed by those who believe in that scenario. Time magazine has clarified the issue for many by explaining how we Jews in Israel are not even interested in peace, you see we like sending our children to the army, we like terror attacks against us, you know you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a bus load of people blow up in front of your eyes.

This battle is on all fronts now, in all locations, so many fail to notice it, so many innocent fall victims to the treachery and lies. In true Arab custom, the weak are targeted, those that lack strength or means to truly defend themselves, no, I am not just talking about the Jews in Israel anymore, I am talking about Jews throughout the Diaspora.

College campuses have become the new killing fields, the targets – unaffiliated Jews, Jews who are ignorant about their faith and their history, children of Israeli immigrants and a slew of others who tend to be oblivious to the reality in Israel.

Various Islamic groups along with supposed “Human” rights groups and others who claim to champion justice ambush these unsuspecting souls in the name of the school of progressive and liberal thought, often turning them into violent and extreme adversaries, brainwashed to hate themselves, their history and their identity. Bastions of safe Jewish havens such as Hillel houses have become bases of operations against any hint of Zionism or support of Israel.

Most are not even aware of the dangers present and all too often fall into these traps. Funding for these anti-Jewish workshops supposedly comes from sources ranging from foreign governments to our own quasi Jewish Funds, masked efficiently to hide their true intentions of harming the Jewish State of Israel by alienating these young people from themselves and the possibility of a future strong Jewish leadership in the Diaspora.

The Arab nations have always been an enemy to the existence of the State of Israel, nothing has changed, and peace is not in their lexicon regarding Jews ruling over the Land of Israel. Growing up in Israel prepares you for this reality, it is one of the advantages of being surrounded by bullies whom only wish you harm and worse. But most Jews in the Diaspora are not prepared for this aggressive behavior that they witness on their campuses. Their reactions vary, most either hide their identities and thoughts waiting quietly for still waters, while others join this parade of hatred, fooling themselves into thinking that they are a part of a new order that will bring a just change to a region, culture and in many cases, a people they do not even know.

There are of course the few, the minority that does fight back, that attempt to stand strong. These smaller Israel Advocacy groups lack the numbers, funding and fashionable stance to compete and present a viable challenge to this on going and growing threat. Never the less they do try and at times, just like Israel, they are victorious against what is perceived as overwhelming odds.

It used to be that for many American Jews, the problems and challenges that Israel faces are far away, not their problem, not their concern, …no longer.

If you are Jewish, you have no choice but to ultimately, eventually face the same challenges, the same enemies that Israel must contend with, the same challenges, the same enemies that our people have contended with throughout history, wherever you are.

We will do this together.