Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lawrence of Palestine

It seems that ignorance and arrogance rule when it comes to US policy in the volatile situation in Israel. Since 2005 the US has been leading the effort of the building of a “Palestinian Army”. Partnered with Britain, Canada and a few others, they have been training and building a military force for the “Palestinian Authority”. This force is said to bring law and order back to the “West Bank”, or as said by Lt Gen Keith Dayton in his address to the Soref Symposium in Washington DC, “to create a Palestinian State”, “The three 500-man battalions are intended to grow, to as many as ten battalions. Their mission, he said, is to “create a Palestinian state.” “If you don’t like the idea of a Palestinian state, you won’t like the rest of this talk.”

General Dayton takes his job very seriously, as he has agreed to sign on another two years to complete the goal. The general of course is aware how the situation overturned in Gaza and is doing his best to avoid the same happening on his watch. Yet reality on the ground is different. The simple fact is that this force is charged at keeping Abbas in power. The United States see him as a partner in their plans and demise for Israel, and they will go to all lengths at this point to keep him alive. Despite the fact that they are well aware of his weakness in the field, his ever sliding popularity, the vast corruption that runs through his government, and not to mention the current negotiations with Hamas, training and support continue full speed ahead. General Dayton regards the Jewish residents as obstacles to his goal of a “Palestinian State” in Israel. His concept of “Las Vegas laws” shows his lack of understanding of the situation in Israel and the Middle East.

Indeed I am amused by his observations of Yasser Arafat’s forces, as he describes them as not properly trained and equipped and lacking an effective security mission. I have news for the General, they knew exactly what they were doing, and thank Gd they were not “properly trained and equipped”, otherwise we would have had a lot more dead Jews around Israel. I guess we should be happy he and the US led team will assist in the training and equipping of the troops to achieve their “goals”, by the way, using US tax dollars. What will their response be when this equipment and training also ends up in Hamas hands, or before that, being used to kill Jews throughout Israel. Such a warning was even stated by the General at the symposium. The rhetoric coming out of the Palestinian mouths presented to the symposium could be considered the best stand up comedy for years to come, how many times will you subject us to the continued lies? How much Jewish blood must flow before the US administration and General Dayton is able to admit error in their doings. I would hate to think that this may be part of their motive, as we know war is used by politicians as a tool and blood is just a statistic to them, couldn’t be. If I sound skeptical, forgive me as I have had to clean up the bloody mess of mistakes, time and time again and am irked by the “Consultants” and “Advisors” who just go home and so “oh well”.

It was presented to the unassuming “Think Tank” how the Israeli’s are grateful to the General and agree with his “view”. I guess “Think Tank” has other meanings that I am unaware of.

More and more US money is being poured into the training, equipping and the creation of the Palestinian Army, or lining many pockets in the Abbas infrastructure while Israel cuts it’s security funding to the Jews of Judea and Samaria, at the request of our “friends”. Sounds devious, yet it is true. It’s all part of the big plan, the two State Solution that will bring peace to the world, that eludes us because of a piece of land smaller than some national parks in the US. Please stop insulting us.

So the US has it’s own Lawrence of Arabia (or Palestine), and who knows, maybe Hollywood will make a movie of the heroic dedication the US advisors and their friends are showing in the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

I am sure the strangle hold on Israel being attempted will continue on and the attempted Ghettoisation of Jewish communities will continue in the Jewish heartland. US policy gets worse regarding Israel in its feeble attempt to please world Islam and give Yusuf (Cat Stevens) more song material. The US will go through the pangs of change, and the world will learn that friendship does have a price and the words Honor, Duty and Loyalty translate different in Arabic.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Deceit 101

The Defense Minister takes pride in threatening the continued existence of many small Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. At least now we know how much “spine” was shown in Washington. The bitter truth of the current Israeli government surfaces, like scum on a pond. It is sadly funny how one by one, each party head proves to be a true politician, all except the defense minister, who remains true to his words.

We are taught, everything is for the good, and so it is with at this stage also. For anyone who was unsure as to the stand of the Likud leadership, now knows. Whoever thought the Ministry of Defense is about protecting the Jewish State now knows better, whoever thought that the left cares about a Jewish State now should know better. They have buried themselves politically for the future, as they have proven, their loyalty lies only within themselves. The numbers of those that believe in a safe and strong Jewish state continue to grow higher, the opponent’s days are numbered. Honestly, how long can this weak union last. I had hoped for at least a little political savvy from our Prime Minister, I had hoped that he would respect the democratic process and the will of a people, but ce la vie, he had his chance to be a real leader, a world leader.

As we get ready for Chapter 2 in “Bibi’s Believe It or Not” we must rejoice that the true face of these actors have surfaced. At least now we know whom else we can’t trust, again. Now I know that what the Prime Minister sees, we don’t. Who are we but the small citizen? But what do we see? We see that Jews may be evicted again from their homes, we see that the lack of unity among the right wing parties once again shoots us in the foot. We see weakness in our leaders, again, and treachery in their midst.

When will we learn? Each party and their rhetoric about who is more true to the “cause”, who loves Israel more, who will put up a fight. In the end, because they can’t even get along, we of Yehuda and Shomron and all of the Jewish people in the world will suffer. They love to yell more than they love to do, and in the end they lost out. Now all they have left is to demonstrate and make noise, shout and wave their fists…. big deal.

As they are busy fighting amongst themselves, the left rejoices and plots against the continued existence of the Jewish State. Wake up boys, the game started years ago. Time is not on our side.

Still, one cannot understand the hatred of the left, how they despise our heritage and identity. A law is about to be passed claiming that the celebration of “Nakba” or the Catastrophe of Israel, will be forbidden, makes sense to most normal people. But those on the left say it is a limitation on the democratic right of free speech. Of course they play by a double standard, if it is against anything Jewish in character it is all right, if it causes displeasure and harm to the religious part of Israeli society, it is good, and if it helps the sworn enemies of Israel, then it is democratic. Of course, the opposite is considered fascist and racist.

The rumor mill has it that Obama’s upcoming speech in Egypt will have some of the most damaging elements towards Israel that our people have yet to hear from any US Administration, and we in Israel will once again be asked (or told) to agree to an imaginary peace process, that will almost definitely take its toll in bloodshed. The Obama Government is proving to be the most arrogant, ignorant and threatening administration Israel has known for quite some time. How they can ignore the reality of Abbas and his ilk is truly an insult to the American people. The “chutzpah” the US shows towards Israel, who are they to dictate how many children we may bear, how many children may live alongside their parents. In the end, we have our own to thank for that, for they too believe the lies and are responsible for this travesty. I doubt they will wake up soon, isn’t “change” wonderful?

How fitting for this speech to be made in Pharaoh’s neighborhood, hopefully we will see the same end result and miracles that we experienced in our past, where the Jewish people emerge a strong and unified people in their land.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Mirror

There is an interesting dynamic in the Jewish world. It is the mirrored image that exists between the Jewish world inside and outside of Israel. It appears on many levels, sometimes it is a true reflection showing the opposite image, and other times it just shows us the results of our actions or inactions. The Jewish media is buzzing about the attempted attack on the Riverdale Jewish Center. The call is out to boost security all around, again. The way the press is handling this report is as if this is the only attack against a Jewish institution in the US, it is not. Reports come in daily about violence against Jews and their centers, be it a synagogue or a community center, the attacks are on the rise and have been, even though it goes unreported.

Most security professionals expected this. As Israel relented, the Arabs saw their opportunity, if Israel has weakened, so has Jewry worldwide. If Israel may be attacked so may Diaspora Jews. The champion is down, what else would a coward do? It really has nothing to do with politics or land, it is the way of the world.

A Jews safety in the world has always been connected to the barometer of security in Israel. Our enemies cowered at one time knowing that the long arm of Israel will reach out wherever they are if Jews are harmed. This strength being a result of a strong people in their land, this winning combination included Jews from all over the world working as one.

There is no doubt in any ones mind that these attacks will continue and multiply, it is of course true repentance to kill Jews in the minds of so many today. Whether they are pawns of the mullahs or just crazed individuals make no mistake there will be more.

Gd willing, the majority of these attacks will be stopped, just as the last Riverdale incident, by people who do not enjoy the gift of sleep at nights or the calm of ignorance.

Many of our enemies are rejoicing already in the constant attacks on the Jewish state. Why should they work harder when the world is doing their bidding, everything is going as planned. Yet there are still people out there that need to see our blood in order to believe that the proper direction is being followed.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, the third time may be deadly. How we behave will affect not only us as a people but our families as well. Bend over backwards to appease the enemy and prepare for the worst. Be strong, act strong, and enjoy the peace. What will you do to protect your family and friends? A tough question, still an answer is needed.

This valuable and wonderful lesson that we have learned in Israel, though we have adhered to it less in the last 20 years, we know it works, as it has been proven many times over. When we behave as a people in our land we experience a more peaceful existence, not just in Israel, but also throughout the world. This understanding we must pass on to our fellow Jews, it may be too simple to comprehend at times but it is our truth. Our compassion to our enemies is taken as weakness and not respected, therefore it is the wrong strategy to achieve peace. It further is putting Jews in danger wherever they are, and this is not the action of a responsible leadership, be it in Israel or not.

We will be going through some white water shortly, with friends turning their backs on us, leaving us perhaps wounded. Surprising us with their lack of loyalty and cold shoulder. We will learn to fend for ourselves seeing that we are dependent on each other, but we will learn and we will prevail.

Yes, we may be letting our brothers down at the time being, but not to fear we are coming. We have learned much in the last years fighting to hold on to Judea and Samaria, we will bring this knowledge to you. The Samson you knew in the past is returning, he just looks a little different now, as he now walks with the Lion of Judah again. Our heartland of Judea and Samaria grows daily rekindling our connection to our land, and the strength of the Jewish people is returning. Soon those that wish to harm us will feel his breath on their backs. Like some years ago, again, there will be no place to hide, as the long arm of Israel will once again reach out and takes down our enemies.

Action will dictate how long we are to wait.

Moving Forward

Op Eds, News stories, blogs are all filled with letters to President Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu and so many others telling them what not to do, what to do, who to listen to and so on. I’m sure these leaders are sitting in a ball of confusion from all of the wise advice they are receiving. On the one side the US is pressuring Israel to all but pulling the trigger of the gun that they are putting to our head, (they know the Arabs will assist in doing that), on the other side Bibi is trying to tread water with weights tied to his legs. The results are in, Anti Semitism is on the rise in the world, and the distancing of Israel in the world arena is the new popular sport. We understand, we get it.

Lets put it simply without mincing words, The rise of Islam in the world is taking its toll, World leaders are attempting to carve up Israel, maps of Israel in its present situation are being banned, any pro-Israel event gets demonstrated against, Jews are being harassed throughout Europe and Jewish Institutions are being targeted in the US (not just in Riverdale and Miami). Being Jewish and Pro Israel is no longer PC (politically correct). What is a Jew to do?

I could write an analysis explaining the rise of Islam and Jihadi terror plots, or how the current US administration is undermining Israeli self-rule with its total lack of respect of democracy anywhere besides the US, and much more, but all of this has been said and is being said again every day.

“If everybody likes it, it must be good”…the saying goes, so the opposite of everybody hating something must be true…no? No! Look who hates Israel, pretty much the same people who have always hated Israel, the same people who turned terrorism into an art and murder into a political expression. I’m really not surprised at the world either, can we expect any better from the same world that closed their eyes to the Holocaust? The only reason Jews received better treatment in the last 60 years is because of Israel. Jews were given a reason to be proud again after 2000 years. When Jews are proud, they gain strength, when they gain strength they fight back, when they fight back, their enemies back down, very simple, very black and white. So why is it that the majority of our people are blind?

“Divide and Conquer”, not just pretty words, but a proven strategy that will defeat any friend or foe. It is this strategy that we are contending with for some time. Politically, socially, religiously, it is all around us, and we are falling before it. “United we stand, Divided we fall”, never truer, yet we have a hard time understanding this even as we fight against growing further apart.

Maybe some of the answer lies in Jerusalem Day and the coming Shavuot. When the Jewish people were ripped away from Jerusalem, we changed as a people. The Gevurah (Heroism/Strength) was ripped from the Kedusha (Holiness). We became a people ruled over by sadness and weakness in the face of our adversaries. This lasted from and during our exile and only started to change back when we returned to our land and eventually with the miracle of the Six Day War reuniting us with our land bringing us back to the right direction and strength again. Of course this was only the beginning. Once again Jews could be strong in their land and Jews through out the world benefitted from it. However due to these events, our secret was out, much similar to Samson letting Delilah in on his secret. The world now knew the way to defeat the Jews, and the process was started to wrench their land from them. Separate the Holy from the Strength and any will prevail against the Jews, it seems that everybody knows this except for our own people. Even the US government knows this and they claim to care about Israel’s security!

The microcosm of unity is our secret to hold on, we must fight to maintain this, knowledge and understanding the key. Showing strength and holding on to what is ours will yield results that will make the world a better place. True, we are seeing levels of open hatred against us today that we have not known perhaps in centuries, however we are seeing also support, growth and strength coming from uncharted waters, being attracted to a beacon in the holy land.

To sum up, we know that President Obama and his team is against us, we know the Arabs seek our destruction and Europe doesn’t care, we know that Prime Minister Netanyahu might cave in to pressure and there are many in Israel that support our enemies. Nothing new, but we must remember, that Jerusalem and our heartland of Yehuda and Shomron are in our hands today, we grow stronger every moment and this is why we are being fought against. Kedusha (Holiness) and Gevurah (Strength) are together again, and as the Torah was given to us in unity so must we fight, together and not against each other. We have done nothing wrong other than protect our children, and we will continue to be guilty of this crime.

We must all work together to continue to be strong in our land despite a dark worlds wish that we disappear into the night. Our strength will bring our unity, our unity, and a brighter future.

Chag Sameach