Wednesday, October 28, 2009

J Street Shmay Street

J Street kicked off their conference this week, the first I might add. The collection of participants wasn’t surprising, Brit Tzedek, Peace Now, various Kadima, Meretz and other members and so on. It was interesting how the statement of being a “Pro Israel” group interested in Israel’s security made many of the Jewish participants uncomfortable. Definitely the “Lefty” place to be for those in the US. In Israel, the “In” place to be was the various olive groves throughout Judea and Samaria. Here was the chance for Left wing Jews to get in the picture and “do something” as they claimed to help the “poor Arab farmers” pick their olives and mix it up with the Jewish residents of these regions.

These so called groups who claim to champion the interest in peace in Israel seem to be creating the exact opposite. Where ever they go they provoke violence, and create more tension between Jews and Arabs rather than promoting a peaceful existence. The “Two State Solution” has been their banner, their Tag Line, but I wonder which “Two State Solution” are they really after.

Their biggest achievement to date is the de facto creation of Two Jewish States within One State, that being the State of Israel and the division of the Jewish people through out the world. This seems to be more important to them than the well being of the Arab residents of Judea and Samaria. The constant effort to split us up, to divide us has become boring, we understand that this group no longer wishes to identify itself as Jews in their land. Their diminishing success in Israel has led them elsewhere, overseas to seek out new victims of ignorance.

While Political corruption and debauchery run rampant in world of the “Palestinian Authority”, while funds are rarely distributed to the “needy” Arabs and diverted to terror and while Sharia Law continues to lop off “heads”, these groups concentrate on separating the Israel and Jewish people worldwide. Their constant provocation of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, their alienation of their own heritage and history serves nothing more than causing harm to our own people, far worse than any Arab enemy we have encountered.

The Two States they live in is a divided Jewish State; the enemies in their eyes are their own brothers, their latest target, Diaspora Jewry.

As the number of Jews throughout Israel grow and continue to reaffirm their dedication to the Land of Israel, their heritage, history and people, various left wing fringe groups increase their efforts to do just the opposite. It comes as no surprise that they target those who do not have the strength of Israel in their hearts. It comes as no surprise that they use the same cowardly terror tactics that has been used against Jews in Israel, in that they look for the weak, this time the weak of identity, of heritage. “Rabbis for Human Rights”, “International Solidarity Movement” and other fraudulent “Peace” organizations continue with their true agenda against the religious stream of Judaism, they are only interested in the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judea and Samaria, their racist path wont last much longer. They dare not champion the rights of Arabs in Gaza nor do they care. Their standard is double to say the least.

It seems this tactic is being used by the US administration as well, as we notice the suspicious absence of many Orthodox Jews who are no longer invited to the court of President Obama. Indeed the “Two State Solution” is being implemented, but against the Jews and not those that would rejoice in our destruction.

As more and more Israeli achievements are recorded every day, eventually the common folk around the world will take notice of this also, not just the so-called “Intellectual Elitists and Liberal” camps. The world will notice just how much we contribute and how little are enemies have done. Eventually we might even see the Political leaders of the world take notice and choose truth over deceit.

I’m not saying that Justice will ring out through the world, we know better than that, but common sense just might.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

And the Band played on....

A proud week for the United States, President Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize for… eh… what peace did he achieve again?

This is the question on the minds of perhaps the majority of those that even noticed. Even Terrorist organizations have tilted their heads in wonder. Apparently there is a new precedent for achieving such a prestigious award. You now only need to want to do something, no longer actually achieve a milestone or goal. I feel sorry for the honorable judges, there are going to be a lot more qualifying contestants for this new game show. Indeed the whole concept of peace apparently is changing, at least as we knew it. The “Nobel” committee said it honored Obama for his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." I must have been sleeping since January, what extraordinary efforts did I miss? Of course I am not paying attention to the little problem of the Nomination date of February 1, 12 days after President Obama took office.

The only thing that has happened in my neck of the woods, this side of the Jordan River is the lopsided pressure being put on the Israeli people regarding concessions to be made to the peace loving Arabs of the Fatah party representing the Arabs living in Judea and Samaria (so far).

In other parts of the world where the US is involved, violence and warfare is business as usual. Iraq is still the mess it has been with no improvement in sight. Afghanistan is heading down the tubes with civilian fatalities and casualties climbing steadily, not to mention the losses of US troops. Pakistan has been enjoying an increase in suicide bombings. African deaths continue on being unnoticed by the present US administration, the list goes on.

The only thing Prez Obama has really done is stretched his hand out to the Muslims of the world in friendship and promised them that he is on their side also. Wait a sec… it seems they are the ones involved in all of this violence, so what’s going on? I mean no offense to the Muslim communities of the world, but it seems most of the violent confrontations going on seem to happening in mostly Muslim areas.

This latest mockery of prestige goes right along with the Goldstone Report, the UN, the Honduras Jew hunt, J Street and so many others looking to paint a bad picture of the Jewish State. It is getting boring, surely there must be something else of interest in the world?

Is Art dead, has the Music stopped, what about doing good in the world for the hungry, the sick? Lets not forget Education. How about releasing the masses from the yoke of petroleum? You would think these are pressing matters rather than a handful of Jews in the Middle East. I think someone is messin’ with the scales. We are being hoodwinked.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


So where are the Goldstones now? Lately the Negev is enjoying the pleasure of Kassams and Mortars a few times a day, yet Goldstone and his ilk say nothing. The UN ignores these little “hindrances”, and the rest of the Human Rights Activists just keep their mouths shut. Do you know why??? Because not only do they not care, they do not like Israel, and guess what, most of them don’t like Jews being in Israel.

Violence is on the rise in Judea and Samaria also, but the lives of Jews in these regions do not deserve the same rights and protection as others. Indeed, actions against the Jewish populous are applauded in the halls of the UN. Organizations such as Brit Tzedek, Gush Shalom and J Street to name a few support violence against our people in the Jewish heartland, and there are claims that not just verbal support.

Over here in Israel, we read also the claims of how lifting the roadblocks are one of the major causes of this rise in violence, not true. The recent lifting of the roadblocks is causing a 500% rise in theft, weapons transfers, strengthening of the terror infrastructure. It has eased the lives of many Arab residents of Judea and Samaria, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. It is not the cause of the increase in terror, it is helping, but it is not the cause or reason.

The reason is very simple, the Terrorists of Judea and Samaria want to kill Jews. They will continue to want to kill Jews, why not, this is what they are taught, and the world is not against it, as long as it is done in Israel. They are being incited in their Mosques, in their coffee shops, and most heinous, in their schools. One of the motives we are seeing is the feeble attempt of Fatah trying to gain strength outside of Ramallah, by renewing the “struggle”. You see, a “Palestinian” Campaign strategy includes how many Jews you will kill, simply put, kill more Jews, get more votes, and get more money. Let’s not forget how they are enjoying a new status and their new friends. This support they are enjoying in their fight against Israel from many nations, and “Leaders” is a strong catalyst in the increase of terror. As more and more Western nations are adopting a stronger Islamic presence and identity among their ranks, we will see this spread and grow, all over. So again, the reason for this increase in terror is not the removal of roadblocks.

I admit to even being a little comforted by the waking up of many Jews in America, as to the realizing of the goals of the Arabs, that in the destruction of Israel, as a Jewish State, and as a Country. Achminajad is also helping, his persistent ranting against Israel, his threats, his insanity is also scaring some more people into our corner. He has people waking up to the fact that many of Israel’s friends are only “fair weather friends”, and not really at our side. Strange isn’t it when there are reports of Arab Nations that claim they will permit Israel to fly over their territory to attack Iran, while the US, or Zbinew, claim they will stop Israeli jets from doing so. Most do not realize the reason the Arab nations want to stop Iran is that they are afraid that if he launches a nuclear attack on Israel, the winds will carry the “cloud” over to their countries, what would they say if Israel was located in Africa?

There is still a long way to go, but more and more of our people are waking up. If we could only get more of them out to see and understand the real picture, and the real face of our adversaries, we would have a flood on our hands, the good kind of flood. But that too will come.

Bibi’s speech touched many, whether his intentions are honorable or not is a separate issue, but we see how when Jewish strength and identity is spoken of, it reaches our core. When a “Jewish State” is mentioned, it reaches our soul and sparks are rekindled. It is these sparks that terrify our enemies, it is these sparks that can help stoke the fires of the continued Jewish presence in Israel, all of Israel.

We must continue as a people to rekindle these sparks, the sparks in all of us, as a people, as one people, wherever we are, until the fire returns to burn brightly in our midst. We are all we have and we must work together and continue to be strong in our land, in our Jewish Land, in all of our Jewish Land, it is, our right.