Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Mission for all of us

For years I have held that the security of Jews in Israel is our business, and our business alone. I believed that if we did not handle it, we did not deserve the land. Israel for me is the homeland of the Jewish people and it was in our charge to defend for our people. I look at the world and have been watching it turn against Israel for no other reason than defending itself. A byproduct of this change is the growth of Islamic influence in the west. More and more Mosques are filled with the speeches of how Islam will take over and the return of the Caliphate to the world. If we look at the demographic growth and rate of Muslim immigration to the West, we are presented with a picture of a changing soon to be future.

I am sure many of the Muslim people looking for greener pastures will choose the fields of Germany, England, Canada and the US eventually over the Middle East in which to make their new homes.

It seems this is all connected to what is happening in Israel today. Our government here capitulates to Muslim demands and weakens itself to the Arab and Western threats, and the result is a quite visible change in the West and its position regarding Israel. Terrorism grows in the West as we in Israel dare to negotiate land for peace.

The threat is quite eminent, though few see it. I am sorry to say, that many of my own Jewish brothers fail to see the tide coming in and choose to condemn their homeland and people rather than fight for it. While the numbers of “Christian Zionists” grow, they too are limited in the midst of the crashing waves.

It is very frustrating to see. Jews who long for their identity and strength cringe as the voices against them gain numbers and strength every day outside of Israel, while we in Israel grow stronger. The “Christian Zionists” gnarl at every move they see against Israel, only gaining strength by coming here to see that we are for real.

So we have all the ingredients, we have the recipe, what is missing? Far be it from me to speak for others, but in my humble opinion, I see an imbalance between Heaven and Earth, simply meaning that we are not “doing” enough down here. We have the gift of Judea and Samaria in our midst, the holiest land man has known from time immemorial, yet we do not take advantage of it or it’s people. Far too little is done with this resource, far too few are involved in our growth. The growth of our people on this land is critical for our existence as a living people, and not a remnant of a prophecy. Our presence here affects the world, and it is how we will be present here that will shape things to come.

Continued building and development is needed, economic gestures are needed in order to grow and “see” the opportunity that is here. Investment in business and commerce, strengthening our Security Apparatus are priority’s that must be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, most of this effort needed is monetary as we wont see the throngs making Aliyah anytime soon.

Hundreds of millions of dollars from all over the world continue to flow to the Arabs of Judea and Samaria, continuing to build their Army, while the flow of funds trickle down to the Jewish inhabitants. We do provide a return, and this is not Charity, this is a partnership, this is a joint venture, this is an investment for the future and not just for the Jewish people.

I admit to pain and sadness while I see many of my own people looking down at us, worse, they side with our enemies, condemn us and leave us. I cry, because I know their numbers shrink daily, and they will soon only be a story at a commemorative dinner, spoken of as the “Jewish” family of the past.

This need not be.

The United States has always been a friend of Israel, and the Holy Land, not just because of its tiny Jewish population, but also of a sharing of values. This too is changing, as quick as the sun sets. The term “Separation of Church and State” surly will be changed in the near future to a more “friendly” term. “Sensitivity” classes will become a standard part of high school curriculum, on the way as the new fashion of checkered scarves takes lead down the runways of Broadway. All this may happen, as the wearing of a “Kippah” (skullcap) will become an unwanted sight.

This need not be.

I thought in the past that this land was only for the good of the Jewish people. I see it is for the good of all people.

I call upon all those who care for a better future to take action now, not just words, and become really involved with Judea and Samaria. Become involved today, it is no longer just a Jewish problem, it is the world’s problem.

This precious gift and opportunity stands before us, it will not come to us, it is we who must go to it, and bring it close to our hearts.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The other "Two State Solution"

The buzzword of the Middle East is the “Two State Solution”, and the real question is which “Two State Solution”? As time goes by, the options grow and the divisions increase, between everybody involved. The Arabs need at least 3 states to enjoy a semi-normal existence. The Jews are closing in on that scenario also. At least we are seeing more unity in Israel itself, while outside many are choosing to side with those who see us as a threat to all and an obstacle to peace in the world.

So lets take a look at out Arab neighbors here in Israel, Gaza is pretty much done for, at this point splitting between Hamas, Al Qaeda, Jihad Islami, to name a few, of course you have a few token Fatah members left (somebody has to be arrested and tortured). The last thing on anyone’s mind there is peace with Israel, the wretched few that actually would like to have a normal existence are too afraid to speak, let alone say anything that might be interpreted as Anti Jihad, or Pro Israel. In Judea and Samaria, the big joke is how the Americans are supporting Abbas and keeping him alive, in hopes that he will retain control against all odds, and the democratic process of voting in a government of the people. This is, of course, why General Dayton must work overtime training the new “Palestinian” army, to preserve US interests in the region, yes, US interests, none other. A strong Israel is not a US interest anymore. Believe it or not, any semblance of a “strong Jew” in his land is strictly “verboten”. The old term “Judenrein” is gaining popularity in the rhetoric of a Middle East solution in Israel. The polls among the Arabs in Judea and Samaria show a majority voting for Hamas vs. Fatah, not to forget however most of these same Arabs are terrified of Arab rule compared to Israeli rule. This explains the mad rush of Arabs seeking Israeli citizenship and residence of Jerusalem.

None of this is news, most who know anything about the Middle East are aware of this and the danger it presents, to the region and the West.

The larger problem is that of the voices of those that sit comfortably in their houses thousands of miles away and dare to think they can dictate policy to a people that must stand against terror daily. As they side with the sworn enemies of Israel, they must ask themselves where they set the borders, and what are they willing to do to protect those borders. Are they willing to put their life on the line and be a productive part of this country, if not, perhaps they should rethink their right to a voice in Israel’s affairs.

One of the amazing feats of the Jewish people in the last century was that of coming together for each other, being the strong shoulder to lean on, both ways. Jews all over the world were there for each other, especially when it came to our homeland, our heritage, our Israel. Not so anymore, it is more important for many of our people to judge themselves on how others view them, it just so happens that these “others” are not our friends, and have no idea as to what really is going on in Israel. Why be informed when ignorance is easier.

Here is the simple fact, they are separating themselves from their own heritage, and there will be a heavy price to pay in the future. Being “Jewish” outside of Israel is not very popular and is going down as fast as a Kassam flies. There are many that are making that extra effort to criticize and condemn Israel, what would they do to protect their own families, not much apparently. This separation weakens us, however it weakens the Jewish people outside of Israel more. The opposite is occurring in Israel, the Jewish people of Israel are growing stronger and are connecting even more than before to their land. The Jews of Israel are finally realizing that they can count on none other beside their faith and themselves. Most of our own are not there for us, preferring to put us in dangers way so they can look good at the local “Iftar” (evening meal after Ramadan fast) munch. So there you have it, another “Two State Solution”.

Over the High Holidays, we pray for the good of the world and our people, that is exactly what is happening in Israel, the Jewish people are growing and getting stronger, for the good of the world and our people, we will continue to do so, for there is no choice. When the time comes that our people outside will need us, we will be there, as strong as ever, as good as ever.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

False Messages

False Messages

President Obama met with those he considers the leaders of the Jewish Community in order to allay their fears regarding the harsh treatment Israel is receiving at the hands of the US administration. The “leaders” expressed their concern at the pressure the US president is putting on the Jewish country and there were even a few that insisted that he apply equal pressure on the Arabs. When the President was asked to relieve some of the pressure on Israel he responded that nothing else works.

There are plenty of articles written about this meeting and most don’t mention that this gathering included Obama supporters for the most part and none that openly disagreed with present US policy in the Middle East.

There is no doubt in the minds of most supporters of Israel that the US is overstepping itself in dictating policy to Israel, but this is not new. The US has been dictating international policy to others since it became a world power, so have other nations of power, this is reality, and this is why they are called “world powers”. Amazing the blind eye that has been gazing on Israel.

President Obama’s reaction wasn’t surprising, nor was his choice of “Jewish” leadership, I am more concerned with the pressure that these “leaders” are putting on Israel. Their siding with the sworn enemies of Israel, their lack of actual fact finding and basing their opinions on an opponent’s point of view is disturbing.

While the populous of Israel has finally been learning that the Arabs do not want peace, it seems that Jews outside of Israel are going out of their way to bond with our enemies. These “Jewish leaders” seem to forget that the “Palestinian Arab” side of the picture, never agrees to anything that would further the peace process.

It is wonderful that they feel strong enough about Israel to be involved, but I find it offensive that they feel they have a right to speak for Israel while they do not live there. Their sons and daughters do not serve in the defense of the country and they do not bleed when terrorists attack. Israel does belong to them also, as they are Jews, but they do not have the right to destroy or take part in anything or action that would put millions in danger, especially not from so far away.

Israel has learned that President Obama is not a true friend and ally as he states, and Israelis don’t expect much from the leader of the United States. Israel and the Jewish people should actually be grateful to him as we learn where we may put our trust. The larger and more serious problem is that our own people living outside of Israel are being lead by deceit and rally around those that rejoice in Jewish blood.

If these Jewish leaders continue down this path, they will soon discover that they are lambs alone amongst a pack of wolves with none to save them. They will have none to blame but themselves.

Jewish history has taught us that when we are strong and believe in who we are, good prevails for our people, the more we fight against ourselves, the more sorrow we will bring. Many are waking up to this fact, and this is why we are seeing increased efforts by Israel’s enemies to divide us. We must be doing something right.

People around the world still ask why the Jews are destroying themselves, and how they can speak against Israel? The voices that speak against us are the voices of a minority, outside of Israel they are the voices of people disappearing into the darkness of assimilation. They are not our leaders.

New Dawn, New Year

Back in 1982, Shimon Peres traveled to the USA to speak in opposition of Israel’s then war against terror from Lebanon. He managed to gain US support and increased international pressure on Israel amidst the fighting causing a premature cease-fire and in essence prolonging Israel’s presence in Lebanon. We as soldiers were in the middle of battle as we were listening on the radio how one of our own Government officials was gathering support against us. Most of us in our late teens and early twenty’s, we simply cared about doing our job, protecting Israel and stopping the enemy and then going home. We didn’t understand how a government official could speak out against what we were doing, and worst, take it to the outside world. Was it the world’s business anyway, were they getting bombed? We knew in our hearts that we were stopping the terrorists from continuing to fire on the North, and we were stopping our enemies.

I remember watching the terrorists of Fatah traveling safely from Lebanon, because of a brokered cease fire and the confusing feeling among us, how could we let our enemies leave so they would attack us again?

After Oslo, we let these same terrorists back into our country, rearmed them only to see those weapons turned against us and we watched as waves of bombings against the innocent took their toll in lives, again the result of the same team from 1982.

Even today, opposition leader Tzippi Livni will travel to the US to gain support against the present government and attempt at keeping her job. Peace Now, Human Rights Watch, Rabbis for whatever and so many others will do the same.

Continuing to travel outside the country to gain support and funds, these movements and politicians that put the security and safety of the Jewish people here in jeopardy and roam freely without regard to the Jewish lives they endanger.

People of the world look at us, the Jewish people, in amazement how we endanger ourselves and our nation by capitulating to outside pressures and give in to an enemy that has one goal in mind, that of destroying us. How come everybody understands this but our own officials and so called peace movements? How can we expect any sort of unity among our own people, or the attempt of unity, when our own representatives choose to air their dirty laundry outside?

These politicians and others hold a grudge against the new growing strength in Israel. The new Israel is that of a strong Jewish identity, this new Israeli, is not ashamed of who he or she is. They know they are in their land, and will defend it and fight for it. They grow vineyards and orchards and produce world renowned goods. They are creating technologies that are saving lives around the world. They are not ashamed of lighting candles Friday night and they are proud of who they are and where they live.

This is what frightens our dear Knesset members and supposed intelligentsia who oppose our presence in Judea and Samaria. They go so far as to seek out and create more opposition because they cannot find enough support at home. These same people ignore democracy and justice while attempting to create their own rules and double standards. They are racists, discriminating against their own. They do not believe in equality, only their way, at the expense of Jewish life. They will adopt an enemy rather than make peace at home and they will bend laws without regard to justice.

Most of the nations of the world do not really care what happens to us, they care what happens to them, quite normal. This applies to most people in the world, again, normal. By creating and bringing opposing views outside the country, we weaken and confuse our people and ourselves. This in turn creates the exact atmosphere needed to harm us, and what are enemies seek and this is forbidden.

Every nation and country in the world has its problems, we all agree and disagree with each other, we talk, we yell and eventually work things out, you might say this is the democratic process. Our job in Israel regarding the Jewish Communities outside the country is to keep them strong, and protect them when needed, they are the minority there. Our job here in Israel is to keep our country strong and safe and to be able to provide a place to live for all Jews around the world, when needed.

So I turn to our people, who bear this grudge against their own, and embrace values that are foreign to us and our people, come home, look inside, you will be proud of who you are and who you are becoming.

There is a new dawn, and it is beautiful.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Eventually truth does win out, whether we hear of it or not. More and more Israeli’s wake up every day to the farce of diplomacy being thrust upon the Jews of Israel by the champions of democracy throughout the western world. Polls show the same among other nations in the world. The continued lies of the “Palestinian Authority” are humiliating more and more of those in the US government, and those that voted for them. As the falsehoods of the Arab quest for peace continue to surface, politicians scramble for cover so as not to ruin what is left of their names and reputations.

On the ground in Judea and Samaria, the Arab residents are also coming to grip the reality that Israel and the Jews are here to stay. Of course this remains well hidden in the dark corridors of their villages, less they crave the punishment of “treason”. Even Jimmy Carter has begun to speak about the notion of “One State”; of course he hopes it to be an Arab majority in the near future. Still, the world is slowly realizing that we are here to stay, and the feeble attempt of ethnically cleansing the Heartland of Israel of its Jewish populous will not happen, not this time, not this place. We will still in the mean time bear the brunt of a double, triple standard regarding the legality of the Jewish presence here, and will continue to see the ugly face of hatred at every turn we take, even as we fight to defend our own right to a safe existence in our land.

I’m sorry that I have nothing new to add, as most has been said already, and is continuing to be said, thank Gd every day. I can still say that the road is long, and now we must concentrate on bringing our own back to the truth, and this appears to be the greatest challenge before us. For some reason that I have yet to understand, many of our own under the guise of “seekers of justice”, see more fault in us then the rest of the world. In their warped sense of perception we in Israel are far more evil then the tyrants and murderers of Darfur, the War Lords of Afghanistan, the Wahabbi Lawgivers of Saudi Arabia, or the even handed courts of the Palestinian Authority.

Being led by the unbiased reporting of the New York Times and Al Gezeera, these ignorant few and the haters of the Israeli nation are attempting to boost their efforts promoting lies and violence against any Jew who believes in his own heritage.

Of course they are not alone, there are still leaders of various western nations that continue to kowtow to the mullahs of deceit, in hopes of a better deal, a reduced price on crude, or maybe a billion dollar loan guarantee.

We are approaching a time where action will dictate who we are, and rhetoric will take the back seat. It may not be the smooth road we hope and pray for, but never less, it is one of the roads that we must take.

I watched this week as a young Jewish boy entered manhood by reconnecting with his ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the Holy city of Hebron in the Cave of the Patriarchs, or Ma’arat Machpela. It wasn’t enough for him and his family to include his past in his future, they went further, and Jewish soldiers on duty also were invited to share in their joy. Eyes welled up as a young Paratrooper Captain stood and said a “Dvar Torah” or commentary, in honor of the Bar Mitzvah and then many present understood the greatness of the moment, we stood there, today and saw the new, strong and growing Jewish presence in the Holy land. There was no physical distance, no spiritual divides, only One People in their land to stay, and this is our future.