Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Magnifying Glass....

Through the magnifying glass….

Israel must truly be the great evil of the world! If you follow the “mainstream” media, even “moderate, hip, “contemporary” Jewish media, how can you come to an alternate conclusion? Lets take a look….

Women have no rights here in Israel; Women are forced to ride in the back of the buses.

Anti Israel NGO’s are having their funding looked into, investigated and limited.

Democracy is in existential danger here.

Our present government is corrupting foreign NGO’s around the world, turning them Pro- Israel against the will of the consensus.

There are over 300,000 Jewish people running around Judea and Samaria attacking the IDF and Mosques.

More, more and more, and to top it off…Thomas Friedman doesn’t like what’s going on in Israel, and he’s never wrong.

I mean, lets face it Israel is in the news almost everyday!

I have been observing many of the attacks from the Jewish sector lately, from both in and out of Israel.

I guess the first issue or incident that I would like to address is the violent demonstration, or even to call it the attack on an IDF base in Samaria, by none other than many of the Jews who live here.

Plenty has been written on it, and I do not wish to be repetitive. By no means do I or will I defend it either.

“Right-Wing violence”, “Price Tag”, “Hill Top Youth”! You would think that this is the main “goings on” in Israel! And now, Bibi, Ehud Barak and the country is going to do something about it.

Now, here is the absurd. Every Friday, for the past few years, groups of Arabs and POST ZIONIST, LEFT WING ISRAELI JEWS, whatever you want to label them, have been getting together to demonstrate violently against the IDF. Soldiers have been hurt, some badly, equipment has been damaged, and this has been going on in plain view of all, yet silence is maintained, the media keeps their lips sealed.

But now, the “country” has decided to do something against “Extreme Right Wing” violent acts against our soldiers. Binyamin Ben Eliezer (MK Labor Party) even said to shoot “them”, lets see him say the same thing against the demonstrators at Bil’in (separation fence), Nebe Salah (a claim for a spring in Samaria). Ben Eliezer wants to show how he is such a defender of the IDF, they all do, so why do they keep the other weekly incidents against our soldiers quiet?

When I spoke of this issue to many of my acquaintances (not from Judea and Samaria), they couldn’t believe that such events occur weekly, and by “left wing” secular Jews, no less. So, we have to ask, or people who do not know about this, have to ask, why are they being kept in the dark? If they are being kept ignorant about this particular issue, what about the other important issues?

It would seem to the coherent that there is an agenda afoot here, one that is not so fair, hmmmm.

Another topic that has most Israeli’s sighing, again, those who know better, is the “Rosa Parks” incident. A woman was asked (and later yelled at) to sit in the back of a public bus, due to Ultra Orthodox custom of separate seating, she refused. Again, I will not defend this, as I honestly feel that since it is a public bus, she can sit where she would like, but that is just my opinion. But look at the world! Hillary Clinton is concerned! Woman’s Rights activists are up in arms! Israel, the oppressive society for women! Even our own Jewish women have answered the call to arms!

I am not belittling this incident by any means, nor am I belittling the event I mentioned earlier. I am belittling the way people only wake up when Israel is involved, by the double standard that is being shoved in our faces everyday. Are we perfect? No, far from it, you want to start comparing countries? No, “they” don’t, because we come out so far ahead that it is simply ridiculous.

Israel was compared to Iran…Iran? can you believe that? You want to compare some extreme religious practices to that of extreme Islam, you can do that, in fact there is a topic called Comparative Religion taught in many universities today, but to say that Israel is likened to some of the most despicable extreme Islamic states, where the concept of women’s rights, and most other rights, is virtually non-existent?

Forget comparing, these activists who shout out against Israel have proven themselves to be no more than simple Israel and Jew-bashers, or of course, basic ignoramuses, even the Jewish ones! Hypocrisy rules! These same people who rush to scream for “Rights” for others will wrap themselves from head to toe while visiting other cultures, but strip themselves to the bare minimum to incite their own.

These same folk, outside of Israel, will easily criticize the IDF and go so far as to demand that we endanger ourselves in Israel, while they turn a blind eye, and heart, to their own military where ever they reside. They don’t even have the guts to “give” to their own countries, let’s see them send their own sons to serve, lets see. But to criticize Israel, one of the few Elite, that’s right Elite countries in this world that actually gives back to the world and the human race, be it through science, medicine or even teaching the world how to fight terror, this they feel they have the right to, the duty to, the voice to…

Israel is not a perfect country, far from it. But we will work at it, and will continue to work at it. We will make mistakes and we will get things right at times… like everyone else, but we will continue to try to better ourselves.

We will always have our own self-haters in Israel, many that can’t see beyond their own noses, if they are lucky. Their numbers are dwindling, and will soon be gone, because more and more are waking up to reality and truth here.

To all of you who like to point from the outside, do me a favor, go take a good hard look in the mirror, and feel free to point, but do it at yourselves first.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Stars upon Thars

Stars upon Thars

When you are lying hurt and wounded, most do not care what symbol you are wearing…as long as you are giving them the best assistance you can to save them or their loved ones lives.

This is one of the personal experiences I learned from serving as Security Chief of the Shilo Region during the many medical emergency incidents I responded to.

Road 60 is the main North-South vein through our heartland of Judea and Samaria. It is pretty much along the same route our forefathers and ancestors used back in the day. It remains the same road used today to make our way to Jerusalem, from both North and South. It is also a road that has known much bloodshed, not only from terrorism and ancient crime, but from the inexcusable and pathetic amount of traffic accidents.

As a “RavShatz”, or Chief Security Coordinator, responding to medical emergencies, was part of the job, both in and out of the communities. I went or led the ambulance and our “MDA” medical teams where they had to be, and at times I also had to protect them from possible danger.

Our response knew no nationality, no race, no color, no religion; it knew one thing, and one thing only, to save lives, simply that. Many if not most of the incidents occurred on the road, as I mentioned, accidents were common on this ancient road. Most of the accidents were between Arab cars, and our teams were almost always the first to arrive and care for the victims. So successful and professional, the sight of the Red Star of David on “Ambulance Shilo”, brought relief to the Arab villagers living in our region. Our medics were known as heroes and saviors to the Arabs, to the point they would not allow their own ambulances to tend the victims, they stated out loud, “we want the Jews”.

More than once we received letters of thanks from the villages and personal thanks for being there for them…despite politics and the surrounding violence.

They knew our level of training, and dedication would be fully applied. I admit to even using the “Red Star” as a tool to keep the peace. During a particular tense time, pre Intifada, Arab youth and young adults would stone our cars from time to time, I called the Arab village leaders and told them I would not allow our ambulance to respond to their wounded if the stonings did not cease…they did.

Magen David Adom has now shown us that they are no longer an organization whose priority it is to save lives; they have joined the political arena. They wish to be part of “them” rather than “us”.

The irony here, in the simple world of saving lives is… that the same people who have brought honor and dignity to the Red Star of David in the Arab world are now the ones being thrown “to the dogs”.

They wish to change the uniforms of the MDA volunteers in Judea and Samaria to “distinguish” us from others, I believe the new uniform they propose will have a “Yellow Star” on it, perhaps this will appease the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent…whose symbols do not offend the world, as the Star of David does…nasty Jews.

Yet more of the same rhetoric and poison streams through the leadership of the MDA, much like that of various Jewish Federations and Congregations who also abandon our people living in Judea and Samaria. MDA and ARMDI keep on claiming to deny this “letter” and allegations, yet I have not seen any action to back their words of defense, only concern that their donor base will decrease.

If it is not true, PROVE IT TO BE WRONG!

We are told that this whole story is based upon their wish of acceptance to a club whose symbol is a cross and a crescent, an organization whose ambulances have been proven guilty of transporting terrorists to kill innocents, and who offer more funding, funny, the word “whore” comes to mind.

If the MDA does continue down this road, they will be able to stand proudly next to other proud organizations like B’Tzelem, the New Israel Fund and others who have turned their back on Israel’s future. They will also have to bear the same responsibility.

Magen David Adom… If you leave us, we will leave you, and it will be your loss! But the symbol will remain, because it is not yours, it is OURS, the Jewish People!

How lucky we are that Al Gazeera’s Israeli counterparts, better known as Ha’Aretz English reports their hidden actions.

It seems that bowing to our enemies is sheik today… I mean chic… my slip.

Not in my neighborhood!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The "Face" of Judea and Samaria

The “Face” of Judea and Samaria

Lately, many visitors from outside of Israel have been visiting Judea and Samaria. From US congressman, European members of Parliaments and governments, the who’s who and who’s not have been making their way over to attempt to get a better understanding of what’s going on over here. Indeed, we have been seeing a rise in support not just from our own in Israel, but an increasing amount of visitors have come around to the thinking that Judea and Samaria is truly part of Israel and not to be given away like a used car.

I have also been observing various individuals who are portrayed to be the “face” of Judea and Samaria, be it produced by the media or self promoted.

One of the biggest misconceptions of Judea and Samaria is the makeup of our population, the stereotype and generalization of those of us who live in these parts.

For too long have we allowed the media to show one type of Jew who represents the over 300,000 people who live here. We all know the picture, big Kippah, Payot (sidelocks), usually a beard, this is the general image of the population of our heartland. Usually devout, sometimes “Messianic”, angry, yelling, cursing an Arab or fighting off an IDF soldier, yup, that’s a “settler”! At least that’s what the media would have you believe makes up the core of Judea and Samaria.

Does this person live in Judea and Samaria? Yes, he does, he also lives in Tel Aviv, Be’er Sheva, Haifa and Kiryat Shemona and more. Is this an accurate portrayal of Judea and Samaria? Not in the least.

The majority of Jews in the world do not look like this… the majority of Jews living in Judea and Samaria do not look like this either, so what gives?

For many years opponents of a Jewish presence in it’s historical heartland have been trying to maintain a separation between not only the physical territory, but also the populous and the rest of Israel and Jews of the world. You could not find a better way to do this by presenting an image that most cannot relate to. It has proven to be a successful marketing strategy, both here and outside of Israel.

Blame must not only be put on the media, but also our leadership here in Judea and Samaria. When we have sent out our emissaries to the diaspora, whom did we send? Representatives of ALL the Jews living here? No, not at all. Mostly those who matched the media ‘s portrayal, at least in physical appearance.

Is there a single image or representative of ALL Jews of Judea and Samaria? No, there is not, do you know why? Judea and Samaria is as diverse as every other part of Israel, various levels of religious observance and non-observance, of political right and yes, even left. There are long hairs, short hairs, cool folk, geeks and nerds, intellects, simpletons, brave and courageous, even frightened people. Liberal, Conservative, Professionals, Artists, Professors, Sanitation workers, the list goes on and on….just like everywhere in Israel and the world.

Something for everyone…but that would mean that the people living there are normal…just like you, and that is not on the agenda.

How can you expect “Diaspora Jews, be they Observant, Conservative, Reform, Traditional or non-observant Jews to relate to a Jew living in Judea and Samaria when he is shown a limited version of the people living there? How can we expect people to think that we are diverse when they think that only “Avraham Fried” is the choice of music out here in the hills? I have Hendrix blaring on my speakers, down the block Idan Raichel is playing, someone’s got hip-hop wreaking havoc on their system, and John Coltraine is cooling his way at one of the area restaurants where the fine wine and gourmet food is being served (produce of Judea and Samaria).

In the same breath, there is Torah being taught in ways few thought possible, in so many institutions, by Rabbis with beards, without beards, by the young and old, men and women, and children.

All types, all options, the full spectrum. But you wouldn’t know that from the media, or the “Mainstream” Jewish Federation trips and educational programs to Israel.

The common glue between the Jews living in our heartland… a fierce love of Israel, the land and the people.

The web to trap so many, being continuously spun by the impostors, the media and our own, who claim to seek truth and peace, only keeps our people and especially our children separate and divided, and thus, weak and susceptible to their lies and misinformation.

It is up to all of us to tear this web of danger down, before we loose more of our people.

The “Face” of Judea and Samaria? No such thing, public or private, there are the “Faces” of Judea and Samaria, and they are the same and different as the faces of all of Israel, of all of the Jewish people, (that is those that are not anti-Israel).

The “Green” line only separates the ignorant.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Fronts

When discussing the challenges that Israel faces, most often mentioned are those based on the security of the nation, the state. Be it the Iranian threat of a nuclear apocalypse, the ongoing campaign of terror from the Arabs living within and around Israel, or the existential threat of remaining a Jewish State.

These have become the norm in our daily lives. We read, discuss and live this reality. Our children and we learn to adapt and meet these challenges head on, as we work to be victorious each in his way against our adversaries.

Rarely discussed is the threat our people face outside of Israel.

Our enemies have changed their strategy in how to attack and damage Israel.

In light of Israel’s floundering PR, lack of clear leadership and direction, our enemies have targeted diaspora Judaism to use as their latest weapon against Israel.

Allying with Israel’s extreme left, this perverted combo makes use of a campaign of misinformation, and a warped view of reality to turn the less informed, misguided and generally bored individuals against the Jewish state.

Being presented as neo-liberalism and progressive thought, these views spread like a deadly virus among our people. Blinding most to truth and facts, they ignore and change history to adapt to their own ignorant and limited lack of understanding, even turning the wise and enlightened into the frightened and biased.

We see the symptoms in various shapes and forms. The most common denominator between them is the disconnection from the physical Jewish history in our heartland and the adoption of the distorted version of “Palestinian Arab” history and falsehoods.

Breeding grounds of this danger include university campuses, many Conservative and Reform institutions and Mainstream Jewish federation get-togethers. It is mostly the young who are sought out to rise against Israel because they do not know, were never taught, and worse then all, were kept intentionally ignorant by their leaders.

One classic example is a particular educational institution in Israel that provides young men and women (pre college) who hail from Conservative and Reform Jewish Schools an opportunity to learn more about Israel. Unfortunately they keep their students from going “over the Green line”. Sure they have “representatives” come and speak to them, from all sides, but do not give them the chance to see for themselves.

Another example are organized trips to Israel by these same groups, it is a rare instance that they or their rabbinic leaders set foot upon historically important sites of our heritage. Stating that doing so is too politically charged, or using the “danger” card, these “missions” keep their participants effectively in the dark, a virus that later spreads to their children, often a more serious strain.

While not being coaxed on by anti Israel movements, many “Orthodox” school programs are also guilty of keeping their students and missions ignorant. When taking the students or other participants out to see, to hear and connect, these institutions fail to teach relevance of our existence here, simple recent history, and beyond, thus keeping them weak in the face of anti Israel adversaries, and in doing so play into the clutches of our enemies.

Many new Jewish Groups that have been adopting Arab renditions have been becoming more vociferous in their activities against Israel. Being manipulated and funded by anti Israel activists and yet undisclosed sources, they have taken more aggressive routes. Intruding on pro Israel or simply “Jewish” events, disrupting where they can, they declare their unity with those that wish for Israel’s destruction. The aggressive behavior is not met with any resistance… “Good Jews” don’t behave that way. Indeed it is only a matter of time before aggressive behavior turns violent and casualties result.

It has become policy to ignore these outbreaks in hopes that they will disappear and their members dissipate, a mistake to say the least.

Groups that advocate for Israel are often not prepared for these intrusions, nor are they ready to face the aggression from the members of these groups. The results make for neither good advocacy nor good PR.

There are still to be found islands of reason and informed opinions, yet their numbers dwindle as they are labeled “old school”. Many that remain steadfast in their support of Israel, on either side of the political spectrum, seem to be oblivious to this recent appearance, taking it lightly and taking pride in the diversity of our people.

Mainstream Judaism in the diaspora faces its most serious dilemma since the holocaust. Continued siding with the neo Arab redaction of history and the divestment from the Jewish state will cost our people in alarming numbers, all this while our “mainstream” leadership sails blindly into the future.

Perhaps if we work together, we may cure the blindness, we may educate the ignorant and Gd willing defeat our enemies, wherever they are.

Many write that the time to wake up is now… the time to wake up has passed, but better late than never.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Joy, Anger, Frustration

As tears of joy, sorrow and frustration flow, we trudge on. The “understanding” among us cannot help but having mixed feelings regarding the events of this week. As I have said before and will continue to say, the situation in the Middle East, especially Israel, changes with the same frequency that a politician smiles.

September had us bracing for predicted unknown turmoil, which has yet to come, and the demolition of Jewish homes, which have yet to be rebuilt.

October has brought us diplomatic fever regarding the start of, the finishing of, “Peace” negotiations with those that pray for our exile, two Jews murdered and numbers hurt due to Arab violence on the roads, and…

Last, but definitely not least, Gilad’s redemption, thank Gd, and the continued precedent of bowing to terror.

Who cannot smile as they see the Shalits together, as Gilad’s father embraces his son, and who cannot cringe as the Arabs cheer and support the murderers of children?

Indeed this has become the party of the century, “Tags”, “Gilad” pictures, tee-shirts, posters, you name it. Poor Ron, no where to be found, I guess his family should have hired the same “Peace Now” rep to run his campaign.

As the calls ring out among the Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza for continued kidnapping, and “struggle” against the Jews, many of our people shut their eyes and minds to our new/old situation. Especially outside of Israel, most of our people haven’t a clue as to the reality we must now face in Israel, (unfortunately, the same must be said of countless Israeli’s who have yet to wake up).

While watching the media circus surrounding the event yesterday, an acquaintance mentioned that he couldn’t stay as he was on the way to the cemetery to celebrate his brother’s birthday. He continued to clarify himself when he saw I seemed confused, he explained that his father, brother and sister were killed in the Park Hotel attack in Netanya in 2002. He was visually upset to hear how terrorists involved in the bombing were being released at that moment. He went on to say how he was glad for Gilad, but hurt and angry that these animals were being set free.

Of course a whirlpool has been created among the Arabs now, Hamas is the hero, only violence works with the Jews, peace is not the way. Abbas is banging his head against a wall and the US admin is all of a sudden distressed about the “deal” and some of the terrorists released.

This bittersweet deal has yet to show all of its results, you can be sure of one thing, there is a down side, and when it raises its ugly head, we in Israel will feel it hard.

But enough about that… the “Gilad” party is over, back to business.