Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Joy, Anger, Frustration

As tears of joy, sorrow and frustration flow, we trudge on. The “understanding” among us cannot help but having mixed feelings regarding the events of this week. As I have said before and will continue to say, the situation in the Middle East, especially Israel, changes with the same frequency that a politician smiles.

September had us bracing for predicted unknown turmoil, which has yet to come, and the demolition of Jewish homes, which have yet to be rebuilt.

October has brought us diplomatic fever regarding the start of, the finishing of, “Peace” negotiations with those that pray for our exile, two Jews murdered and numbers hurt due to Arab violence on the roads, and…

Last, but definitely not least, Gilad’s redemption, thank Gd, and the continued precedent of bowing to terror.

Who cannot smile as they see the Shalits together, as Gilad’s father embraces his son, and who cannot cringe as the Arabs cheer and support the murderers of children?

Indeed this has become the party of the century, “Tags”, “Gilad” pictures, tee-shirts, posters, you name it. Poor Ron, no where to be found, I guess his family should have hired the same “Peace Now” rep to run his campaign.

As the calls ring out among the Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza for continued kidnapping, and “struggle” against the Jews, many of our people shut their eyes and minds to our new/old situation. Especially outside of Israel, most of our people haven’t a clue as to the reality we must now face in Israel, (unfortunately, the same must be said of countless Israeli’s who have yet to wake up).

While watching the media circus surrounding the event yesterday, an acquaintance mentioned that he couldn’t stay as he was on the way to the cemetery to celebrate his brother’s birthday. He continued to clarify himself when he saw I seemed confused, he explained that his father, brother and sister were killed in the Park Hotel attack in Netanya in 2002. He was visually upset to hear how terrorists involved in the bombing were being released at that moment. He went on to say how he was glad for Gilad, but hurt and angry that these animals were being set free.

Of course a whirlpool has been created among the Arabs now, Hamas is the hero, only violence works with the Jews, peace is not the way. Abbas is banging his head against a wall and the US admin is all of a sudden distressed about the “deal” and some of the terrorists released.

This bittersweet deal has yet to show all of its results, you can be sure of one thing, there is a down side, and when it raises its ugly head, we in Israel will feel it hard.

But enough about that… the “Gilad” party is over, back to business.