Monday, June 21, 2010

Taking the fight outside.

There was a report in today’s news how a group of 500 people were demonstrating against an “Israeli” ship in hopes of preventing it from unloading its cargo. They yelled, they held signs, they protested and they delayed the ship all right. One problem, they didn’t notice that the ship they were protesting against was Chinese.

All over the world, mostly Arab anti-Israel demonstrators are trying to cause problems for Israel and Jews throughout he world. Indeed they have frightened the Jews enough as to make the majority of Diaspora Jews hide their true feelings. As an Israeli, I am ashamed we have not come to their aid…. yet.

Isn’t it odd how only in Western societies these Arabs protest and are active against Israel? I find it funny that these so called champions of the “Palestinian” cause, all live outside their native lands. Why is that? Maybe their native lands are not good places to live. Maybe living under Sharia Law is not a good thing - maybe they really like Western values and society. If I am wrong, why do they keep going to America?

Its good to be an immigrant in the US, you can demonstrate against whatever you want with out getting assassinated. You can build a Mosque wherever you want, whether you are Shi’ite, Sunni, or even Sufi, even on the site of an Islamic suicide attack. Not like where they came from, and yet here they are, trying to turn Israel into exactly what they ran away from. Aren’t they lucky they don’t live there?

These parasitic students of deceit in society work to turn the world against the only State in the Middle East that mirrors the same rights that they enjoy in the good ole US of A. Sounds a bit subversive, doesn’t it?

I’ll bet they all want to live secretly in Israel with the Jews. Why else would they be so vehemently against Israel’s existence as only a “Jewish State”? Why else would they want a “Right of return”? It’s the whole Love-Hate thing.

Does anyone out there see the danger lights going off, does anyone hear the alarms? Anyone?

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