Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Once and Future Battle

The “spin” has begun. The new illusion of hope among the feeble-minded is called the “Direct Talks”. Meanwhile all involved are already working on “exit strategies”, in essence the talks have yet to go anywhere and they are already nowhere. The PLO will pull out if there is any building, anywhere and Bibi has basically said, though not officially, that the “Freeze” will continue in all places besides the larger blocs, (which he says Israel is keeping).

Sounds like negotiations, doesn’t it… The sad and absurd is that both of these leaders, aren’t leaders at all, nor do they have the majority backing of their people.

Abbas hangs on only due to US support, both militarily and financially. The Arab dream of throwing the Jews into the sea, or worse has yet to subside. Hamas licks their chops on the sidelines and from within at this point. They simply wait and pray (prey) that the US will succeed in pressuring Israel to give up its heartland, before they pounce. Their sight and sites are set on Israel’s coast, Ben Gurion Airport and our main infrastructure facilities… it’s just a matter of time.

Bibi continues to play the poodle in hopes of US assistance against Iran, a big deal we know, but it seems to be too late at this point.

Don’t get any of your hopes up, these talks will yield “bupkas”, “gurnish”, “nada”, nothing. The majority of military experts in the world state that Israel is putting itself in self destructive suicidal danger, a new Muslim state in the Mid East will turn quickly into another Islamic Extremist presence, a de facto base for terrorism, first against Israel, than the West.

I know, I know, it has all been said before, boring I admit, but we have to keep on saying it. You see, many do not care for what is just or for what is right, even George Will thinks the Two State concept is idiotic, I know, still boring.

What about the plight of at least 100,000 Jewish refugees that would (Gd forbid) be created by this “solution”, oh, that’s right, silly me, I forgot, Jewish refugees do not merit, (where are all of you “rights” people now?). The Arabs always bring up the “plight of the Palestinian refugees”, well, what about the Jews that were thrown out of the Arab lands, they don’t count?

No, truth does not matter, only the creation of a new Islamic nation is important. The West needs a foster Muslim nation after they screwed up Iraq beyond repair, and something to distract the world from the butt kicking they will be getting in Afghanistan.

The Arabs of Israel make the perfect poster child for them, especially with Achmadinejad using the UN as a urinal. I can already see the rallies in the new Mosque at ground zero in NYC… “Come out and support the 23rd Islamic nation of the Mid East, special guest speakers The President of Iran and the Leader of Hezbollah”.

Not to mention the incredible amount of life that will be lost in and around Israel by the world attempting to force us into a suicidal corner that will only lead to regional violence.

Hey, but that’s good for business. The US will continue to arm all sides, and promote unrest in Israel, where they can, and those that the US does not arm will get their wares from Iran, Russia and wherever.

This is all in line with the continuing growing strength of Islam in the West… even CNN has a “Muslim” section now.

Israel is the price the West is willing to pay for what they think will bring Peace and Quiet… boy, that is going to be one big ole “I told you so”.

Yes, the world is laughing at us and I know many Jews in the world are detaching themselves (mind you, many are not!) from us. Let me tell you this, we may be a mess of different opinions, we may not know how to present our side properly, our government may get their cues from Barnum and Bailey’s three ring circus, but the world is forgetting one thing…we Jews of Israel (and the world) are not going down.

We may stumble, and fall down a bit, but I can promise the world one thing, we will get up and we will fight back, but this time you will have to deal with a different Jew.

A friend of mine in the IDF came home and said the other day, “every one I meet seems to be right-wing”. Guess what, it is not right wing, it is simply more and more Israelis are getting tired of being treated like a dirty rag, they are waking up to the intentions of the Arabs, and certain Western leaders… There has been enough left wing/Islamic anti-Israel rhetoric, enough criticism from the world and definitely enough of being put into a corner. Be it on College Campuses in Israel or the US, in front of Embassies and yes, even throughout Israel (even Tel Aviv) our people are getting stronger and starting to fight back, and this is only the beginning.

You may not see it so clearly outside of Israel and a better future may seem far off, but even though it is an uphill battle at this point, we will fight it, and the view from the top is beautiful, and it is ours.

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