Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All Shapes and Forms

For a long time it has been understood that Israel’s wars are not fought just on our borders. Indeed our “fronts” are many and diverse, as our combatants. A short while back some of those who consider themselves to be residents in the world of the Arts decided to wage war against their own country of Israel, picking the new Cultural Center in Ariel as their first target.

Alas this virus of idiocy spread, as most unfounded deceptive concepts do, back to the bastion of wrong, the good ole so called (fake) liberal anti Israel camps in the US of A (“A” does not always stand for America).

So to add another infectious ingredient to the racist Boycott of Israel and its historic heartland, the concept and truth of Art was defiled.

In Israel, these artists are being shunned more and more, there names being added to the lists of “who not to see”, only for them to find comforts in the treacherous hideaways in parts of Tel Aviv. Never the less their devious voices were heard in the annals of the International Media outside.

Not all accepted this fight, this act of terror lying down, indeed some of the greatness that we see in Israel is that we do fight back against our enemies, sometimes later than sooner. But in this case, the soldiers who answered the challenge, who rose to meet the beast, did not start in Israel, it started from New York.

Back during the Operation Cast Lead, when Israel fought for the simple right of having it’s citizens in the south live quietly without the reality of Rockets and Mortars, some true humans met and decided to fight back against the impostors of the “intellectual elitists”. A new commando unit was formed to fight for Israel’s right to exist in peace and security, it’s name…Artists 4 Israel.

Where this group organized and previously brought Artists in to paint the Bomb Shelters in Sderot, to work with Children in Tel Aviv and other areas throughout Israel, they did not forget those who left their homes in Gush Katif, and they did not forget that there are Jews living in Judea and Samaria.

For those of us living in Judea and Samaria, seeing this special group of courageous souls adding color to Route 60, (our main artery and place of hundreds of attacks), beautifying Beit El and bringing Joy, Color, and Art to Ariel (the main target of the “artistic Left”) and its residents, was more than just a gesture of good will, it was a gesture of truth and strength, and unity.

The artists themselves came from the US, Spain and Israel, a mixture of cultures and religions in this unique and wonderful campaign of “Murality”.

My words cannot express my pride and gratitude, and I am honored to work together with them. One of the “treats” of traveling around and meeting different people is that of when I meet individuals or groups, that do not just talk the talk, but truly walk the walk. I admit I have a soft spot for people of action, who will do when others don’t and who will tread where others fear.

Of course one mustn’t forget the courageous Hummus wars being fought on Americas most esteemed campuses. So few realize the danger that a well made Hummus can present, especially when used properly.

Of course this sounds funny, but it is a serious matter. When the anti Israel students at Princeton went up against Sabra Hummus. Their intent and dreams were far worse than just banning this (Israeli made) Middle Eastern cuisine from the stomachs of Lovers of Zion and the Vegan community. Their cause is far more heinous than that, their wishes are the destruction of Israel as we know it, sorry, it is that simple.

Yet once again the combatants for Israel took other shapes and forms to fight, this time pro-truth students decided to stand up to bad comedy and racism and defeated a call to ban Sabra Hummus.

These acts while not sounding as serious as a threat of war, or a conventional terror attack, are serving as a barometer as to what we will be facing in the near future. Not just us in Israel, but Jews throughout the US.

You see, in this virtual world Israel is being set up as the evil empire, no matter who you are or what you believe, Deceit and Deception are Prime Minister and President while Racism and Bigotry are Secretary of State and Defense.

These signs of the absurd must not be ignored, but dealt with…immediately and efficiently, for they will multiply.

Combatants such as I have mentioned are to be commended as they are now on the frontlines also and need to be reinforced.

While I was operational during the Arab uprising of 2000, one of the characteristics that stood out in fighting against terror most was that that the Arabs tended to target the unarmed and children the most, like today they seek out the weak and uninformed, their main targets today…your children on campus, and the Conservative and Reform Jewish communities, with a valuable prize being the Israeli immigrant children.

Other nations are being bullied into a corner due to the high immigration rate of Muslims from around the world. As many in the Muslim communities in these nations have taken the yoke of menial labor, the governments have come to the understanding and realization that they must appease this economic and labor force by coming out against Israel and support a new virtual Arab Muslim State, lest they suffer an internal uprising themselves.

I have been told many a time that much of what I write sounds the same…Strong Jews, Strong Israel, fight back, do something…that’s right, I believe in these things. I also believe in everybody’s right to an opinion an informed opinion, and to not to be brainwashed by an enemy who seeks to destroy and not to build.

As the situation in Israel continues to draw people away from the true problems that affect us as humanity, you can be sure that Hummus and Art wont be the last tools that will be used against Israel.

Techina and Video games are soon to follow.

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