Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Doubting Thomas

Thomas Friedman’s article in the NY Times: (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/12/opinion/12friedman.html?scp=1&sq=reality%20check%20friedman&st=cse)

Oh Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, I am warmed by your strong patriotic feelings towards the economic troubles in the US. Even more so how you are sure that once the US stops it $3 billion dollar aid package to Israel, US towns will be a boomin’ all over the US of A. If only Prime Minister Netanyahu would have agreed to another three-month building moratorium, everything would have been all right.

I also appreciate your care and concern regarding Israel’s substance abuse problem, and I agree with you. We are also grateful for you in pointing out that Israel is the reason so many US cities are having budget problems. Yes the 3 billion Israel receives and spends in the US is the core of the problem. I was wondering if you might apply your patriotic feelings to other countries around the world, maybe to the UN also…but I digress.

Do you remember the Yom Kippur war of 1973? You know when Israel came close to being wiped out? Israel’s friend and ally, the US came to it’s aid and sent sorely needed ammo and equipment over and Thank Gd, this joint venture and friendship enabled a different outcome than that which the Arab and Soviet world had hoped for. Did I say Soviet? Maybe you forget, that it was in US interest that Israel existed as a US ally in the region, might I add the only true and stable US ally and friend in the region, something that was paid for in blood, lots of blood.

So when the Soviet Union started powering down in the Mid East, Uncle Sam came in and said to Israel, give ‘em the Sinai, come on we’re friends, don’t worry, I’ll watch your back, I promise. Israel said, but the lives lost defending our country, the oil, the natural resources, the military buffer zone, how could we, they have been attacking us since we declared ourselves a state? Uncle Sam said, tell ya what, I’m gonna compensate you all, it’s on me, you compromise on your defense and resources, pull your people out and we’ll back you up with Military aid and our support, don’t worry, Trust us…and that is just part of the picture.

Never mind the technology that Israel and the US share, the numerous business ventures that benefit both countries and numerous towns and cities in the US, and so much more.

Never mind that Israel is the only true friend and ally the US has in the Middle East, and the only country around there that shares its value and rights systems, and so much more.

Now Israel has been pretty good at listening to it’s friend’s advice and requests, and I would say that refraining from defending itself to its ability against Iraq in the first Iraqi War was proof of that, and so much more. Making offers as you mentioned to the “Palestinians” and having them spit back, continuing in so-called “Peace Talks” while Arab schools teach destruction of Israel…sorry, I digress again.

But as you say “we’re not their grandfather’s America anymore”. You say Israel should jump at anything the US should request, why should you care, you don’t live in Israel, nor does the safety of Jews in Israel concern you, why should it. You believe that the US has bought the right to make the decisions in Israel because of the “bribe” that the US gave to Israel starting some years back…so, you believe the US has the right to decide for others based on money and aid that it distributes…interesting, I guess you mean that the US is bribing the world then, even more interesting… and I thought you were a “liberal”, you closet conservative, you.

It seems to me you want Israel to behave as a whore and do what the US wants because of the “Aid” Israel receives…that’s not friendship.

Dear Thomas, you fail to look at the big picture, you fail to see how the Palestinian Authority spits in the face of the world and dupes you and others like you because of your arrogance and Western elitism and lack of understanding the Arab and Muslim world. While extreme Islam is spreading it spheres of influence, and demonstrations and terror against the West increase daily, you choose to endanger the one true ally and friend that the US has and has always had.

But, guess what, I agree with you…almost. I think it is time that the US backs away from the Israel-Arab problem a bit, it is up to them, both the Israelis and the Arabs living there to figure it out and come to a solution on their own, without outside influence and pressure, and the threat of annihilation.

It is time that journalists such as yourself and peers stop presenting one-sided views and show the whole scene and background so that others might develop informed opinions and not the manipulated ones that you and others wish to show, or maybe you need wikileaks to assist.

I have to disagree with you when you state that you understand the problem, you don’t, and you probably never will because you can’t see beyond your tainted views, your mind is closed, despite how many alternative lifestyles and causes you may support.

Your patriotism and caring for the downtrodden of the US is a breath of fresh air, and I am sure that when you send your children into the US Armed forces to fight for the US, to put themselves in danger, just like the majority of Israeli parents do, and have been doing, they will be proud of you.

I think and agree with you that it is time that the US stops sending so much “Aid” around the world and redirects much of it back to the US and address the problems that you mention and more! One difference, I feel that you are only targeting Israel, which you are, by the way. Of course many of these countries that might not receive any more “financial assistance” will turn on the US quicker than a detonator on a suicide bomber. You can be sure Israel won’t, you know why?

Because, Israel is a true friend.


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  2. And one more thing, this time to Marc.
    Even though I agree with you in most of what you are saying, this is idealism:
    "Israel is a true friend."
    In relationship between nations there is no such thing as friendship.

  3. Marc, here's another nice dissection of the "it's my tax dollars" argument.

  4. The best response to "Uncle Tom" Friedman that I've seen yet! Thank you!!