Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To Learn, To Act

Today is the 17th of the Hebrew month of Tammuz, the start of the three week mourning period of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. This period ends on the 9th of Av, which of course is the date of the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash (the Temple) in Jerusalem.

The 17th of Tammuz commemorates five calamities that befell the Jewish people on this date, the most known is that it is the date the walls of Jerusalem were breached, which of course led to our defeat in Israel, the destruction of our Temple and our expulsion from our holy land.

The period around the 9th of Av also commemorates another mournful date for many of us, the “modern day” expulsion of Jews from the Gaza Strip, or more commonly known to many as Gush Katif.

Is there a difference today regarding what our enemies desire? Both forces behind our expulsions in the past were world leaders at the time, isn’t it strange how the current world leader, the USA, is the driving force behind this modern day effort of expelling Jews from their homeland?

Isn’t it sadder and stranger that current Israeli leadership bows to these whims today without learning from our past? We must change this.

This period, more than others should teach us to reflect on our past, to learn from it, to act upon it, and to move forward, not backward.

This fa├žade of a “Peace Process” is falling apart day by day. Indeed it is not based on peace at all, yet racism, bigotry and deceit against the Jews of Israel. As it crumbles, the world, and yes, I mean the world regroups in its efforts to rise against us, to force upon us “solutions” that will only bring about more Jewish victims, and not just in Israel.

We saw how this week, Israel’s Defense (?) Minister, Ehud Barak chummed up to President Barak Obama that brought up many questions to staunch supporters of Israel. How could someone that is supposed to be responsible for Israel’s defense be a buddy with someone who has been getting closer with Israel’s enemies and putting Israel further in harms way.

Here is a clue, neither has Israel’s best interest in mind.

We listened in on the leak of Israel’s Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren as he spoke behind closed doors of the “tectonic rift” that “rocks” the relations of the US and Israel…this all in the shadow of the continued isolation of Israel on the International scene.

Lets not forget of course Flotillas, Shmotillas….

I, like my people throughout the world will mourn during this period, I will make an effort to try to better understand the events and actions that led us to the historic and horrible events in our past. I will also pray for a better future, but I will not stop there!

We will not, must not let this period bring us down!

This is the time to act, this is the time to double, triple and quadruple our efforts to strengthen our people against our enemies. To make sure the mistakes of the past do not visit us in the present or near future.

Despite what you may read in the media regarding Israel, or hear what many misguided politicians state, know this, we are strong, and the more the world stands against us the stronger we will become, but this is up to us and is in our hands.

We have many, many, many challenges ahead, our land, our home, our heritage is being threatened. It is time to stand up, taller and stronger than ever, all of us, together.

Our leaders both here in Israel and in the US, must know that we are here in Israel and we are here to stay. There is no other alternative and surrender is not an option.

Israel’s’ Prime Minister Netanyahu will be showing up in Washington DC next week, he must understand that we have no choice but to be strong, President Obama must understand that we have no choice but to be strong, and only we can show the world that we have no choice but to be strong.

May this period of mourning turn into a period of joy and celebration.

Lets learn from our past and act NOW for our future!

Marc Prowisor

Operation: No More Jewish Victims

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