Monday, September 21, 2009

The other "Two State Solution"

The buzzword of the Middle East is the “Two State Solution”, and the real question is which “Two State Solution”? As time goes by, the options grow and the divisions increase, between everybody involved. The Arabs need at least 3 states to enjoy a semi-normal existence. The Jews are closing in on that scenario also. At least we are seeing more unity in Israel itself, while outside many are choosing to side with those who see us as a threat to all and an obstacle to peace in the world.

So lets take a look at out Arab neighbors here in Israel, Gaza is pretty much done for, at this point splitting between Hamas, Al Qaeda, Jihad Islami, to name a few, of course you have a few token Fatah members left (somebody has to be arrested and tortured). The last thing on anyone’s mind there is peace with Israel, the wretched few that actually would like to have a normal existence are too afraid to speak, let alone say anything that might be interpreted as Anti Jihad, or Pro Israel. In Judea and Samaria, the big joke is how the Americans are supporting Abbas and keeping him alive, in hopes that he will retain control against all odds, and the democratic process of voting in a government of the people. This is, of course, why General Dayton must work overtime training the new “Palestinian” army, to preserve US interests in the region, yes, US interests, none other. A strong Israel is not a US interest anymore. Believe it or not, any semblance of a “strong Jew” in his land is strictly “verboten”. The old term “Judenrein” is gaining popularity in the rhetoric of a Middle East solution in Israel. The polls among the Arabs in Judea and Samaria show a majority voting for Hamas vs. Fatah, not to forget however most of these same Arabs are terrified of Arab rule compared to Israeli rule. This explains the mad rush of Arabs seeking Israeli citizenship and residence of Jerusalem.

None of this is news, most who know anything about the Middle East are aware of this and the danger it presents, to the region and the West.

The larger problem is that of the voices of those that sit comfortably in their houses thousands of miles away and dare to think they can dictate policy to a people that must stand against terror daily. As they side with the sworn enemies of Israel, they must ask themselves where they set the borders, and what are they willing to do to protect those borders. Are they willing to put their life on the line and be a productive part of this country, if not, perhaps they should rethink their right to a voice in Israel’s affairs.

One of the amazing feats of the Jewish people in the last century was that of coming together for each other, being the strong shoulder to lean on, both ways. Jews all over the world were there for each other, especially when it came to our homeland, our heritage, our Israel. Not so anymore, it is more important for many of our people to judge themselves on how others view them, it just so happens that these “others” are not our friends, and have no idea as to what really is going on in Israel. Why be informed when ignorance is easier.

Here is the simple fact, they are separating themselves from their own heritage, and there will be a heavy price to pay in the future. Being “Jewish” outside of Israel is not very popular and is going down as fast as a Kassam flies. There are many that are making that extra effort to criticize and condemn Israel, what would they do to protect their own families, not much apparently. This separation weakens us, however it weakens the Jewish people outside of Israel more. The opposite is occurring in Israel, the Jewish people of Israel are growing stronger and are connecting even more than before to their land. The Jews of Israel are finally realizing that they can count on none other beside their faith and themselves. Most of our own are not there for us, preferring to put us in dangers way so they can look good at the local “Iftar” (evening meal after Ramadan fast) munch. So there you have it, another “Two State Solution”.

Over the High Holidays, we pray for the good of the world and our people, that is exactly what is happening in Israel, the Jewish people are growing and getting stronger, for the good of the world and our people, we will continue to do so, for there is no choice. When the time comes that our people outside will need us, we will be there, as strong as ever, as good as ever.

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