Sunday, September 6, 2009


Eventually truth does win out, whether we hear of it or not. More and more Israeli’s wake up every day to the farce of diplomacy being thrust upon the Jews of Israel by the champions of democracy throughout the western world. Polls show the same among other nations in the world. The continued lies of the “Palestinian Authority” are humiliating more and more of those in the US government, and those that voted for them. As the falsehoods of the Arab quest for peace continue to surface, politicians scramble for cover so as not to ruin what is left of their names and reputations.

On the ground in Judea and Samaria, the Arab residents are also coming to grip the reality that Israel and the Jews are here to stay. Of course this remains well hidden in the dark corridors of their villages, less they crave the punishment of “treason”. Even Jimmy Carter has begun to speak about the notion of “One State”; of course he hopes it to be an Arab majority in the near future. Still, the world is slowly realizing that we are here to stay, and the feeble attempt of ethnically cleansing the Heartland of Israel of its Jewish populous will not happen, not this time, not this place. We will still in the mean time bear the brunt of a double, triple standard regarding the legality of the Jewish presence here, and will continue to see the ugly face of hatred at every turn we take, even as we fight to defend our own right to a safe existence in our land.

I’m sorry that I have nothing new to add, as most has been said already, and is continuing to be said, thank Gd every day. I can still say that the road is long, and now we must concentrate on bringing our own back to the truth, and this appears to be the greatest challenge before us. For some reason that I have yet to understand, many of our own under the guise of “seekers of justice”, see more fault in us then the rest of the world. In their warped sense of perception we in Israel are far more evil then the tyrants and murderers of Darfur, the War Lords of Afghanistan, the Wahabbi Lawgivers of Saudi Arabia, or the even handed courts of the Palestinian Authority.

Being led by the unbiased reporting of the New York Times and Al Gezeera, these ignorant few and the haters of the Israeli nation are attempting to boost their efforts promoting lies and violence against any Jew who believes in his own heritage.

Of course they are not alone, there are still leaders of various western nations that continue to kowtow to the mullahs of deceit, in hopes of a better deal, a reduced price on crude, or maybe a billion dollar loan guarantee.

We are approaching a time where action will dictate who we are, and rhetoric will take the back seat. It may not be the smooth road we hope and pray for, but never less, it is one of the roads that we must take.

I watched this week as a young Jewish boy entered manhood by reconnecting with his ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the Holy city of Hebron in the Cave of the Patriarchs, or Ma’arat Machpela. It wasn’t enough for him and his family to include his past in his future, they went further, and Jewish soldiers on duty also were invited to share in their joy. Eyes welled up as a young Paratrooper Captain stood and said a “Dvar Torah” or commentary, in honor of the Bar Mitzvah and then many present understood the greatness of the moment, we stood there, today and saw the new, strong and growing Jewish presence in the Holy land. There was no physical distance, no spiritual divides, only One People in their land to stay, and this is our future.

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