Thursday, September 10, 2009

False Messages

False Messages

President Obama met with those he considers the leaders of the Jewish Community in order to allay their fears regarding the harsh treatment Israel is receiving at the hands of the US administration. The “leaders” expressed their concern at the pressure the US president is putting on the Jewish country and there were even a few that insisted that he apply equal pressure on the Arabs. When the President was asked to relieve some of the pressure on Israel he responded that nothing else works.

There are plenty of articles written about this meeting and most don’t mention that this gathering included Obama supporters for the most part and none that openly disagreed with present US policy in the Middle East.

There is no doubt in the minds of most supporters of Israel that the US is overstepping itself in dictating policy to Israel, but this is not new. The US has been dictating international policy to others since it became a world power, so have other nations of power, this is reality, and this is why they are called “world powers”. Amazing the blind eye that has been gazing on Israel.

President Obama’s reaction wasn’t surprising, nor was his choice of “Jewish” leadership, I am more concerned with the pressure that these “leaders” are putting on Israel. Their siding with the sworn enemies of Israel, their lack of actual fact finding and basing their opinions on an opponent’s point of view is disturbing.

While the populous of Israel has finally been learning that the Arabs do not want peace, it seems that Jews outside of Israel are going out of their way to bond with our enemies. These “Jewish leaders” seem to forget that the “Palestinian Arab” side of the picture, never agrees to anything that would further the peace process.

It is wonderful that they feel strong enough about Israel to be involved, but I find it offensive that they feel they have a right to speak for Israel while they do not live there. Their sons and daughters do not serve in the defense of the country and they do not bleed when terrorists attack. Israel does belong to them also, as they are Jews, but they do not have the right to destroy or take part in anything or action that would put millions in danger, especially not from so far away.

Israel has learned that President Obama is not a true friend and ally as he states, and Israelis don’t expect much from the leader of the United States. Israel and the Jewish people should actually be grateful to him as we learn where we may put our trust. The larger and more serious problem is that our own people living outside of Israel are being lead by deceit and rally around those that rejoice in Jewish blood.

If these Jewish leaders continue down this path, they will soon discover that they are lambs alone amongst a pack of wolves with none to save them. They will have none to blame but themselves.

Jewish history has taught us that when we are strong and believe in who we are, good prevails for our people, the more we fight against ourselves, the more sorrow we will bring. Many are waking up to this fact, and this is why we are seeing increased efforts by Israel’s enemies to divide us. We must be doing something right.

People around the world still ask why the Jews are destroying themselves, and how they can speak against Israel? The voices that speak against us are the voices of a minority, outside of Israel they are the voices of people disappearing into the darkness of assimilation. They are not our leaders.

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  1. I warned as many of our people as I could that Obama was going to betray Israel overtly, as opposed to wearing the false mask of friendship of previous presidents. Some are starting to wake up out of their kapo mentality stupor.

    Too many Jewish leaders in America seem to be more interested in pleasing Obama and building new synagogues here than standing up for what is really important, instead of building in Eretz Yisrael. This is why I can no longer be here and am working to come home to our land.

    But apparently the problem isn't just American Jewish leaders. It looks like we are once again watching Likud betray the people of Israel. Only 3 MKs attended the Yesha protest conference in Tel Aviv. Most seem ready to back Netanyahu and his "freeze" which I fear will bring us to another expulsion and betrayal.

    "...when we are strong and believe in who we are, good prevails for our people..." You are absolutely right, but this message is lost in the halls of the Knesset as well.

    We read in Yeshayahu this week, "For Zion's sake I will not hold My peace, for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest."

    Let's hope all of Am Yisrael gets the message.

    Chazak v'amatz!