Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Mission for all of us

For years I have held that the security of Jews in Israel is our business, and our business alone. I believed that if we did not handle it, we did not deserve the land. Israel for me is the homeland of the Jewish people and it was in our charge to defend for our people. I look at the world and have been watching it turn against Israel for no other reason than defending itself. A byproduct of this change is the growth of Islamic influence in the west. More and more Mosques are filled with the speeches of how Islam will take over and the return of the Caliphate to the world. If we look at the demographic growth and rate of Muslim immigration to the West, we are presented with a picture of a changing soon to be future.

I am sure many of the Muslim people looking for greener pastures will choose the fields of Germany, England, Canada and the US eventually over the Middle East in which to make their new homes.

It seems this is all connected to what is happening in Israel today. Our government here capitulates to Muslim demands and weakens itself to the Arab and Western threats, and the result is a quite visible change in the West and its position regarding Israel. Terrorism grows in the West as we in Israel dare to negotiate land for peace.

The threat is quite eminent, though few see it. I am sorry to say, that many of my own Jewish brothers fail to see the tide coming in and choose to condemn their homeland and people rather than fight for it. While the numbers of “Christian Zionists” grow, they too are limited in the midst of the crashing waves.

It is very frustrating to see. Jews who long for their identity and strength cringe as the voices against them gain numbers and strength every day outside of Israel, while we in Israel grow stronger. The “Christian Zionists” gnarl at every move they see against Israel, only gaining strength by coming here to see that we are for real.

So we have all the ingredients, we have the recipe, what is missing? Far be it from me to speak for others, but in my humble opinion, I see an imbalance between Heaven and Earth, simply meaning that we are not “doing” enough down here. We have the gift of Judea and Samaria in our midst, the holiest land man has known from time immemorial, yet we do not take advantage of it or it’s people. Far too little is done with this resource, far too few are involved in our growth. The growth of our people on this land is critical for our existence as a living people, and not a remnant of a prophecy. Our presence here affects the world, and it is how we will be present here that will shape things to come.

Continued building and development is needed, economic gestures are needed in order to grow and “see” the opportunity that is here. Investment in business and commerce, strengthening our Security Apparatus are priority’s that must be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, most of this effort needed is monetary as we wont see the throngs making Aliyah anytime soon.

Hundreds of millions of dollars from all over the world continue to flow to the Arabs of Judea and Samaria, continuing to build their Army, while the flow of funds trickle down to the Jewish inhabitants. We do provide a return, and this is not Charity, this is a partnership, this is a joint venture, this is an investment for the future and not just for the Jewish people.

I admit to pain and sadness while I see many of my own people looking down at us, worse, they side with our enemies, condemn us and leave us. I cry, because I know their numbers shrink daily, and they will soon only be a story at a commemorative dinner, spoken of as the “Jewish” family of the past.

This need not be.

The United States has always been a friend of Israel, and the Holy Land, not just because of its tiny Jewish population, but also of a sharing of values. This too is changing, as quick as the sun sets. The term “Separation of Church and State” surly will be changed in the near future to a more “friendly” term. “Sensitivity” classes will become a standard part of high school curriculum, on the way as the new fashion of checkered scarves takes lead down the runways of Broadway. All this may happen, as the wearing of a “Kippah” (skullcap) will become an unwanted sight.

This need not be.

I thought in the past that this land was only for the good of the Jewish people. I see it is for the good of all people.

I call upon all those who care for a better future to take action now, not just words, and become really involved with Judea and Samaria. Become involved today, it is no longer just a Jewish problem, it is the world’s problem.

This precious gift and opportunity stands before us, it will not come to us, it is we who must go to it, and bring it close to our hearts.

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