Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Dawn, New Year

Back in 1982, Shimon Peres traveled to the USA to speak in opposition of Israel’s then war against terror from Lebanon. He managed to gain US support and increased international pressure on Israel amidst the fighting causing a premature cease-fire and in essence prolonging Israel’s presence in Lebanon. We as soldiers were in the middle of battle as we were listening on the radio how one of our own Government officials was gathering support against us. Most of us in our late teens and early twenty’s, we simply cared about doing our job, protecting Israel and stopping the enemy and then going home. We didn’t understand how a government official could speak out against what we were doing, and worst, take it to the outside world. Was it the world’s business anyway, were they getting bombed? We knew in our hearts that we were stopping the terrorists from continuing to fire on the North, and we were stopping our enemies.

I remember watching the terrorists of Fatah traveling safely from Lebanon, because of a brokered cease fire and the confusing feeling among us, how could we let our enemies leave so they would attack us again?

After Oslo, we let these same terrorists back into our country, rearmed them only to see those weapons turned against us and we watched as waves of bombings against the innocent took their toll in lives, again the result of the same team from 1982.

Even today, opposition leader Tzippi Livni will travel to the US to gain support against the present government and attempt at keeping her job. Peace Now, Human Rights Watch, Rabbis for whatever and so many others will do the same.

Continuing to travel outside the country to gain support and funds, these movements and politicians that put the security and safety of the Jewish people here in jeopardy and roam freely without regard to the Jewish lives they endanger.

People of the world look at us, the Jewish people, in amazement how we endanger ourselves and our nation by capitulating to outside pressures and give in to an enemy that has one goal in mind, that of destroying us. How come everybody understands this but our own officials and so called peace movements? How can we expect any sort of unity among our own people, or the attempt of unity, when our own representatives choose to air their dirty laundry outside?

These politicians and others hold a grudge against the new growing strength in Israel. The new Israel is that of a strong Jewish identity, this new Israeli, is not ashamed of who he or she is. They know they are in their land, and will defend it and fight for it. They grow vineyards and orchards and produce world renowned goods. They are creating technologies that are saving lives around the world. They are not ashamed of lighting candles Friday night and they are proud of who they are and where they live.

This is what frightens our dear Knesset members and supposed intelligentsia who oppose our presence in Judea and Samaria. They go so far as to seek out and create more opposition because they cannot find enough support at home. These same people ignore democracy and justice while attempting to create their own rules and double standards. They are racists, discriminating against their own. They do not believe in equality, only their way, at the expense of Jewish life. They will adopt an enemy rather than make peace at home and they will bend laws without regard to justice.

Most of the nations of the world do not really care what happens to us, they care what happens to them, quite normal. This applies to most people in the world, again, normal. By creating and bringing opposing views outside the country, we weaken and confuse our people and ourselves. This in turn creates the exact atmosphere needed to harm us, and what are enemies seek and this is forbidden.

Every nation and country in the world has its problems, we all agree and disagree with each other, we talk, we yell and eventually work things out, you might say this is the democratic process. Our job in Israel regarding the Jewish Communities outside the country is to keep them strong, and protect them when needed, they are the minority there. Our job here in Israel is to keep our country strong and safe and to be able to provide a place to live for all Jews around the world, when needed.

So I turn to our people, who bear this grudge against their own, and embrace values that are foreign to us and our people, come home, look inside, you will be proud of who you are and who you are becoming.

There is a new dawn, and it is beautiful.

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