Sunday, January 18, 2009

View from the ground.

“I'm surprised at how buoyant people are given the circumstances. Talking to them, I find morale high and an overall sense of defiance”.
These are words a CNN correspondent uses to describe Gazans in the present conflict. In fact, most news agencies use nothing but words of praise for the Gazans and their Hamas representative. I am not going to write about the injustice of the Media towards Israel, or how the world is biased against us and so on, as this is just the way it is and will remain until the world decides to wise up. It has become politically correct to bash Israel and “in” to promote terrorists.
I will write about how “buoyant” the Israelis are and you want defiance, sit back and enjoy.
Let me speak about our country today, that in the face of terror from our rebirth, we have continued to grow and evolve into a productive positive society. We have made desserts bloom. We have brought life saving technology to the world. Despite the hatred and prejudice against us we have maintained a value system that few can still present. We have our ups and we definitely have our downs, but we learn from them and grow stronger by the day. Despite the fact that we have had leaders, that due to their lack of identity and faith attempt to weaken us and bow to the enemy, we endure, as our numbers grow.
We have never resorted to proclaiming destruction of another as our national goal, nor cheered at the news of mass murder. Our mothers cry when they hear of the death of a child and do not consider murder to be honorable.
Defiant??? We cherish life despite living in the face of terror and death for so long. Where so many would lose their humanity, ours is only emphasized. Our warriors do not hide behind the skirts of women or behind the school bags of children.
It would be prudent of all of the world media to take a long hard look at Israel today, for change is about to come. The strength of Israel that we read about in the Torah is alive today. The sparks are rising from Judea and Samaria bringing new light to an ancient people. The combination of Faith, Heritage, Strength and Wisdom grows everyday from the communities of our heartland spreading throughout our land and people, bringing about this change as the rains of winter bring about new life to the arid ground.
So many in the world prefer to accept the lies rather than see the whole picture. This is their loss, as they are pulled down to the level of those that spread the distorted truths.
We have no need to apologize to anyone for no one, no one would ever put up with what we have. To prove this, you may ask anyone how they would react to being shot at, or have rockets fall on you daily while living with the threat of terror.
The Arabs living in Gaza should be thankful they attacked Israel and none other for the results would have been very different, for if they had attacked anybody else, there would not be a soul alive there today for the crimes they have committed.
The more the world, under the guidance of Muslim extremists, hidden and not, continues on its tirade against Israel and the Jews, the more we learn that we may only depend on ourselves, the more we band together and loose the branches that are wrought with decay. This will only weaken those that believe in freedom and democracy. Europe made this mistake 70 years ago, and today we hear the echo of the mullahs everywhere we turn there.
When photographers wish to show the Israeli army, the images are often of soldiers wrapped in prayer and unity. This is the common picture we are shown by all while our Arab enemies are shown hiding their faces as they fire indiscriminately on civilians. We aren’t the publishers of these images, the world media is, so how is it their words do not match their images? Perhaps lies are an easier sell.
Arab propaganda definitely has the upper hand, how else can you explain the ignorance of the media (besides the blatant hate that is shown).
So let me give a lesson in defiance and buoyancy, you may continue with your lies and hatred, you may continue to give a distorted picture to the world. We will continue to grow and gain strength. We will continue to settle and live on our land. We will continue to fight terrorism and evil, alone if we must. We will endure while the lies will disappear into the night.
I didn’t speak of society in Gaza or the Arabs of Yehuda and Shomron, as most intelligent people are aware of the facts, whether they admit to them or not. Any society that prides itself on suicide bombers and murder, and votes in leaders that put their constituents in danger speaks for itself.
It is time to move on to next stage. “Change” has become the new buzzword. Lets pray and hope that that “Change” has to do with truth, better yet, lets make sure that “Change” does do with the truth.

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