Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fool me once

The saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, and shame on me.” What about fool me three times and four and five???? The elections are getting closer and closer, and the supreme cause of getting elected seems to be leading the call for a one sided cease fire on Israel’s side. The timing is strategically correct, we have the upper hand, thank Gd. What better way is there to go into an election, then with a winning team? However, I have to ask, have we won and for how long? Have the residents of Gaza learned that Hamas is not the answer? Have they learned that the IDF and the people of Israel are not to be toyed with? I think not, it is the Arab mentality to blame everyone else but themselves. The world will continue to blame Israel as they have become used to doing and the vicious circle of violence will continue to grow. The Arabs are already claiming this to be a victory and will soon once again return to raining violence upon our cities.
This of course will spread to Judea and Samaria, where they will attempt to gain more support then they already have which will eventually lead to them taking over the leadership roles in that region. This may lead to the eventual firing of missiles on other Israeli cities including the closure of Ben Gurion Airport. All of this while two US Generals continue to feed false hopes of a capable “Palestinian Authority” ruling over Judea and Samaria. Sound crazy, check with your local Intelligence or Counter Terror Analyst.
We in Israel have been granted one the most precious sights one could ask for, seeing the unity of our people against a common evil. Unfortunately it takes a war now and then to achieve this. Finally we were able to see a country and it’s people join together and say enough! The plight of our brothers in the south became all of ours, and the country decided to finally do something about it. We watched as Jews from around the world came in droves to show their support and absorb the strength of a unified people.
Where do we go from here? It is a known fact that our memory here is a short one. The politicians will soon return to discussing “disengagement” from Judea and Samaria. Bending to the pressure of foreign governments who care little for our survival as a country or people, new summits will be called for and more Israeli concessions will be demanded.
One of the most valuable assets of Israel, Judea and Samaria, will be once again put on the table. The memory of our cities being rocketed in the south and north disappearing into the rhetoric of those politicians who value vanity over life.
They will forget the sights of our strong and courageous soldiers fighting against the terrorists in Gaza, scores of these soldiers and commanders coming from the same communities they wish to sacrifice. They will forget the Arab agenda of destruction of Israel, and worst of all, they will forget their heritage, and their responsibility to the entire people of Israel throughout the world.
I have been watching as people all over the world have been joining different groups supporting Israel in its fight against Hamas and terrorism. Those that value true peace continue to rally behind Israel and a new force is being born. The Arab leaders themselves remain relatively quiet in awe of this new unity and strength they are witnessing among the Jewish people and their friends. The world is witnessing a strong Israel and choosing sides. Good is triumphing and it is within our power to continue down this path.
The people of Israel are learning that an Israel with a strong Jewish identity and heritage is the answer to the threats of our enemies. While this is a threat to our enemies it is a sign of hope to the world. Again I say, the secret to this strength is our unity, in order to see a small and potent sample, one just has to look at our soldiers. They come from all over Israel, geographically, culturally, various levels of religious observance, yet they all work together as one. This is what we must preserve at all costs. We must not let anyone from anywhere, even within, to cause any more rifts in our society or our country. We are a strong people and a strong country. We will only grow stronger. We must not be fooled again. Hopefully our government will realize this sooner than later.
Truly the Lion of Judah has lifted his head and roared.

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