Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Challenge in front

It is over two weeks that the war in Gaza has been going on, and the calls for a cease-fire continue with out any regard to Israel’s security. Muslim protests and acts of violence continue through out the world against Jewish communities and Israeli targets. These protests and violent acts claim to support the “Palestinian” cause, meanwhile the majority of “Palestinians” cringe at the thought of Hamas ruling over them. Sharia rule is not really to their liking and the stories they hear from their family and friends from Gaza gives them a real fear of the “Hamas” lifestyle. We are fortunate to see the spread of Islamic influence through out Europe, as it partners with the ignorant masses, it’s talons reaching the United States, growing daily by the ever increasing influx of Muslim immigration.
Still, we are fortunate to see the real face of so many people in the world. These so-called “partners in peace” are interested in anything but a peaceful solution, in fact the term peace is a rare find in their vocabulary. This is no surprise to anyone who looks at the Middle East with open eyes. Already this virus of Hamas violence has been spreading through out Yehuda and Shomron, daily attacks are growing against civilians, going to work or school is becoming more perilous day by day. Sparks spreading up to Lebanon bring with it the possibility of a renewal of violence backed by the Hezbollah champion, Iran.
We are also seeing a change in the ever-changing status of unity of the people of Israel. The memory and reality of a strong Israel capable of defending ourselves against our enemies is resurfacing and in its wake the spirit and strength of a people that brought pride to so many of us. I listen to our soldiers’ motivation, their dedication, one goal in their mind, the safety of Israel. Nothing short of victory is acceptable to them, the deciding factor being the strength or lack of strength our government will show to the world. This is the Israel we grew up with, this is the Israel that kept Islamic extremism and enemies of the Jewish people at their knees. Many have been wondering just where has this “Israel” been for so many years. The media in Israel is overflowing with pictures of our soldiers, concentrating in prayer, with their talitot (prayer shawls) blowing in the wind, Soldiers in full battle gear, assuring us of their courage. The essence of Jewish identity joined with the historical connection to our Gd given land proves once again to be a winning combination.
In the absence of a strong Israel some of our own people have abandoned us to join those that rejoice in harming the Jewish state, their views being perverted by an enemy who seeks out the weak and those lacking identity. In Israel their numbers drop everyday while outside Israel our enemy solicits them.
We must now make sure that this rebirth of strength stays with us. All to often Jews, especially in Israel forget the lessons of survival learned through trials and tribulation. The Arabs living in Gaza have shown the world repeatedly their intention of harming Israel. By electing a government whose goal is murder, they too bear the responsibility. It is also in their power to change their reality, if they wish. I still have to wonder whether we will remember this lesson when the time arrives to confront the Arabs of Yehuda and Shomron. The fear of a Hamas takeover is a real concern there. Both US generals Dayton and Jones spend a great amount of time trying to figure out how to hold out against the almost inevitable confrontation with Hamas, as we saw in Gaza not so long ago.
Learning from the past and present so not to repeat the mistakes in the future is a responsibility that we all bare and owe to our families. Our men and women that serve Israel are precious, ignoring these lessons puts more and more of them in harms way and endangers all of us as a people. It is we who set the price of sacrifice, not our enemies. It is we that hold the key to how we live.
The main challenge is still ahead of us, that of holding onto our land and ensuring our peace. I say it again, OUR PEACE. It is obvious that we can only depend on ourselves. We cannot trust the so-called peaceful intentions of our Arab neighbors, only a strong Israel will bring peace to this region. We have to remember just who started these wars. I often quote a friend of mind who has said, they whole Israeli-Arab problem started when Jews decided to defend themselves.
The battle in the south reaches far beyond our borders in Israel, far beyond the Middle East. It touches all who value freedom. The outcome of this war will affect the Jews as a people and the world in its quest against Islamic terror.

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