Monday, January 12, 2009

The Smell of Blood

Since the beginning of the war in Gaza, thousands upon thousands have taken to the streets in demonstrations against the Israeli incursion into the Gaza strip. They claim to be defending the poor residents of Gaza against Israeli aggression. They claim their intentions are to better the lives of the people living in Gaza. Words such as slaughter and murder describing the Israeli action.
We don’t hear them demonstrating against the Hamas booby trapping of civilian houses and schools. We don’t hear them demonstrating against the use of families as human shields, the theft of humanitarian aid, the killing of members of rival groups, the taking of women and murder of those that stand up for themselves, the list goes on and on.
It is understood that the only reason they demonstrate is their hatred of Israel. The timing is interesting, the convenience of war a wonderful opportunity for them to adopt a cause while attempting to hide their true agenda.
At almost every demonstration the true intentions of the organizers rears its ugly head, that of the destruction of Israel. While this is not news to anyone who breathes air, it is interesting how many Muslims are coming out to these demonstrations. They weren’t present during the Shield Wall operation in Judea and Samaria, they didn’t appear during the Lebanon War of 2006, so what is bringing them out now? For quite sometime now Hamas has been publicizing their claim that Gaza would turn into a slaughterhouse for the Jewish Army. The pictures of the multitudes of Gazans shouting “Death to Israel”, the pictures of children wearing explosive belts, the joyous shouts of Arab mothers who sent their children to die by suicide bombing, promised nothing less than an Arab victory over Israel.
The reason for the success of these recent anti Israel demonstrations is simple, the enemies of Israel smell blood. They once again embrace the lies of hatred and deceit, something common in the Arab world, which the West has yet to understand. What most people aren’t noticing though, is that amongst those who are calling for the “Death of Israel and Jews” are the regular everyday “moderate” Muslims that we come across during an average workday in the western world and not just the extremists.
Notice, however the absence of similar calls from the Arab leaders, absent are similar calls from within the Arab cities in Judea and Samaria, and absent are the calls from those that know the truth about Hamas. It is interesting that most of these calls only come from Muslims who live outside of Muslim countries, where freedom of speech is a basic right, something that does not exist in Gaza or the rest of the Arab world. It seems strange that they show support for the type of regime that they themselves chose to leave.
How lucky they are that they can voice the true thoughts and intentions of their leaders, and they can express their true feelings towards the Jews of the world, while others join them in this distorted celebration of hatred, disguised as humanity.
What remains now is to see just how Israeli and Jewish leadership will use this valuable information. Will they ignore it as the Jews of Europe did in the thirties? Perhaps they will turn a blind eye as they did in South Lebanon or Gaza until now.
It seems that the people of Israel want more, demand more of their leaders. For years the Israeli left and Kadima government has been trying to convince the Israeli public that the Arab residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza are “Partners for Peace”. The disengagement of Gaza and the continued bombardment of our southern communities proved their commitment to a peaceful solution. The further election of Hamas to represent the populous only confirmed that which we already knew.
How many more lessons are needed in order for us to understand what is going on right in front of our eyes? It seems, Thank Gd, we are learning, slowly but surely, but time is of the essence.
The threat of radical Islam is upon the world, where anyone who supports Israel or Jewish causes is being threatened. With the eminent defeat of Hamas coming closer, and the blow it represents against Radical Islam, we need to stand by Israel more than ever.
We also must be concerned regarding the increase in anti –Jewish incidents through out the world. Everyday there are reported attacks against Jewish targets, with no end in site, only the continued increase of these violent incidents with the expected danger of terrorism on Jewish communities worldwide. As the face of the free world increasingly turns towards Mecca, we see there is only one place to turn as a Jew, to the Land of Israel and our heritage.
A strong Israel will have a positive effect on the world. What is needed now is a strong government intent on being true to our heritage, committed to the safety of our people, and not other governments. Lets honor the men and women involved in the security of Israel and learn from them as they battle to defeat terrorism. Lets join them in their effort to make Israel and the world a safer place.

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