Friday, January 30, 2009

Turkey Speaks

One of the more incredilble demands asked of President Obama lately, is that which comes from the President of Turkey. The leader of this “moderate” and “secular” Islamic state as he puts it, has called on President Obama to redefine the meaning of “terrorism” and terrorists in the Middle East. Where I am sure many find this extraordinary, we must appreciate his honesty. The President has simply stated the way most Muslims feel regarding the Jewish state and nation, for that matter, the way they feel regarding any infidel. At a time when the west is still involved in it’s war against terror, Islamic bombing still occurring almost every week somewhere in the world, what could have brought about this brash statement?
In most Muslim minds, killing Jews is simply part of life and religion, the only reason Israel still exists today is because it has continuously (Thank Gd) be able to defeat our Arab neighbors and in doing this, nip Islamic terrorism in the head.
Apparently a new dawn is upon us, and it seems like it will not be an easy day. One of Hadrian’s strategies to weaken and destroy the Jewish people was to change the name of their country to “Palestine” or translated as conquered. The point being, affect their identity and how the world views them and time will bring about the damage needed. How interesting today that Israel is viewed as the aggressor, and the mere mention of Israel brings about biased opinions and mal treatment.
Op editorials are filled with this new reality to the point that it is just old news, and Jews worldwide are beginning to accept this just like another “pogrom”, or worse and join the other side so as not to appear politically incorrect or not in fashion.
We in Israel do not share this ghetto attitude, so prevalent among our brothers outside and in the executive staff both here in Israel and other other Governments. We are witnessing new growth against all odds. Even our “own” Peace Now shouts of 60-70% growth in Judea and Samaria. More Israelis every day realize that if we are to survive and grow, it is up to us. No one is coming to defend us, there will be no international force to act as a buffer to the rockets. Just as we were rejuvenated in 1948, we will continue to grow today, by our own hand with help only from above. This was done as a people, spread out as we were and are, we did and do this together. Even though the job was left undone in Gaza, its success bares witness to the unity and strength that is possible. Jews came from all over, religious, non-religious and from a vast spectrum of opinions, and joined hands to say, no more! The nation looked at our soldiers, at ourselves and decided we do not have to apologize to anyone, we saw how the world reacted, with fear and hatred to the concept of a strong and Jewish nation.
I take personal pride in our nation noticing one of the major sources of this strength, Judea and Samaria. The numbers of soldiers from Judea and Samaria alone spoke to our people, finally noticing what a valuable resource these communities are to the nation. The number of Jews from the US that arrived was astounding, in their minds they came to provide support and strength, yet it is us who provided them with strength, as they saw a nation together.
In the coming months and years, we will continue to see a rise in Anti Jewish and Israeli activity, the only remedy being a strong and united Israel. Even though this apparently is not a US interest, it is never less the only protection for Jews throughout the world. The US government is taking sides in the Middle East and a strong Jewish Israel is not the right side, the results on Jews outside of Israel will not be favorable. As President Obama and his staff continue to reach out to appease the Islamic world, in a feeble attempt of avoiding Islamic terror, the attempted isolation of Israel will continue. This of course will affect all US citizens, who will see the separation of church and state, take on new meanings. Eventually they, who supported this strategy will regret it and realize that if there is a true US interest in the Middle East, it is Israel as a sovereign nation in all of its land.

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