Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Great Mind Robbery

It will probably be written in the future that one of the great deceptions of the age was the ruse the Arabs of Israel tried to pull over on the world when they stated they wanted a state of “Palestine” along the 1967 borders or the “Green Line” of Israel. It will be written how they duped most everyone they came in contact with, especially the “Left Wing” Israelis and many Jews of the world. Further more this “Face Book Nation” as called by would be Prime Minister Fayyad, managed to play the fool of the United States, Europe and South America, or at least get them to play along with this deadly practical joke.

The daily headlines are full with the claims and soon to be declared “Palestinian State” within the 1967 borders, yet every Arab you ask in Israel especially in Judea and Samaria will tell you that they mean all of Israel. Look at their virtual Flag, see the T-Shirts, listen to the music, go to the market place and buy a souvenir…they are not talking 1967 borders, they are talking 1920 borders, the same borders that the League of Nations declared to be a Jewish State.

It may also go down as one of the most unifying jokes in history as it seems that “anyone who is anyone” is going along with it, it has become the latest “fashion” from Hollywood to Ivy league campuses and many are going to great lengths to make this dupe appear to have some truth to it.

The international media is full of designer misinformation, while South American nations follow one another declaring their support of this mirage, (I was always wondering if the Nazi’s who ran to South America would affect these nations).

Most gullible seem to be many Jews living in the United States, there are organizations especially set up there to push this practical joke through. In many of the Jewish institutions, most notably many Reform and Conservative Synagogues and Schools, only one side of the political spectrum is being shown, while other opinions are being stifled.

Indeed, by sponsoring only one side and showing bias or contempt for different opinions and points of views, many Rabbi’s end up hijacking “free thought”. It’s not politically correct to oppose your Spiritual Leader.

Labels are being used more than napkins at a meal of Buffalo wings. If you back Israel’s claim to it historic land, you are an “Extremist”, if you criticize Israel, you are an Anti Semite, if you take a stand against Muslim terror, you are an “Islamaphobe”, if you think for yourself, you are “Na├»ve”, and on and on and on.

It’s all in the marketing, but make no mistake, deception is afoot and is taking the lead in directing world opinion against Israel and it’s right to exist as a Jewish State.

My Arab neighbors do not deceive me… I listen to what they say amongst themselves. That Israel pulling out of Judea and Samaria is the first stage to the end of the Jewish State. I listen as they describe the strategy of blackmailing the world to force their way upon a non-consenting Israel. Next, a deathblow of flooding the Jewish nation with 700,000 Arabs who claim to have a connection to this land, then an uprising in the Galil, I watch as they transmit hatred and support for terror on TV and schoolrooms, and you can be sure, there are no peaceful tones included.

I know this is not news to most of you, but I am concerned more at this point with what I consider a crime, what I mentioned before, the hijacking of our minds, especially the young minds.

All too often will you see organizations that advocate an Israeli pull back from Judea and Samaria have carte blanche at many Jewish Institutions, JCC’s, Schools, etc. Often a representative of one of these orgs appears unhindered, unfettered and lavishly supported, free to speak as they wish. But when a representative from another side or opinion appears, they are usually denied the same luxuries that I just mentioned. Some conditions are unfairly applied, an opposing view must be present, board permission becomes a task rather than a formality, and last but not least, attendants usually become rowdy and disruptive. All this is being done in the name of equality and freedom of speech.

Distorted pictures are painted of an entire populous numbering only around 300,000; generalization and biased views take their place standing next to racism and ignorance. Opinions are custom shaped rather than informed, facts are force fed rather than investigated, individual thought, if not along the party lines, are downtrodden and banished.

All too often we see this even under the guise of a “Zionist” trip to the Holy land. Visits to sights that are basic to Jewish heritage are avoided, being described as dangerous to get to, (by who? the same peaceful Arabs that are being hailed?).

To remedy this we see a major push in the ‘Hasbara” department. “Hasbara” is Hebrew for explanation, or as it has been used as lately, an apology, an explanation to defend our actions. “Hasbara” has become a four-letter word. An unfortunate tool and effort not being used effectively and efficiently as it should by the Israeli government, any Israeli government.

I would like to ask the other side for an explanation to describe their actions of terror and murder since Israel’s creation, I would like them to explain why they do not push peace amongst their own people. Why do they preach the destruction of Israel? Why they want their areas to be free of Jews? I would like an explanation why the organizations pushing a “Two State Solution” ignore the Arabs claim of all of Israel, and why they don’t demonstrate against daily Arab abuse of human rights all throughout Israel and under the “Fatah and Hamas Authorities.

I want an explanation why young Jewish minds on campuses and high schools are being poisoned and denied the right to think on their own, to see one side only while the other sides are being filtered and stepped upon.

Strike that, I know why, I understand how there are many that are working against Israel. It makes sense to strike at the students, the young, and the ignorant. It is an age-old strategy being used once again. I observed it being used by enemies of Israel during the Arab uprising of 2000, attack the unarmed, the children, the ignorant and the weak.


It is time to take back our right to think freely, to learn freely, to ask questions, to ask the right questions, and hear the answers from whomever we please.


  1. Very True, written well. In my focus for the last 30 years or so...

  2. extremely well-written and important message...

  3. If "hasbara" really meant anything, it would be called by an English word in Engish. It is always reactive if not contrite. Of course, the world is much more willing to accept Arabs' antisemitic lies than the Jewish attempts to rectify their effect. There is no righteous anger from the position of justice in "hasbara". Just excuses.

  4. Not only do they want the entire Land of Israel, they are convincing the world to grant the PLO full diplomatic recognition, as if they already were a country.
    Here is an entry to my blog with a picture (and close up) of the logo blatantly shown on the sign at the entrance of the PLO "embassy" in Lima, Peru:
    See the map?!

  5. Well written. Can I reprint this in our local Jewish newspaper?

    "Some conditions are unfairly applied, an opposing view must be present, board permission becomes a task rather than a formality" ... I had this happen to me when I wrote an article for social justice( I was told I could write about anything I wanted) newsletter on Sderot. I was told it could not be printed. Long and short of it, thanks to the emails from Israel in support of me to the professor who heads the department, it got printed as originally written(they wanted me to augment it, so much for acedemic freedom). It was a small battle that was won and professor to this day remembers me and that incident(she's actually tried to befriend me ever since) but if you 'pull the bull by the horns' ....

  6. I have only one sentence to add because I have always seen the same truth I read here.
    What I want to say is that ONLY those who know and believe in the Tanach can see the lies and the truth and the difference between the two.
    This is not an issue of this world alone. One needs the Creator's explanations to see through the evil deception of Israel's enemies.

  7. Well said Marc!
    The biggest crime being perpetrated on the world currently is the wholesale brainwashing of our children. Not only by radical Islamists who have fine tuned this art to teach their children to hate Israelis and non-Moslems to the point of becoming suicide bombers but also by the West who as Marc pointed out, continues it's brainwashing of our children (and adults) to delegitimize Israel thereby attacking our only Jewish homeland. This is a direct attack against Jews everywhere. This insidious attack against Jews receives full support by our left leaning Universities, unions and as Marc sadly also mentioned, Jews! These anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic attacks by our academics add a sense of legitimacy, so much so that factual truths need not be taught.
    The worst part about all of this, is that undoing the brainwashing of one generation will take at least 2 generations to correct. The longer this one sided hatefest continues, the harder it will be for the truth to start to filter through.
    We must therefore continue to fight to defend Israel and attack anti-Semtisim and all forms of racism at all costs.

  8. I would agree with just about everything you wrote above, except that it's not only the Israeli "Left" [why the "quotes," I dunno] that has swallowed the Arab lies, but most if not all of what used to be known as the "Right" -- i.e. Likud & much of Mafdal as well. Perhaps Weisje is right, only one who knows & believes in the Torah can truly see what's going on!