Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Civil War… Not on my shift.

One of the looming and possible scenarios (spoken only in whispers) of the past and ongoing “Peace” process is that of the split of the Jewish Nation. This “worst case scenario” is a fear that most of us won’t even acknowledge as a possibility… therefore we place it in a hidden burrow in our mind. “It can’t happen”, “not possible”, “not to us”, are usually the words spoken when this topic is broached.

What are the symptoms that could lead to such a nightmarish reality? Diametrically opposed sides and philosophies? Outright public displays of hatred and violence between camps?

It should sound familiar. The headlines are full of examples. Our Jewish history is filled with these symptoms. Not just the symptoms, but the results also. Not just in bloodshed and the useless loss of life, but the exile of our people from our land.

So where are we now? Where are we heading?

Causing civil disruption and internal opposition within a society has always been viewed as and effective and efficient tool of war. To cause a split in a society that weakens the basic fabric of nationalistic goals is considered a victory and a devastating blow.

Often covert and hidden from the eyes of the public, this attack camouflages itself as an “advanced way of thinking”, “liberal thought”, and one that will better the world and we as a people. It can be adapted towards any cause, hence making it attractive to anyone. The desired result however is to cause dissention and civil strife.

A unified people are strong, so obviously the first step is to attack that unity, drive a wedge into their heart.

What is considered Israel’s “soft side” is being used as a “weak link”, this being our want of peace. Ironically this soft side is also one of Israel’s defining characteristics. Because Israel has been faced with war and terror since rebirth, the country and people’s thirst for peace weakens it in the eyes of its Arab neighbors. By making false promises of a peaceful existence and the use of unlimited funds, many Israelis were drawn to what is known as the “Peace Activists”. Being victorious in wars that were meant to destroy Israel and Operations meant to fight terror have been re-spun as to make Israel seem as the aggressor, this combined with the merciless exploitation of the Arab residents of Israel presents one of the most premeditated acts of deceit and straight out lies the Middle East has known.

Once viewed as the zenith of Zionistic efforts, “settling the land” was rebranded into “extremism” and religious fanaticism. Despite the facts on the ground, rifts were caused and separation started. Religious philosophies and worship were politicized and were no longer a personal matter.

Zionism was partitioned.

To skip ahead to today we see that most Israelis living in Israel do not accept the deception that is being presented. Experience from Lebanon, the Arab violence of 2000, the unrelenting attacks from Gaza, the Gaza retreat and expulsion of Jews has revealed the true intentions of our Arab neighbors. Indeed when offered 96% of Judea and Samaria, that too was turned down. It is common to see that the Arabs of Judea and Samaria are not talking just about that region but all of Israel. One only needs to look at their flags, their emblems, at their media, pay a visit to their market place, or step inside an elementary school for a look at their true intentions.

So the people of Israel, despite their known stubbornness began to realize that the “Left” was simply wrong regarding the Peace Process and the idea of a “Jewish” state was not really part of their picture.

So when different groups claim that US and European intervention is a necessity, there is a reason for their statements. Seeing their defeat in Israel, the Arab and anti Israel “spin” machine along with their PR, set off to find the next weakest link, it proved to be that of Diaspora Jewry. Where Israel’s PR or “Hasbara” department was simply a virtual concept, there was basically no unified body to stand up to the Arab juggernaut of illusion. Strategic mistakes at the onset of the Oslo talks made matters only worse and today we see an unmistaken divide among the Jewish people regarding Israel.

Many groups formed in Western Universities and they fell in line like a well disciplined company of Marines, and today we find that one of the most hostile anti Israel atmospheres today exists on the campuses of higher learning.

University students are prime targets, they are in fact the up and coming generation, most are also products of a lesser education when it comes to Israel, so deceiving them is not really a challenge, especially when many of the students do not come from a religiously observant background that might have exposed them to wider more informed view of Israel compared to other views.

Pro Israel movements have only begun to see the importance of these campus activities, and are now acting. The Israeli government is even beginning to wake up and take action, though not enough. Seeing their success on campus and looking to preempt more Pro Israel activity, Anti Israel and Post Zionist groups have begun to look towards the high schools also. Remember they operate under the guise that they are the elite, the intellectual and liberal leaders, the caring and champions of human rights. So doors are opening left and right, despite the truth.

One small factor that I left out, these anti Israel and “Post” Zionist groups have unlimited funds and are backed also by enemy states to Israel, the European Union, and many disillusioned Jews.

Yes, their goal is the division of Israel, both geographically and socially, with the eventual cessation of Israel as a Jewish State. That thought and possibility of Jews fighting against each other does not deter them, we have seen on some campuses the possibility of violence even fuels them, as good enemies should.

One of the largest challenges we face today is to stay together. We must keep an open, thoughtful dialogue flowing and deal with our differences on our own…as one. Our enemies rejoice at our internal bickering, and self inflicting harm and wounds, even more…they support and “help us” to hurt ourselves more. They pick out their targets and attack, as we look on and shout back at them like toddlers.

Time to stop, no more being a victim to their onslaught. It is time to regroup and rebuild and fight back. Sure we will have out differences, we will have our fights between each other, but it is up to us to mend them. We must not let our enemies continue to widen the rift… it is up to us to close it.

As we draw together, our strength will grow, and those that speak against Israel will wither.

They like to see strife and fighting and would love a civil war between the Jews, well…not on this shift.

The greatest fear adversaries of a Jewish State have is that of a unified people, lets give them what to be afraid of, what to be very afraid of.

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