Friday, June 5, 2009

Old Strategy, New Era

It is official, President Obama will do everything in his power to assure the creation of a new independent Arab State that will be called, get this, “Palestine”. There are a lot more Muslims in the world than Jews, and it seems in their inability to defeat Israel and destroy the Jewish state, they now need the assistance of the United States. They have an open channel to the top why not use it. I don’t blame them everybody does the same thing. For that matter many Americans are already saying, there are more Muslim countries than Jewish ones, why not go with the Arabs and Muslims? How can you argue with logic like that? I mean really, there are even Jews that back the idea. We can at least attempt to understand it.

I don’t think President Obama is as ignorant as others would like to portray him. He and his staff are doing what they think is best for the US, that is their job and duty. For years different administrations have been trying to find a solution to the Israel/Palestine issue. One of the differences is that due to a strong Judeo-Christian base in the upbringing of most of these leaders, they couldn’t find it in their heart to rid the Holyland of the Jews, for that matter if we look at US history it is filled with Americans since 1776 attempting to repopulate and establish a Jewish presence in what was known as Palestine. The book, Power, Faith and Fantasy (Michael B. Oren) is an excellent reference for this and US dealings in the Middle East since US independence.

So it hasn’t worked till now for a number of reasons that are in view. A strong Jewish lobby, understanding of the lack of stability among Arab nations, the list goes on and on. In order to wrench the land of Israel from the Jews, the Jews themselves must be the targets. Next problem, how do we target them while appearing to still be their allies? We lie, we say that this in the interest of peace and justice. Now lets get down to details, who may teach us how to do this? The answer is history, no exiting new strategy here, just some old successful campaign used by a guy named Hadrian, the Roman Emperor. He understood that he must disconnect the Jews from their land and heritage in order to defeat them. The name of the land was changed at first to Syria-Palaestina and later to Palestine. It worked as the Jews learned to forget the connection to the land and their heritage till modern times. This process only started reversing itself with the establishment of Israel as a Jewish State and the eventual liberation of Judea and Samaria. This is a topic that cannot be covered in a short article.

So basically, the strategy is understood, it has been implemented, whether out of hatred or US interest, it has started. The Muslim world has not known this level of joy for years, I guess we, as intellectually and culturally advanced individuals should be happy for them. After all we want change and a new reality, mutual understanding and respect for all, peace and love between all, like in all of the Muslim nations. Now that we know the US is one of the “largest Muslim nations”, what other direction could there be to take?

The best part of this sitcom is how the Jews are backing this plan. I mean, the Presidents Chief of Staff is one of the main players. What even makes me laugh harder is that the people who are being hurt the most are the same who regard Mr. Emanuel, the senior, and what he stood for, a hero. Here is another one, the people who hurt Mr. Emanuel the senior the most, are the same who are backing this “Two State Solution”, and sucking up to the US administration. Mr Rahm Emanuel must be ecstatic at the irony of the situation, the ones who hurt his father are now are the ones who are “buddying” up to him and are his new “best friends”. If this is not the script for a Mel Brooks comedy, I don’t know what is, I’ll bet Ari Emanuel is already putting a casting call out for the sequel.

I don’t believe this is some devious plot against the Jews of the world, only against the Jewish State of Israel, and it is not devious, it is thought out, cold, and viciously cruel. Make no mistake though, the Jewish people living in the United States will suffer, their identity will be the victim, their future as “Jews” in America, a question.

But lets not get so heavy, soon it will be in “fashion” to identify as a Muslim. There are “Rap” names, wait till the next fad, “Mus” names. I can see it now, “Yusuf” or as we knew him, Cat Stevens, and his Peace Train?, leading the new music scene, F-Tima, Mu-Hood and B-Sheer frequenting the hip new Mosque on Hollywood Blvd. Tye-dyed Bourkas in San Francisco and of course Shia-Sunni tolerance groups in Boulder.

So remember, lighten up, you wanted change, you got it, maybe not the one you wanted but…. Next time remember, we are all responsible for our actions and inactions, it is not to late to make a change and be involved so that our future as Jews be assured, live and learn!

Salam, Aleicum Brother!

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