Wednesday, June 24, 2009

History Again

I had hoped to be able to stop writing about the abuse of power the US and Europe tend to show towards Israel, but it doesn’t seem to stop. The latest demand on Israel is to stop building in Jerusalem. President Obama and his team, along with Sec of State Hillary Clinton are leaving no stone unturned in their relentless attack on the demise of the Jewish State, that’s right the Jewish state. The actions that they are demanding of Israel will affect the entire state, and not for the good. They wish to go back in time, instead of forward. In fact the ripples they cause will spread to other shores. The lack of understanding of the Middle East they are demonstrating is frightening when one thinks of the sphere of influence they belong to.

Apparently words have no affect on these people, the columns are full, the airwaves are full, but to no avail. The fact that this adventure will cost the United States a high toll in the world is already showing. How many nations have started to turn to Russia and others, more than a few are “checking out the possibilities”. The US administration has already forfeited the next elections, the question is how much damage will they cause now?

Analysts of every defense ministry around the world are already working on the possible scenarios of the reaction of Islamic states as to the creation of a “Palestinian State”. Let me tell you, it has them scared, very scared. No matter how you play it out, the scene ends bringing more violence with it, to the entire world. If a Palestinian State is created, it proves 1; violence does work, and promotes the use of more violence and terrorism, 2; it will be used by Islamic extremists to further their causes against the west and destabilize other Arab nations, 3; every group will claim responsibility for defeating Israel AND the West by use of violence and not peaceful methods, 4,5,6, the list goes on and on. The world leaders forget; Islamic society is not Western society, different rules to the game, they don’t use dice.

The misinformed, ignorant and naïve will tell you how the Arab world has advanced intellectually in accepting the State of Israel. They will tell you of a “new dawn”. What they wont tell you is the only reason those Arab nations accept Israel is because they have yet to defeat Israel in battle and wipe Israel off the map. They will also not tell you how frightened the leaders of many Arab nations are at the possibility of a new Arab nation and how it will undermine the stability of many regimes in the Middle East. The “Analysts” and Statesmen forget that this is the Middle East and not Vermont.

The way the party line goes is that America will stand by Israel no matter what, so we have nothing to worry about, yeah, right. The speed in which the US administration has adopted its “change” boggles the mind. Israel is no longer so welcome at “court”.

Now here is the funny part, the “court” is chock-full o’ Jews. I stand dumbfounded, what has Israel done to the world and to it’s own people to deserve this treatment? It is obvious and clear that those Jews that do not approve of Israel are really not in the know of what really is going on here, that includes Israel’s own populous who have sided with the Arabs.

It is very reminiscent of the Greek empire taking on many Jewish people into their folds and then it was these same Jews who came to work against their own people and land. It is a bit frightening, because the Greek Empire went down in a big way leaving a trail of blood and destruction behind it.

But enough about that, just more bad news. Israel gives more to the world on average than most other countries, and will continue to give to the world, despite that the world only shows contempt towards this tiny nation. I would like to say ask your “average Joe” on the street about Israel, but it seems Arab propaganda has probably gotten to him also, and Yusuf (Cat Stevens) sings about peace, but I digress. There is a saying “Too much good is a bad thing”, maybe this is the new philosophy being heeded, that would explain everything.

Israel is going to keep producing good, and Israel’s heartland of Judea and Samaria is going to continue leading the production of good, in every field, especially that of good, strong people. If the world doesn’t like it and prefers the “other side”, all will loose out, but we will keep on, keeping on, because that is “who” we are.

Maybe we are thinking too much about everything and our minds are clouding up, maybe we have become blind to good and are letting deceit get in the way of truth.

One thing you can count on, History always repeats itself, best we learn from it and take two steps forward and not six steps backward.

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