Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Jackal and the Noose

The world is buzzing with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech regarding his vision of Israel and the continuation of the Peace Process. Many were surprised by his acceptance of the creation of a “Palestinian” state, the speech was considered by most world leaders to be an important step towards the renewal of the “Peace” negotiations. The Prime Minister set conditions that he considers necessary in order to assure a peaceful existence in the region. The principal conditions were a Demilitarized “Palestinian” State and the recognition that Israel is a Jewish state. Really nothing new here, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria all abide by the same conditions, except for the official acceptance of Israel as a Jewish State, but fact is fact. The reason is quite obvious, after all the attempts at destroying Israel, it is the least one can ask for, a secure existence. As for the “Jewish State”, it was the basis for the creation of Israel, as also mentioned in the “partition” of the land back the days when England and the U.N. were playing Gd.

Whether or not you support what Prime Minister Netanyahu said, it has caused the true intentions of many to show, again. The concept of a Jewish State that is capable of defending itself is not acceptable to the Arabs. Forget the defending itself “issue”, the concept of a Jewish State alone is simply not acceptable to Israel’s Arab neighbors.

The initial response of world leaders to the speech seems favorable, and as for the conditions presented, they are “studying” it. “Studying” means they are confused and don’t know how to respond yet, as they are waiting for the Arabs to tell them what to do next. As the first wave of “shock” from the speech sinks in, one of the first words we have heard are from the Champion of Peace Jimmy Carter, who has been requesting that the world remove Hamas from the “Terrorist List”. Indeed he surprised everyone by saying that the Jewish communities of the Etzion Bloc should not be removed. This same direction regarding Hamas is being followed by the European Union also, however in a more discreet manner. The EU is slowly changing their tune regarding the conditions that Hamas must meet in order to be involved with the EU. The US, in the mean time is trying to figure out what to do, as the continued Jewish support of the administration is a factor. Apparently many Jews in the US didn’t take so kindly to President Obama’s speech, and they too are beginning to voice their feelings.

The “Jackals of the world” will regroup and renew their unrelenting attack on the State of Israel, while the demand that we close the wombs of our women and force our children to move away from their parents still ring in our ears. New reasons, why Israel’s demands for a secure existence are unacceptable will make headlines, and the weak minded and those lacking identity and filled with self-hatred will gather, again, to the flag of Israel’s enemies, uniting in their efforts to rip our heritage and land from the Jewish people. They will continue to try to push our necks into the noose hanging from the gallows, which they term the “Peace Process”.

You see a Jewish State is not really acceptable to anyone as long as the Mullahs sing their song and world leaders continue to dance to their tune. The Jewish people should be grateful that the true intentions of this so called “Peace Process” raises its ugly head once again, this time with a bit more clarity. Of course this clarity is only visible to those that wish to see it and are not blinded by hatred and distain for the State of Israel and the Jewish people, or distorted by the false version of Arab history and the Arab version of the Middle East conflict.

None of this is new to those who already have their eyes open, but maybe some more people out there just may become a little more enlightened.

Back in the Heartland we are already hearing the winds of war howling once again. Renewed threats of another Intifada are being voiced, again, this time with new confidence. The difference being the training and arming they have been receiving from the U.S. under Lt. Gen Keith Dayton. The Arabs of Judea and Samaria feel they have a new ally, a new champion of the cause, that being President Obama. Having trained on “Attacking Jewish Villages” in Judea and Samaria, new techniques in fighting the IDF, their continued instruction by the US and EU nations in combat, they will delusion themselves into believing that they can achieve victory against the Jewish people of Israel. They will be wrong, again.

Where will the US actually stand in this picture? They are already limiting arms sales to Israel and increasing the budget to the Arabs. Major funding is going towards “Rebuilding” the Palestinian Authority by from US, as funds are being cut across the board to the Jewish Communities of Judea and Samaria by the Israeli government. Mostly affected is the funding of basic Security needs to the communities of Judea and Samaria.

It has been said that “Everything is for the Good”, it is up to us to see the good from all of this and learn from it. Hopefully the Jews and Peace-loving peoples of the world will now be able to see the true face of our so-called “Peace Partners” along with their “new friends” and will realize their true intentions, that of the destruction of Israel as a Jewish State. I pray Mr. Netanyahu and the Jewish people have not put their trust in the world regarding Israel’s security. But that is not enough. Action now must be taken to stop the momentum gained on this treacherous path before it leads to disaster. Action must be taken by all and not just by the Jewish people living in Israel. It is time to stand up to the tyranny that has taken off its mask.

As more and more Israeli’s travel out to see the “Settlements” they realize the people there are the future of Israel. They realize the people there are not the monsters that the media portrays them to be. The “Settlements” are not makeshift huts, they are living, vibrant communities which offer the best of the best to the State and People of Israel. They are not illegal. Israel is waking up and it is time for the rest of our people and the world to follow.

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