Sunday, May 24, 2009

Moving Forward

Op Eds, News stories, blogs are all filled with letters to President Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu and so many others telling them what not to do, what to do, who to listen to and so on. I’m sure these leaders are sitting in a ball of confusion from all of the wise advice they are receiving. On the one side the US is pressuring Israel to all but pulling the trigger of the gun that they are putting to our head, (they know the Arabs will assist in doing that), on the other side Bibi is trying to tread water with weights tied to his legs. The results are in, Anti Semitism is on the rise in the world, and the distancing of Israel in the world arena is the new popular sport. We understand, we get it.

Lets put it simply without mincing words, The rise of Islam in the world is taking its toll, World leaders are attempting to carve up Israel, maps of Israel in its present situation are being banned, any pro-Israel event gets demonstrated against, Jews are being harassed throughout Europe and Jewish Institutions are being targeted in the US (not just in Riverdale and Miami). Being Jewish and Pro Israel is no longer PC (politically correct). What is a Jew to do?

I could write an analysis explaining the rise of Islam and Jihadi terror plots, or how the current US administration is undermining Israeli self-rule with its total lack of respect of democracy anywhere besides the US, and much more, but all of this has been said and is being said again every day.

“If everybody likes it, it must be good”…the saying goes, so the opposite of everybody hating something must be true…no? No! Look who hates Israel, pretty much the same people who have always hated Israel, the same people who turned terrorism into an art and murder into a political expression. I’m really not surprised at the world either, can we expect any better from the same world that closed their eyes to the Holocaust? The only reason Jews received better treatment in the last 60 years is because of Israel. Jews were given a reason to be proud again after 2000 years. When Jews are proud, they gain strength, when they gain strength they fight back, when they fight back, their enemies back down, very simple, very black and white. So why is it that the majority of our people are blind?

“Divide and Conquer”, not just pretty words, but a proven strategy that will defeat any friend or foe. It is this strategy that we are contending with for some time. Politically, socially, religiously, it is all around us, and we are falling before it. “United we stand, Divided we fall”, never truer, yet we have a hard time understanding this even as we fight against growing further apart.

Maybe some of the answer lies in Jerusalem Day and the coming Shavuot. When the Jewish people were ripped away from Jerusalem, we changed as a people. The Gevurah (Heroism/Strength) was ripped from the Kedusha (Holiness). We became a people ruled over by sadness and weakness in the face of our adversaries. This lasted from and during our exile and only started to change back when we returned to our land and eventually with the miracle of the Six Day War reuniting us with our land bringing us back to the right direction and strength again. Of course this was only the beginning. Once again Jews could be strong in their land and Jews through out the world benefitted from it. However due to these events, our secret was out, much similar to Samson letting Delilah in on his secret. The world now knew the way to defeat the Jews, and the process was started to wrench their land from them. Separate the Holy from the Strength and any will prevail against the Jews, it seems that everybody knows this except for our own people. Even the US government knows this and they claim to care about Israel’s security!

The microcosm of unity is our secret to hold on, we must fight to maintain this, knowledge and understanding the key. Showing strength and holding on to what is ours will yield results that will make the world a better place. True, we are seeing levels of open hatred against us today that we have not known perhaps in centuries, however we are seeing also support, growth and strength coming from uncharted waters, being attracted to a beacon in the holy land.

To sum up, we know that President Obama and his team is against us, we know the Arabs seek our destruction and Europe doesn’t care, we know that Prime Minister Netanyahu might cave in to pressure and there are many in Israel that support our enemies. Nothing new, but we must remember, that Jerusalem and our heartland of Yehuda and Shomron are in our hands today, we grow stronger every moment and this is why we are being fought against. Kedusha (Holiness) and Gevurah (Strength) are together again, and as the Torah was given to us in unity so must we fight, together and not against each other. We have done nothing wrong other than protect our children, and we will continue to be guilty of this crime.

We must all work together to continue to be strong in our land despite a dark worlds wish that we disappear into the night. Our strength will bring our unity, our unity, and a brighter future.

Chag Sameach

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