Thursday, May 28, 2009

Deceit 101

The Defense Minister takes pride in threatening the continued existence of many small Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. At least now we know how much “spine” was shown in Washington. The bitter truth of the current Israeli government surfaces, like scum on a pond. It is sadly funny how one by one, each party head proves to be a true politician, all except the defense minister, who remains true to his words.

We are taught, everything is for the good, and so it is with at this stage also. For anyone who was unsure as to the stand of the Likud leadership, now knows. Whoever thought the Ministry of Defense is about protecting the Jewish State now knows better, whoever thought that the left cares about a Jewish State now should know better. They have buried themselves politically for the future, as they have proven, their loyalty lies only within themselves. The numbers of those that believe in a safe and strong Jewish state continue to grow higher, the opponent’s days are numbered. Honestly, how long can this weak union last. I had hoped for at least a little political savvy from our Prime Minister, I had hoped that he would respect the democratic process and the will of a people, but ce la vie, he had his chance to be a real leader, a world leader.

As we get ready for Chapter 2 in “Bibi’s Believe It or Not” we must rejoice that the true face of these actors have surfaced. At least now we know whom else we can’t trust, again. Now I know that what the Prime Minister sees, we don’t. Who are we but the small citizen? But what do we see? We see that Jews may be evicted again from their homes, we see that the lack of unity among the right wing parties once again shoots us in the foot. We see weakness in our leaders, again, and treachery in their midst.

When will we learn? Each party and their rhetoric about who is more true to the “cause”, who loves Israel more, who will put up a fight. In the end, because they can’t even get along, we of Yehuda and Shomron and all of the Jewish people in the world will suffer. They love to yell more than they love to do, and in the end they lost out. Now all they have left is to demonstrate and make noise, shout and wave their fists…. big deal.

As they are busy fighting amongst themselves, the left rejoices and plots against the continued existence of the Jewish State. Wake up boys, the game started years ago. Time is not on our side.

Still, one cannot understand the hatred of the left, how they despise our heritage and identity. A law is about to be passed claiming that the celebration of “Nakba” or the Catastrophe of Israel, will be forbidden, makes sense to most normal people. But those on the left say it is a limitation on the democratic right of free speech. Of course they play by a double standard, if it is against anything Jewish in character it is all right, if it causes displeasure and harm to the religious part of Israeli society, it is good, and if it helps the sworn enemies of Israel, then it is democratic. Of course, the opposite is considered fascist and racist.

The rumor mill has it that Obama’s upcoming speech in Egypt will have some of the most damaging elements towards Israel that our people have yet to hear from any US Administration, and we in Israel will once again be asked (or told) to agree to an imaginary peace process, that will almost definitely take its toll in bloodshed. The Obama Government is proving to be the most arrogant, ignorant and threatening administration Israel has known for quite some time. How they can ignore the reality of Abbas and his ilk is truly an insult to the American people. The “chutzpah” the US shows towards Israel, who are they to dictate how many children we may bear, how many children may live alongside their parents. In the end, we have our own to thank for that, for they too believe the lies and are responsible for this travesty. I doubt they will wake up soon, isn’t “change” wonderful?

How fitting for this speech to be made in Pharaoh’s neighborhood, hopefully we will see the same end result and miracles that we experienced in our past, where the Jewish people emerge a strong and unified people in their land.

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