Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Mirror

There is an interesting dynamic in the Jewish world. It is the mirrored image that exists between the Jewish world inside and outside of Israel. It appears on many levels, sometimes it is a true reflection showing the opposite image, and other times it just shows us the results of our actions or inactions. The Jewish media is buzzing about the attempted attack on the Riverdale Jewish Center. The call is out to boost security all around, again. The way the press is handling this report is as if this is the only attack against a Jewish institution in the US, it is not. Reports come in daily about violence against Jews and their centers, be it a synagogue or a community center, the attacks are on the rise and have been, even though it goes unreported.

Most security professionals expected this. As Israel relented, the Arabs saw their opportunity, if Israel has weakened, so has Jewry worldwide. If Israel may be attacked so may Diaspora Jews. The champion is down, what else would a coward do? It really has nothing to do with politics or land, it is the way of the world.

A Jews safety in the world has always been connected to the barometer of security in Israel. Our enemies cowered at one time knowing that the long arm of Israel will reach out wherever they are if Jews are harmed. This strength being a result of a strong people in their land, this winning combination included Jews from all over the world working as one.

There is no doubt in any ones mind that these attacks will continue and multiply, it is of course true repentance to kill Jews in the minds of so many today. Whether they are pawns of the mullahs or just crazed individuals make no mistake there will be more.

Gd willing, the majority of these attacks will be stopped, just as the last Riverdale incident, by people who do not enjoy the gift of sleep at nights or the calm of ignorance.

Many of our enemies are rejoicing already in the constant attacks on the Jewish state. Why should they work harder when the world is doing their bidding, everything is going as planned. Yet there are still people out there that need to see our blood in order to believe that the proper direction is being followed.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, the third time may be deadly. How we behave will affect not only us as a people but our families as well. Bend over backwards to appease the enemy and prepare for the worst. Be strong, act strong, and enjoy the peace. What will you do to protect your family and friends? A tough question, still an answer is needed.

This valuable and wonderful lesson that we have learned in Israel, though we have adhered to it less in the last 20 years, we know it works, as it has been proven many times over. When we behave as a people in our land we experience a more peaceful existence, not just in Israel, but also throughout the world. This understanding we must pass on to our fellow Jews, it may be too simple to comprehend at times but it is our truth. Our compassion to our enemies is taken as weakness and not respected, therefore it is the wrong strategy to achieve peace. It further is putting Jews in danger wherever they are, and this is not the action of a responsible leadership, be it in Israel or not.

We will be going through some white water shortly, with friends turning their backs on us, leaving us perhaps wounded. Surprising us with their lack of loyalty and cold shoulder. We will learn to fend for ourselves seeing that we are dependent on each other, but we will learn and we will prevail.

Yes, we may be letting our brothers down at the time being, but not to fear we are coming. We have learned much in the last years fighting to hold on to Judea and Samaria, we will bring this knowledge to you. The Samson you knew in the past is returning, he just looks a little different now, as he now walks with the Lion of Judah again. Our heartland of Judea and Samaria grows daily rekindling our connection to our land, and the strength of the Jewish people is returning. Soon those that wish to harm us will feel his breath on their backs. Like some years ago, again, there will be no place to hide, as the long arm of Israel will once again reach out and takes down our enemies.

Action will dictate how long we are to wait.

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