Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where is there strength?

What happened to Jewish pride and strength in the US? I read and watch how there is constant anti Israel and Anti Jewish activities on almost every US college campus. Israel Anti Apartheid week, demonstrations against “Operation Cast Lead”, the incident at York University in Toronto, where Jews had to take refuge while the crowd outside shouted “Die Jew”, should wake someone up. What has happened to the Jews living outside of Israel? Why are they behaving like Jews in pre World War 2 Germany? In classic Arab behavior, the weak are always attacked and exploited, we in Israel learned this and decided to fight back. Of course the results are what’s known as the “Jewish –Arab” problem, or what happens when Jews defend themselves. The weakened state of the Jews of the Diaspora is becoming alarming. Through out the world anti Jewish attacks are on the rise, and the Jews are becoming quite the victim again. Equipped with nothing but ignorance regarding Israel, most US students are forced to fall back to hide under an Arab lead onslaught. The concept of standing up to defend themselves is as foreign to them as true peace with Israel is to our Arab neighbors. The major Jewish organizations take little action to watch out for their own, finding that it is better lie quiet and not make waves. Apparently history is for speculation and not for learning, as lessons from the past are being wasted on the apathy of the present. The supposed cause of these demonstrations is the recent action in Gaza, of course the Israeli reason for acting being totally ignored, and once again we see the truth perverted by enemies of Israel and being turned against the Jews of the Diaspora. There seem to be only two choices, fight back for your own rights to live quietly and think freely or move to Israel. I don’t expect the majority of Diaspora Jews to move to Israel, but I would hope they would at least stand up for themselves and if I lived in the US, I would expect the major Jewish Federations to do something about the present situation.

The voices against Jews will only grow louder, and it is a matter of time before violent acts join the verbal assault. Over the last few years, US leadership has been bending backward to appease Muslim governments and the Muslim population of the US. Compromises in US security policy have become common practice causing serious leaks and new threats daily. It seems at this point that this policy will continue, and further become more biased towards the Jewish population in the US. Condoleezza Rice’s misbalanced policies seem to continue under the present administration as more and more “Islamic friendly” staff are being added on, with Israel being thought of as more of a bother than a loyal friend and ally. Add the economic situation and you have quite a bad recipe for the near future.

As reality in the US stands to change, it would be wise for US Jewry to regroup and rethink their policies and politics. Lying quiet and blending with our enemies has proven to be a mistake as we see European Jewry is already on its way out, with the new Muslim presence making their lives difficult. This being a sign of what to come in the US, it would be wise to prepare for the “change”.

The throngs will try to use Israel against you, try to remember where they come from. Ask about the human rights in their countries, how their women are respected and then delve into the pleasures of Sharia Law. Find out just how much democracy exists in Arab lands and what happens when you disagree. When they mention “Israel Apartheid Week”, tell them to look in a mirror and then take a deep look into Israeli society. When you get some answers, ask what happened to the Jewish communities throughout the Middle East, and maybe you will get insight to how they view you, really and not face value. Maybe the demonstrations against Israel should be redirected to the real villains of western society and freedom.

If the Jews living in the US value their life styles and wish to continue on a positive note, it is time they take action to preserve themselves and their identity. Selling out to the enemies of the Jewish nation will only continue to weaken them.

A strong United States is going to need a strong Israel, and a strong Jewish community in the US needs a strong Israel, the alternative will only bring about disaster.

Don’t fall victim to the lies of our enemies. Be strong, be educated, and be proud, you owe it to your children.

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