Monday, March 2, 2009

900 Million ways to say I love you

If there was any question regarding US policy change regarding Israel, the transfer of $900 million tax payer dollars to the supposed rebuilding of Gaza and the “Palestinian Authority”, confirms that which so many feared, anti Israel gestures and actions are taking place. It wasn’t enough that US tax dollars go to training the Palestinian Military, and equipping them, of course this all falling into Hamas hands, these dollars will now go to rearming and rebuilding the terrorist infrastructure.

In the “real” world the game is different, manipulation, misplaced loyalty, along with lies and backstabbing are part of everyday life. Honor and Duty have no place in this world, it is a world where people are mislead into believing that they are doing good, while they are actually serving a dark purpose. It is a world where no one is safe, as truths are bent out of shape in order to form “change”, and personal achievement, where lives that are lost are not counted less can affect a bank account somewhere under a false name.

The US administration is very aware what will happen to the funds that are being transferred to the Hamas, yes, the Hamas. I suppose that they trust the “Palestinian Authority” will hold onto these funds and use them to rebuild Gaza, where they have such a strong presence. Building more and improved tunnels cost money, upgraded Grad missiles do not grow on trees, and Achminajad is a tough salesman, who only takes cash, no credit. The US administration is not so naive as to think that the civilians will receive any funds and that the safeguards in place will prevent misuse of these funds.

Who cares, just a few more dead in the Middle East, who cares about Jews dying anyway, they’ve been doing it for so long, they are use to it. Israel is a real pain anyway now a days, so maybe you can kill two birds with one stone, or Grad. We will call it a new name, “change”, we can brand it differently so that even their own will adopt it. When and if it fails, we will just say we tried. By then we will have a new face in America, and no one will care anymore. It’s just a few Jews anyway.

I’m trying to figure it out, is it hatred of Jews or the love of oil and money that is the motivation behind this. Has Islamic intervention grown so much as to have such an influence on US policy? Don’t even mention Human rights or Liberal causes, anyone that truly believes that has a lot to learn about human beings and politics. Sure, there are problems in Israel where both sides must assume responsibility for the “situation”, but to carve up a nation and place it’s population under the constant threat of terrorism? Interesting, how US military officials now admit to being wrong about Iran’s nuclear capability, the timing is perfect. Yes, we wanted change, and we sure got it.

Policy is being written on University campuses under the auspices of Professors detached from their fellow humans, with little care for the common man and a greater good. For many, their rhetoric being directed by individuals who live in the shadow of society, dreaming of the renewed Caliphate. Those who disagree with them are labeled fascist and worst, often being put down by the threat of violence.

“Rants” are common in opinion columns, one can only hope that they will lead to action. The world is rearming the Gazans and Arabs living in Judea and Samaria, what are we going to do about it? How many more articles are to be written? 2.8 billion dollars will do quite a lot for the Arabs in their fight against Israel, the money will not be used to promote peace only more violence and destruction. What was once considered to be a terrorist organization today is becoming a fast “friend” of the US, it is a matter of time before the Hamas will carry the same status, and we will see how a “Two” state solution, becomes a “Three” state solution.

It is a time to be strong and hold out a little longer. A generation that has learned the lessons of a weak government and seen what compromise brings is growing up. They will soon be voting and assuming the roles of leadership. “Change” is the new buzzword, watch the change in Israel as it will develop into a new and stronger nation. The script being written by outsourced writers apparently will lead us down a very bumpy road, and at times the call of “Abandon Ship” might seem to make the most sense. Remember, every storm has its end, and we most hold on as the most experienced of sailors can, and ride it through. It is not a time for naïveté only wisdom.

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